Queensland Cane Toads

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Watto
After dominating in other competitions, the Queensland Cane Toads are spreading the love for their team by making a testimonial touring side which will play in other competitions around the country.

First stop on the tour is the KRAGS Bloodbowl League.

With fun the main focus to encourage the continued support of their beloved fans, the Queensland Cane Toads still have an eye towards embarrassing the NSW Cockroaches once again.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 4th, 2018 - old news
Even Trust with Queensland
The Queensland Cane Toads have kept their playoff hopes on life support after having time run out unexpectedly against In Asuryan We Trust which meant the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

The Cane Toads started the game by receiving and took a steady approach to their advance after killing the Treeman straight away (he was revived by the apothecary). With a steady hand they managed to manoeuvre to a safe part of the field and and try to dwindle down the Trust even further. As the Trust got closer the Cane Toads found themselves in a position next to a Trust player which resulted in the Cane Toads being forced to score giving the Trust a chance to score in the first half themselves.

When the Trust got the ball themselves, they quickly pushed downfield and despite the Cane Toads trying to man everyone up, like a good Wood Elf, the Trust were able to sneak a player free and score an equalising TD to enter the half time break level.

In the second half it was the Trust who received, however with time up their sleeve, the Cane Toads were able to mount a lot of pressure on the Trust, and eventually get the ball free and deep into the back field. From here, the Cane Toads were quickly set upon and had enough pressure on them that when the ball was loose, they were unable to regather which saw the ball into the crowd and thrown back to the earlier scrum.

It was the Trust that were able to clear the scrum this time, however the anticipated pass was intercepted by the Cane Toads who were able to then get clear themselves and score the go ahead TD.

With a quarter of the game remaining, the Trust again pushed for the quick TD and had fortune shine on them as they were able to doge away from some Blitzers and get the equalising TD in short time. It almost appeared that the Cane Toads were going to have enough time themselves for a last effort push, however with some Off Colour Chants going on in the background, it appeared to rattle both the Cane Toads, who lost their last re-roll, and the ref who let the clock keep rolling and denied the Cane Toads the time to be able to go for the game winning score.
- Watto
Sep. 5th, 2018 - old news
Toads swim through the River
The Queensland Cane Toads have finally managed a win against divisional opponents after surviving the onslaught and sneaking in for a score against the South River Raiders.

The Cane Toads received first and found themselves down on numbers quickly against the Raiders. The Cane Toads also found themselves losing the ball to the ground in a variety of situations that don't usually occur. Once the catch in the backfield was felled unexpectedly, but managed to regather without any Raider pressure before an errant Hail Mary Pass saw the ball in the middle of the field and easily in reach of the Raiders.

The Cane Toads didn't waste time though and with a number of players already in the Raiders backfield, they were able to blitz the ball carrier, pick up the ball and dodge away for the opening score of the game.

For the rest of the half it was a hard slog for the Cane Toads who never ceased to harass the Raiders and stop them from pushing too deep and scoring before the half.

Come the second half, the Cane Toads were still down on numbers and tried to set themselves up for a stiff defence. As the Raiders pushed into their lines, the Cane Toads had a plan in mind to secure the ball.

A Kingmaker Play unfolded from here and was enough for the Cane Toads to secure the ball for themselves and make some space.

It wasn't enough space to make a clean break, however it was enough to slow the Raiders down so that they couldn't get within scoring range by the end of the half which left the Cane Toads with the 1-0 win.
- Watto
Aug. 20th, 2018 - old news
Cane Toads are Wild in Perth
The Queensland Cane Toads have continued their trend of being able to dominate non-divisional opponents with a solid 4-0 rout of the Perth Wildrats.

The Wildrats had a smaller crowd attend, but they were some Rowdy Fans which had the Cane Toads steering clear of the sideline as much as possible.

The Wildrats received first and looked like they were going to ignore the ball early, however it was a deceptive play as a player with Catcher's Instincts tracked back with the ball and caught it.

With the ball in hand the Wildrats took a steady approach and feinted one side before returning back to the other, however the Cane Toads were prepared for this and were able to turnover the ball as the Wildrats tried to make a break.

Once in the open, the Cane Toads scored quickly to take the lead. From the next drive the Rat Ogre showed he wasn't going to be unprepared, sticking in his Stanley's Cup to give him extra protection.

Again the Wildrats tried to move the ball downfield, however they had no answer for the Cane Toads leaping ability which allowed them to turnover the ball again and score before halftime for the 2-0 lead.

In the second half, the Cane Toads received and thanks to a High Kick, caught the ball easily and moved deep into the backfield for safety, the rest of the players pushed hard to present options.

Once the play started to develop, the Cane Toads pushed further forward and easily passed the ball away for another TD to lead 3-0.

From here, the Cane Toads again kicked to the Wildrats and with some Brilliant Coaching were able to give themselves another edge to possibly score again.

The Cane Toads pushed hard and decided the time was right to try retrieve the ball again. A Kingmaker Play was called and the Cane Toads recovered the ball again.

The Wildrats were not laying down though and were able to turnover the ball themselves, however and All Out Blitz in the final moments of the game gave the Cane Toads the impetus they needed to cross the line again and score in the final moments.

Next up for the Cane Toads is another Divisional match where they have struggled all season long.
- Watto
July 22nd, 2018 - old news
"Failz R Us" Cane Toads
The Queensland Cane Toads again failed to impress in a game against a division rival, OrkZ R Us, with the most dismal performance of their entire season.

The Cane Toads received and had the ball land in their hands from the kick-off and found it only in their hands for a little while. From the outset, the Cane Toads seemed to be cursed with every action leading to a pathetic end.

Throughout the first half, the Cane Toads were unable to stall, let alone stop the OrkZ R Us and had every turn end with a forced turnover, they fell behind and went into halftime at 2-0 down.

In the second half, the Cane Toads had their fortune turn slightly, but not drastically. They managed to turnover the ball from the OrkZ R Us a couple of times, and had a couple of turns end without a forced turnover.

The Cane Toads managed to somehow score a catch up TD. Bu when the opportunity to get in range for a draw, they once again fell in failing habits and had another turnover before being able to really mount the pressure.

The Cane Toads will be hoping for a better team performance in their next game.
- Watto
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