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Race:  Orc
Coach:  MatCer
Team starts in WCL S5

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Feb. 24th, 2019 - old news
WCL S5 - 5th round
vs Kingsbane Broncos

1st half 0:2
2nd half 1:1

The claw is mightier than fist!

Praag Fisting went on the second match immediately after defeating skavens. It might be a mistake, as they did not have enough strength to compete with mutated dwarves. Orc team was supported by Ripper, merc. Troll, wizard, Ugroth and an extra RR and Apo. Unfortunately Ugroth was sent immediately out after his first chainsaw attempt. What a strict referee!
The mighty team of Broncos were on fire, quickly secured the ball when their were in defence and scored two touchdowns. Praag Fisting was not able to cross it's own half in the first part of the game.
Broncos scored the 3rd touch down quickly and played very relaxed after, allowing Praagites to achieve honorable TD.

So far the season record as 39,000 fans found their way to see the match!

With some winnings, Praag Fists are back in full strength!

Praag Fisting - Kingsbane Broncos (W.C.L. Season 5, Round 5)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Feb. 24th, 2019 - old news
WCL S5 - 4th round
vs Golden 13

1st half 1:0
2nd half 1:1

Orcs are back!

Praag Fisting, heavy beaten in the previous round and supported with merc. blitzer and extra RR were facing Golden13, who won their previous match 4-0. PF were receiving in the first half and were able to move slowly to the opposite zone and score a well deserved TD in the 8th round. Most of the rats were sent off the pitch as KOd, nearly with no injuries and were back for the second round.
Golden 13 equalized quickly in the second half and they gave a Praagites huge amount of time to score the second TD.
The best player on Golden 13's side was probably Flych Shadowkiller, who killed a Black Orc (apo was able to save him this time) and badly wounded the second one. Rat Ogre even dodge away in the last turn and blitzed ball carrier, but was not able to take him down. That's why orcs won.
Not a good performance from Praag Fisting, but their best players have been dead.

Golden 13 - Praag Fisting (W.C.L. Season 5, Round 4)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Feb. 23rd, 2019 - old news
WCL S5 - 3rd round
vs The Pussrots

1st half 1:0
2nd half 1:1


Praag Fisting strengthen with Ripper, merc. Troll and wizard played against top-notch Nurgle team in the 3rd round. The Pussrots started receiving and removed a couple of orcs players, including Ripper, from the pitch. Nurgles had some issue picking up the ball in the beginning, but it was not an issue for them. Orc Blitzer was pushed into the crowd and killed by Pussrots fans, local doctor just confirmed his death and Nurgle team scored a TD shortly after.
Praag Fisting was not able to cross it's own half in the second part of the game. Nevertheless lucky throw from fans delivered the ball in front of the only and lonely blitzer in Pussrot's side and he was able to equalize the score.
In desperate attempt to stop Nurgle's advance, Orc thrower was killed with the last hit of the game and Pussrots scored a winning touch down.

As Praag Fisting lost their two best players, their coach is asking his for total Blood Bowl, organizing next two matches in a one day!

Praag Fisting - The Pussrots (W.C.L. Season 5, Round 3)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Feb. 7th, 2019 - old news
WCL S5 - 2st round
vs Crypt Kickers

1st half 1:0
2nd half 1:0

Err we go!

Praag Fisting was facing undead rookie team managed by KBBL S1 champion in the second round of WCL. Praagites started receiving and were moving slowly forward. Despite the fact orc thrower was punched down and ball was taken by ghoul from 3 tackle zones, Praag Fisting players were able to recover the ball back and score a touchdown in the first half.
The second half started with Undead wing strike and ghouls were getting dangerously closer to TD zone. In a desperate attempt to stop them, orc players have succeeded in six GFIs and surrounded the poor ghouls. A whight slipped in tackle zone (another unlucky re-roll on Kickers side) trying to help the ghouls and orcs got the ball again. Orc blitzer received the pass and ran through opened Kickers defence. The second touch down was scored, very unlucky match for an undead team!

A real challenge awaits Praag Fisting now - an infamous Pussrots!

Lets Nuffle bless our armor!

Praag Fisting - Crypt Kickers (W.C.L. Season 5, Round 2)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
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W.C.L. Season 5
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