Queensland Cane Toads

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Watto
After dominating in other competitions, the Queensland Cane Toads are spreading the love for their team by making a testimonial touring side which will play in other competitions around the country.

First stop on the tour is the KRAGS Bloodbowl League.

With fun the main focus to encourage the continued support of their beloved fans, the Queensland Cane Toads still have an eye towards embarrassing the NSW Cockroaches once again.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 7th, 2019 - old news
Toads fly past the Nighthawks
The Queensland Cane Toads have shown their hitting power in a strong game against the Nuln City Nighthawks which saw very little work for the Nighthawks as the Cane Toads casualtied nearly half of the team and won 2-0.

The game had been announced to Cane Toads members as another Promo Tour which helped to ensure more earnings for the Cane Toads.

The Cane Toads received first as it seemed the Nighthawks had a defensive plan in mind after they won the toss and decided to kick. Immediately from the first kick, they showed their hand with the plan and showed their Perfect Defence. However Wally Knew-Us was keen to show the fans a good time and casualtied a Nighthawks Blitzer with the first action of the game.

For the rest of the half, the Cane Toads held control of the ball and their opponents. Seemingly being untouchable themselves whilst hurting their opponents at will. With such control they were able to hold on until near the half-time siren to limit the game time of the hired star Helmut Wolff.

Helmut was forced onto the field before the half and was unable to have an impact, but thanks to a bribe he got another chance after the break.

At the start of the second half the crowd got a bit rowdy and Threw a Rock at players from each team with the Gordon Phallus being stunned and a Nighthawks lineman being Locked Out. As the game carried on though, the Nighthawks luck didn't really change and once Helmut Wolff was removed from the pitch, the Cane Toads could focus on a systematic destruction of the Nighthawks defence as the turned over the ball early and took control of the game.

The amount of control was highlighted when the Cane Toads managed to get Gordon Phallus free late in the game and in range to score, with the Kroxigor catching a pass and then pushing hard with a Go For It to score just before the siren.

The Cane Toads are now in a strong position to claim a finals spot, but will have a tricky game against Goblins in their last round.
- Watto
Aug. 24th, 2019 - old news
Queensland Rampages on
The Queensland Cane Toads have taken a beating from one of the most brutal teams around, but have used singe surgical strikes to secure a 2-0 win over the reigning champions, the Rotgarden Rampages.

The match started with the Rampages receiving and spend the early turns trying to shore up ball security, and keeping the ball within a very tight cage.

However, the Cane Toads hired a well known and very useful star player, Slibli. Slibli allowed the Cane Toads defence to stand more resolutely and really slow the drive of the Rampages, and once it was stalled a little, an opportunity came for the Cane Toads to hit the ball carrier which spilled the ball free and into a spot where king Wally was able to make a break.

The Rampages weren't deterred and took up pursuit quickly and even when it seemed like they were too far away, a Pestigor got Up Like A Shot and blitzed anyway, however he still couldn't knock the ball free, and the Cane Toads were able to get the unexpected first TD.

I'm the second half, the Cane Toads were intent on just getting another score on the board, and after making some space down one sideline, the Cane Toads were able to overcome the Disturbing Presence of some Bloaters to sneak away for another TD.

From here the Rampages continued their tried and true Mathis of the slow grind, this time injuring many more Cane Toads than they had previously, but it wasn't enough.

Even when down to 3 players, the Cane Toads still sacked the ball carrier when he was within scoring range and the Rampages were unable to regain the ball, failing to score at all through the match.
- Watto
Aug. 3rd, 2019 - old news
Cane Toads eat Piranhas up
The Queensland Cane Toads have continued on their winning ways after showing one of the rookie teams how the game is played after beating the Pint-Sized Piranhas 3-0.

The match started with a huge number of Piranhas fans rocking up, but still just enough Cane Toads fans rocked up to keep the advantage and it wasn't long until they started and Off-Colour Chant that continued on for the rest of the game.

