Queensland Cane Toads

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Watto
After dominating in other competitions, the Queensland Cane Toads are spreading the love for their team by making a testimonial touring side which will play in other competitions around the country.

First stop on the tour is the KRAGS Bloodbowl League.

With fun the main focus to encourage the continued support of their beloved fans, the Queensland Cane Toads still have an eye towards embarrassing the NSW Cockroaches once again.

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Bulletin board from the coach
July 22nd, 2018
"Failz R Us" Cane Toads
The Queensland Cane Toads again failed to impress in a game against a division rival, OrkZ R Us, with the most dismal performance of their entire season.

The Cane Toads received and had the ball land in their hands from the kick-off and found it only in their hands for a little while. From the outset, the Cane Toads seemed to be cursed with every action leading to a pathetic end.

Throughout the first half, the Cane Toads were unable to stall, let alone stop the OrkZ R Us and had every turn end with a forced turnover, they fell behind and went into halftime at 2-0 down.

In the second half, the Cane Toads had their fortune turn slightly, but not drastically. They managed to turnover the ball from the OrkZ R Us a couple of times, and had a couple of turns end without a forced turnover.

The Cane Toads managed to somehow score a catch up TD. Bu when the opportunity to get in range for a draw, they once again fell in failing habits and had another turnover before being able to really mount the pressure.

The Cane Toads will be hoping for a better team performance in their next game.
- Watto
May 26th, 2018 - old news
Cane Toads hopping around like Lunatics
The Queensland Cane Toads have found themselves in the winners circle again after getting a 3-0 win over the Dark Elf Lunatics.

The game started with much fan fare in favour of the Lunatics who were on a Promo Tour. The Cane Toads fans were that keen on the fan fare though, so started an Off-Colour Chant to try discourage the Lunatics.

The game started with the Lunatics receiving, and the Cane Toads leaving their newly hired star player Helmut Wolff on the bench.

The Lunatics tried to push down both wings against the Cane Toads, but the Cane Toads are well coached and started to pick off the Lunatics one by one, getting them off the pitch either by pushing them into the crowd or Knocking them out.

Once the Cane Toads were able to get a numbers advantage they were able to recover the ball from the Lunatics. With ball in hand a a numbers advantage, the Cane Toads worked down the clock with the plan of having Helmut Wolff do even more damage in the second half.

With a 1-0 lead at halftime, the Endurance Training of the Cane Toads paid off allowing them to start with 11 players in line with the Lunatics who also had 11 players after all their Knocked Out players returned, the only one not returning was a Blitzer who was caught fouling.

The Cane Toads started hitting hard though in the second half though, Knocking Out 4 Lunatics within the first 2 turns with some casualties following shortly after.

With a huge numbers advantage developing, the Cane Toads tried to work on some of the skills they practiced in training to increase their experience. The Lunatics got inpatient with this though and forced the Cane Toads to score by pushing them into the endzone, meaning the Cane Toads led 2-0.

The Lunatics weren't able to recover numbers wise. Despite pushing hard in the dying moments for a consoling TD, it was the Cane Toads again who were able to knock the ball carrier into the crowd where there was obviously some Cane Toads fans. Not only did they injure the player pushed into them, they threw the ball into a favorable position for the Cane Toads who recovered the ball and scored a final TD.

Next up for the Cane Toads is a high armoured Orc team.
- Watto
May 13th, 2018 - old news
Is the Origin tide turning
The Queensland Cane Toads played their arch rivals in the NSW Cockroaches and were unable to keep the Queensland pride in tact.

A 2-1 loss was all that the Cane Toads could manage after nearly keeping it to a draw, but just didn't have the players late to hold the Cockroaches out.

The Cane Toads have struggled throughout the season by not hurting their opponents and this game was no different, however the addition of Gordon Phallus meant the Cane Toads have finally started to hurt some opponents.

The Cane Toads however did start to move the ball a bit better through this match and are looking to future matches and getting themselves back into the season.
- Watto
Mar. 26th, 2018 - old news
Queensland Cane the Zeplins
The Queensland Cane Toads have recovered from their round 1 loss to post their first win against Zifin's Lead Zeplins.

The Cane Toads hired a mercenary Kroxigor for the match but were disappointed with his efforts. The Zeplins had the early advantages with a crowd in their favour and receiving the ball. They took advantage of the situation and proceeded to move along with the typical slow Dwarf grind, removing 3 Cane Toads for the rest of the match, including the Kroxigor who was the play toy for the Deathroller.

However about half way through the first half, the Cane Toads were able to blitz the ball carrier into the crowd and have it pop up conveniently in their backfield.

The Cane Toads used their superior speed and leaping abilities to flood downfield away from the Zeplins. With a reasonable time still on the clock for the Zeplins to potentially mount a scoring assault in the first half, the Cane Toads decided to try weather the wrath of the Deathroller a little longer before scoring right on the buzzer.

Still down the 3 players, the Cane Toads spent the early stages of the second half focusing all their efforts down one side of the field. With such a concentrated effort the Cane Toads were able to score fairly quickly in the second half to lead 2-0.

The Zeplins again received and tried to push down field in a cage, however their cage wasn't very secure and the Cane Toads were able to leap over the top and blitz the ball free. Once free the Cane Toads sent the ball to an inaccurate pass downfield.

In the final stages the Cane Toads found a Burst Of Speed to get themselves in range for a quick dump-off despite the close attention of a Troll Slayer to score another TD and secure the 3-0 win.
- Watto
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