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Feb. 18th, 2018
Terrorific Tainted
Tennessee have had their best win ever, with a 3 nil whitewashing of Dark Web Lurkers. Star player Epidemius running all 3 TD's in a game which he was unlucky not to win Beast of the Match. Tennessee were just as nasty in the bash department 4-3 with 2 of the 4 being kills, an unknown rookie journeyman and Ogre Phark Yaal-Upp. Its wasn't all one way traffic unfortunately for the Tainted with Cor’bax Utterblight suffering a serious injury and will be out for at least round 4, possibly longer with Tennessee managements brutal style.

Up next for Tennessee is the overrated and under performing DKoK, who despite being talked up pre-season, by those both short of sight and stature. Having thus far failed to perform, and being described in some parts as the wet noodles of WCL 3, both limp and flaccid. DKoK have been held scoreless againts both The Flying Frenchmen and Emerald Dragons, and then barely scraping past the Grudgebearers, but who stomped a mud hole in DKoK then walked it dry.

The Tainted plan to give DKoK a thorough pounding and show themwhat real championship teams look like, and supply the team with some more footage for DKoK's WCL3 movie with the running title of "2 Seasons No Cups".
- Brunificus
Jan. 28th, 2018
Tennessee Tarnished ?
Tennessee Tainted have scored another win, but but has some off the gloss (or perhaps it was glistening slime) come off the reigning champs.

The Tainted won 1-0 and despite scoring early after turning Kenzintun over in the pouring rain of the first drive and scoring, then nearly doing it again before the end of the 1st half. After receiving in the 2nd half and doing a solid drive up the pitch, star player for Tennessee Epidemius slipped over in the end zone, and after some some sloppy play from Tennessee which gave an opening Kenzintun nearly took advantage of. Tennessee's redoubtable defence held up and kept the opponents scoreless for the second time in a row.

Tennessee officials complained they suspected some kind of off the books sponsorship deal from Orcidias , as Kenzintun's armour held up surprisingly well to the usually punishing brutality of Tennessee.

Up next for Tennessee is some mystery opponent, who seems to have a beefy front row, thankfully Tennessee have welcomed 2 new players to the line up. A Rotspawn know as Mr Cuddles who according to Tainted officials just wants to "Hug them and pet them, and squeeze them and love them, and for some reason call them George" Time will tell if this new acquisition works out for Tennessee.
- Brunificus
Jan. 22nd, 2018
The Champs off to a great start
Tennessee Tainted have kicked off season 3 of the WCL with a perfect start, beating Sex Panthers 2-0 and putting a stomping to the Amazonian upstarts 5 casualties to 2. The redoubtable defence of Tennessee held up against Sex Panther keeping a clean sheet, and doing what premiership contenders should do win. Unlike other so called title contenders, who shall remain unnamed, as the do enough self promotion.

Next up for the Tainted is Kenzintun Valkireez, an Orcish team coached by a Dawi who seems to want to commit self flagellation. After a bad season 2, he fired the last team, and rehired a new team. And we all know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a sign of madness. So maybe Head Coach Frosthammer will be taking the Slayers oath soon.
- Brunificus
Jan. 12th, 2018
The Champs are here !
With one slime coated tentacle wrapped firmly around the season 2 WCL cup Tennessee Tainted have returned for Season 3, to spread disease, and pestilence, for the glory of Papa Nurgle.

After doing the unthinkable and winning the league from a wild card spot, and breaking the unbeaten streak of Man-Terror Raiders the Tainted look to repeat thier success, no longer the underdogs, but now surely the team to beat.

It wont be an easy season despite some of the more experienced teams Man-Terror Raiders, Gang Green Jets, and Overdosis taking well deserved breaks. The likes of the Pigskin Runners, Gladiators, Pussrots, RedruM, or Emerald Dragons, all experienced and tough teams. Or could one of the new teams rise through the ranks to try and take the Tainteds trophy.
- Brunificus
Nov. 7th, 2017
The Streak is Over !
Tennese Tainted have ended the longest unbeaten record in WAFFL and WCL history after a historic 17 game unbeaten streak. Man-Terror Raiders reign of terror cam to an end 1-0 by the Tainted in another tight tussle between the two teams.

The first meeting between the teams was considered an upset for the Tainted in a nil all draw, and now another upset eliminating one of the championships favourites. Can the Tainted do the unthinkable and go all the way to a WCL championship. First they will have to beat the winner of Tropic Thunders and Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. And whilst the head coach of the Tainted as id he didn't care who his next opponent was the Tainted owed the FFFB a measure of revenge from earlier in the season.
- Brunificus
Tennessee Tainted
Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Brunificus

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