Queensland Cane Toads

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Watto
After dominating in other competitions, the Queensland Cane Toads are spreading the love for their team by making a testimonial touring side which will play in other competitions around the country.

First stop on the tour is the KRAGS Bloodbowl League.

With fun the main focus to encourage the continued support of their beloved fans, the Queensland Cane Toads still have an eye towards embarrassing the NSW Cockroaches once again.

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June 9th, 2019
Queensland spirit shows against Chokeroa
The Queensland Cane Toads have shown the typical Queenslander state of origin spirit after recovering from a bad start which saw them down 2-0 through the first half to finally level the game at the end for a 2-2 draw.

The Cane Toads were really out of sync early and despite forcing the ball free early when kicking to the Chokeroaches, they were unable to cash in and meekly allowed them to score.

When they received the ball themselves it appeared that a few Cane Toad didn't have the stomach for the game as they were being removed from the pitch and stuttered in attack as well, which despite some strong scrambling, they were still unable to stop the Chokeroaches scoring their second TD.

As the first half drew to a close though, the Cane Toads finally started to show some spirit and were able to get a TD to get themselves back into the match and trail 2-1 at the half.

In the second half it appeared again that the Cane Toads were going to fold, however after moving the ball deep into the Chokeroaches backfield, they started to hit harder and gain a small numbers advantage over them.

Due to the lateness of getting the advantage, and it only being slight, the Cane Toads turned their attention to the possibility of saving some energy for some potential overtime. The Cane Toads levelled the scores with seconds left on the clock and the Chokeroaches had no time to get back ahead.

When the Cane Toads offered overtime to the Chokeroaches, it was clear they knew they would struggle after the Queensland resurgence, so they declined and the match was left at a draw.
- Watto
Apr. 13th, 2019 - old news
Cane Toads struggle to Pony up
The Queensland Cane Toads have stumbled on their way to a loss to the Prancing Ponies, struggling to use the ball in the 3-1 match.

After receiving first and comfortably retrieving the ball from a High Kick, the Cane Toads decided pushing the ball up field and scoring quicklywas the move.

However a failed catch saw the Cane Toads on the back foot. The Ponies raced away with the ball, however an intercept saw the Cane Toads get the ball back. Again a failed catch allowed the Ponies to surround the ball and slow the Cane Toads.

The Cane Toads managed to get the ball free, but without protection, they were soon caught and the Ponies used their superior speed to score a TD right on the siren of half-time.

The second half saw the Ponies pushed hard to extend their lead which they were able to do quickly with a numbers advantage.

The Cane Toads recovered after the second TD and with an All-Out Blitz they were able to move the ball downfield and get on the scored whilst still struggling with the ball at times.

With little time left on the clock, despite a Team Talk, some failed leaps meant the Cane Toads were not able to come up with a telling play to get the ball back or even get in range to equalise.

A Quick Flick from the Ponies allowed them to push the ball way downfield and sore another TD.

A tough loss for the Cane Toads, however with a traditional grudge match against their foes from South of the border, the Cane Toads are in training to deliver a better performance.
- Watto
Mar. 25th, 2019 - old news
Toads Raid further South of the River
The Queensland Cane Toads have conducted a lightning raid to steal a win against a tough opponent in the Guard and Mighty Blow heavy team, the South River Raiders, finishing the game 2-1 winners.

The Cane Toads started with some Bad Habits which lead to a Blitz against them as they received the ball first. This caused the Cane Toads to stutter a little out of the blocks and took a little longer to make the break they intended early on.

Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite against one of the Raiders runners also saw the Raiders stutter a little as well and taking longer to get fully into the game.

However after seeing the Raiders push hard down one flank to get at the ball carrier, the Cane Toads pushed themselves hard down the other, leaping madly away to try open up as much ground as possible. And with a Hail Mary Pass they were able to get the ball well away, recover it again and get the early lead.

When kicking later in the half, the Cane Toads went on the offensive quickly, using what numbers they still had whilst they had them and managed to turn over the Raiders and again make a break for it.

When the Mine laid by the Raiders was fairly ineffectual, the Cane Toads were again able to keep well away from the Raiders and dragged out the half before scoring and leading 2-0 at the break.

In the second half the Raiders had a much easier tonne of pushing down field, starting to make it count in regards to their numbers advantage. However with constant snipes at their ball carrier, it wasn't quick going for them, meaning it took a little while to score.

Receiving late in the game, the Cane Toads found the ball kicked very deep, which suited them as they had every intention of staying as far away from the Raiders as possible.

As they final turns closed, the Raiders removed all the scoring options that the Cane Toads had sent down field whilst only a small contingent chased the actual ball carrier.

As soon as the Raiders got close to within range of the ball carrier though, it was evident that one of the Raiders must have fallen on bad times and been the target of some Blackmail, as he blitzed his own teammate and ran towards the sideline faster than his little legs could take him, failing down along the sideline and ensuring the Raiders couldn't reach the ball carrier or level the game.
- Watto
Feb. 23rd, 2019 - old news
"Wins'R'Us" Cane Toads
The Queensland Cane Toads have started the new season with a hard fought win against a team they had their worst game against last season, Orkz'R'Us, coming away with a score of 2-1 in the Pouring Rain.

The Queensland fans turned out in force and witnessed their favourite team make a strong start, injuring a Goblin and pushing quickly for the opening TD after a Quick Snap and surviving a Suicide Blitz by the Orkz.

This got the Queensland fans so excited a Riot broke out which saw the ref reset the clock and giving the Orkz more time.

The Cane Toads tried numerous times and got lots of hits against the Orkz ball carrier, however they couldn't keep the ball free. The Orkz nearly found themselves in the open and free to score, however Wally sprinted hard into the backfield and got a Diving Tackle on the Orkz which meant the Cane Toads headed into half time leading 1-0.

In the second half the Orkz made a slow advance and again the Cane Toads got into position to make sombre strong hits, however the Orkz started hitting even harder, removing a few Cane Toads from the field and equalising shortly after.

From the next kick the Orkz belted the leather of the ball, sending it long and Blitzing right after it, however with the touchback ensuing, the Cane Toads were able the send the ball forward quickly moving deep into the Orkz backfield.

A failed Dodge gave the Cane Toads the opening they needed to score and they took the lead again, once again to the delight of the fans who again went into a Riot.

With just enough time on the clock to push for a draw, the Orkz went deep on both flanks, however and All- Out Blitz by the Cane Toads choked up their path and they were unable to equalise late.
- Watto
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