It was a Very Sunny day and the Cane Toads saw a chance to use their size advantage to their benefit and decided to receive the kick-off. Despite the Piranhas hiring Ripper Bolgrot and Madcap Miggz, the Cane Toads still had the advantage.

The Piranhas figured out the Perfect Defence right from the first drive, however, it still didn't slow the Cane Toads enough who were able to push quickly down a sideline and then camped down in the backfield. The Piranhas were committed though and forced the Cane Toads to score to give them a chance to bring their secret weapons onto the pitch.

At the next kick-off, the Piranhas got a high kick to help them get closer to the endzone, however some bad throws from the Trolls meant they still couldn't quite push into scoring range, which gave the Cane Toads a chance to surround them near the sideline which lead to the Pogoer getting pushed into the crowd and trampled to death.

After stopping the Piranhas from scoring in the first half, the sun went away a little in the second half to make it nice weather again. Despite the Piranhas having more secret weapons on the pitch now, the Cane Toads kept pushing hard to pressure the Piranhas after a deep kick-off.

The hard pressure and strong hitting that had been occurring put the Cane Toads into a strong position with more players around the ball and with time to practice their passing skills. This lead to an eventual TD that put the win beyond doubt with little time left on the clock.

From the final kick-off, the Cane Toads kicked the ball into the middle of the field, however the Piranhas were low on players, so didn't commit anyone to the ball, this eventually led to the Cane Toads being able to push hard for the ball and in the unexpected darkness that hit the stadium late in the game, a final TD on the siren to improve the win even more.
- Watto
July 28th, 2019 - old news
Demolishers get Cane'd
The Queensland Cane Toads have got themselves back on the winners sheet after turning around a tough first half to win 2-1 against the Dark Iron Demolishers.

Prior to the game, the Demolishers announced a Promo Tour, and with a lot of fans turning up, they figured Everyone's an Expert and that using Skrot's Sticky Slop on one of the Bull Centaurs would be helpful. As well as getting some Extra Training and hiring the services of a Halfling Masterchef, the Demolishers were looking to be in a good place.

The Demolishers pushed hard into the Cane Toads side of the field early, but soon found themselves getting blitzed and turned over quickly, the Cane Toads took a moment to gather themselves and pushed for a breakaway, however the moments pause confused the newly hired Gordon Phallus who failed with a potentially helpful Block, and the Cane Toads were soon swamped and relinquished the ball back to the Demolishers who scored quickly.

The Cane Toads tried to get themselves into position to score, and despite being Blitzed from the kick-off they were able to get close, however each time a player got into position to score, the Demolishers kept knocking them down and denying the levelling score. This was typical of the first half were the Demolishers could do no wrong.

To start the second half the Cane Toads knew they needed to score quickly to give themselves a chance of winning the game, and after streaming a number of players downfield, they were able to score by turn 2.

From the next kick-ff their was a Pitch Invasion and it was also the start of the luck turning for the Demolishers. The Demolishers tried to advance their ball into the Cane Toad's backfield, however a failed GFI, left the Cane Toads in with the chance to get around the ball, which after a couple of other failed attempts to protect the ball from the Demolishers, they were able to secure it and put themselves into a position to run the clock down.

As the game drew to a close, it was obvious the the Spiked Sports Drink organised for one of the Bull Centaurs was starting to take effect, so the Cane Toads felt like they had time for a Quick Flick, however they did it poorly, so had to work for the Quick Save to try protect the ball.

Both catches were dropped and the Demolishers saw a chance to secure the ball themselves and potentially save the game, however they were quickly blocked to the ground and the Cane Toads were able to secure the ball themselves and secure the win just prior to the siren sounding.

The game of 2 halves turned out to favour the Cane Toads more as their second half run was fantastic.
- Watto
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2 WA Open MVP's added.
2 Splatterday MVP's added.


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