Tennessee Tainted

Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Brunificus

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Apr. 5th, 2019 - old news
Tainted on top
Tennessee are back where they belong at the top of Group Animal, but how long will they stay on top ? With two tough games coming up against the Emerald Dragons and the Cannonball Runners, whilst thier opposition for top spot in the group the Sengoku Shoguns have a somewhat easier run towards the finals with games against the Catalina Wine Mixers and the Merciless Misfits.

But the tremendous Tainted defense have yet to let in a touchdown this season, whilst running in 7 touchdowns themselves in the 3 games of the season they've played. Can the Tainted hold onto their top spot, a win against the dangerous Dragons would go along way to securing this, and keeping another clean sheet against the best offense in the league would surely see the Tainted rocket up The Stinky Dwarfs power rankings.
- Brunificus
Apr. 2nd, 2018 - old news
Tempestuous Tainted
After the shocking "Upset of the season" against the Grudgebearers, Tennessee went to ground, holding lock out training sessions and refusing all calls for interviews.

The game started in pouring rain (which lasted until the very last moments of the game) and went from bad to worse for Tennessee, when with the first hit of the game Grey Ague was sent to the infirmary. This cloud had a silver lining thankfully as he wasn't permanently injured and it was the last casualty RedRum would cause until late in the game.

RedRum would KO Slugtounge, and there was a sense of dejavu amongst the Tennessee faithful. It seemed like the start of the Grudgebearers game all over again. But unlike the game against the dwarves, Tennessee managed to do what they couldn't the game before and put the hurt on the humans. And put the hurt on they did with another 9 casualty game, grinding RedRum into the astrogranite.

The 2 nil win puts them back at the top of thier division and another top of the table clash for Tennessee against the much improved Emerald Dragons. Tennessee will probably need to win the next 2 games to earn the much coveted number one seed in the play offs.
- Brunificus
Mar. 4th, 2018 - old news
Tennessee Triumphant
Tennessee have beaten the brash upstarts DKoK. In what some have described as act of pure bravery and others a sure sign of early onset Alzheimer's, Coach Rex chose to send DKoK out for overtime against Tennessee after one of the most brutal games in all of WAFFL's history. DKoK were down to 5 players ( 2 Blizters, 2 Goblins and a Troll) with a Ko'ed Black Orc in the apothocary. Tennessee had 7 (their Rotspwan, 2 Bloaters, and 4 Pestigors) with 2 Pestigors KO'ed as well.

After the shocking decision to play OT was made, none of the KO'ed came back for either team and Tennessee won the toss and unsurprisingly chose to recieve. Whilst DKoK tried to put a some kind of defence, they were quickly overwhelmed and Tainted ran in the TD for the win.

Coach Rex has been MIA since the loss and fears for his safety abound, Tennessee management suggested that officials check the spore of DKoK players as they had heard rumours of Orc's eating each other in times of stress.

With 1 more win Tennessee will equalise Man-Terror Raiders 9 game winning streak, but they come up against stiff opposition from the revitalised Grudgebearers, this is no sure thing. 2 of the bashier teams in the divison head to head should make for a fantastic game.
- Brunificus
Feb. 18th, 2018 - old news
Terrorific Tainted
Tennessee have had their best win ever, with a 3 nil whitewashing of Dark Web Lurkers. Star player Epidemius running all 3 TD's in a game which he was unlucky not to win Beast of the Match. Tennessee were just as nasty in the bash department 4-3 with 2 of the 4 being kills, an unknown rookie journeyman and Ogre Phark Yaal-Upp. Its wasn't all one way traffic unfortunately for the Tainted with Cor’bax Utterblight suffering a serious injury and will be out for at least round 4, possibly longer with Tennessee managements brutal style.

Up next for Tennessee is the overrated and under performing DKoK, who despite being talked up pre-season, by those both short of sight and stature. Having thus far failed to perform, and being described in some parts as the wet noodles of WCL 3, both limp and flaccid. DKoK have been held scoreless againts both The Flying Frenchmen and Emerald Dragons, and then barely scraping past the Grudgebearers, but who stomped a mud hole in DKoK then walked it dry.

The Tainted plan to give DKoK a thorough pounding and show themwhat real championship teams look like, and supply the team with some more footage for DKoK's WCL3 movie with the running title of "2 Seasons No Cups".
- Brunificus
Tournaments played:
W.C.L., WCL: Season 2, W.C.L.: S3, W.C.L. Season 5
Trophies won:
Championship: WCL: Season 2
3rd place: W.C.L. Season 5
WCL: W.C.L., WCL: Season 2, W.C.L.: S3, W.C.L. Season 5




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