Kingsbane Broncos

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The Kingsbane Broncos were one of the first Chaos Dwarf teams accepted into the expanded Normal Super Well Real Footballers League (NSWRFL). They enjoyed great early success and became one of the dominant teams of the league. With the new found dominance and dislike of the trends of the NSWRFL, the Broncos played a significant role in starting the Super League Wars. They now compete in the unified Notional Rugby League (NRL) but play in side leagues like the WAFFL. The Broncos training facility and club house are based beneath Red Hill.

Kingsbane Broncos team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 7th, 2019 - old news
Broncos stampede to Fabulous victory
The Kingsbane Broncos have lived up to the bookies expectations by winning the WCL S5 Grand Final against a gallant Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers outfit that just didn't get firing.

The Broncos managed to sell every possible ticket they could with their seat allocations completely exhausted and creating a great atmosphere at the Broncos home stadium.

And with a solid crowd behind them, the Broncos figured their best plan was to secure the ball and play a controlled game where they moved the ball with plenty of teammates nearby.

The Brothers were confident at the start of the match, nominating one of their gutter runners as a Star Ascendant due to his passing ability. And also looked to pin the Broncos deep early with an Inch Perfect Kick. However the Broncos found that some Brilliant Coaching got them in a good position to deal with the deep kick.

The first half wasn't exactly pretty to watch, but as the Brothers committed to the Broncos weaker edge, the Broncos were comfortably able to move to their stronger edge and cage up around the ball, slowly removing as many Brothers from the pitch as they could. Late in the first half, there were only 2 Brothers left on the pitch with many Knocked Out, which meant the Broncos scored untouched and took a 1-0 lead into the half.

The second half saw the Brothers receive and really push for a quick TD, but numerous failed pick up attempts saw them stutter before finally securing the ball and leaping away for an equalising score.

With the ball coming back to them, the Broncos again saw the Brothers push to dominate 1 side, however despite their speed, the Broncos still managed to secure a cage that reduced the Brothers chances of catching the ball carrier.

A less than inspiring display from the Broncos Minotaur meant that the cage was found to have a weak corner at 1 point, which the Brothers tried to exploit, however the superior strength of the Broncos players meant that even despite being blitzed by a strip ball gutter runner, they were able to knock him down instead before advancing up the field and watching the Brothers desperately try really for 1 final hit.

The blitz never eventuated though, which allowed the Broncos to clear the ball carrier up and stroll in for the game deciding TD.

The Broncos played a very subdued game with little creativity regarding movement of the ball throughout the match, but held the Brothers comfortably at bay for the solid win and the teams first championship.
- Watto
May 25th, 2019 - old news
Tainted afflicted by Nurgle's Bane
The Kingsbane Broncos have advanced to the Grand Final after dispatching the Tennessee Tainted during a hard fought Semi Final match which they won 2-0. Playing the Tainted completed the cycle for the Broncos, playing and defeating all 3 Nurgle teams in the league this season.

The Tainted were obviously excited about making the Semi Final and organised a Promo Tour in honour of the occasion, which lead to the largest crowd of the season attending the match.

It was the Broncos who were to receive first though, and their smaller band of fans though maybe an Off-colour Chant might put the Tainted off, although it seemed maybe to fire them up, as they Blitzed from the kick-off.

They weren't able to make much of an impression on the Broncos though, who started getting the most blocks against their opponents which helped find a crease down the left hand side defence of the Tainted. Both teams took a while to get warmed up in regards to their hitting, however it was the Broncos who found form first.

It started with removing a Rotter before Apex Den found himself in a relatively safe position to Pile On to Mortarion and Badly Hurt him. The recently hired Phage Doctor came running out to try instil the resilience of Nurgle with him, however with Apex Den still digging the elbow in, Mortarion was still not able to recover.

Late in the half the Broncos were aware of the wizard still hiding amongst the Tainted's coaching staff, however took the gamble to drag out the drive anyway. A Lightning Bolt came crashing down shortly afterwards, but merely grazed the Marry-Us Droid.

How once Anything Killboard was killed, it created enough of a distraction that they 3 Broncos around the pestigor who failed to pick up the lose ball, became a bit confused and a bit Boneheaded. It wasn't enough to completely distract them though as Marry-Us Droid blitzed the Pestigor into the crowd and collected the ball to score.

In the second half the Tainted pushed hard down an edge and looked for a moment to gain some ascendancy by Badly Hurting Thrustin Wedges, however it wasn't long before the Broncos again steadied and pushed their advantage again.

With the Tainted's biggest star Epidemius trying to be a hero for the Tainted, but falling over in his haste, the Broncos were able to recover the ball and inflict more pain on the Tainted before sealing the victory with their second TD right on the siren.

Next for the Broncos is the quick and numerous Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in what is sure to be an enthralling Grand Final.
- Watto
May 18th, 2019 - old news
Broncos trample the Wood to twigs
The Kingsbane Broncos have found their way back into the winners circle against the only team to beat them through the regular season, winning their Quarter Final match against the Mourning Wood 2-0.

The Wood announced the game as a bit of a Promo Tour for themselves, however they still weren't able to get as many fans as the Broncos overall. It did attract Zara the Slayer though to help boost the player numbers for the Wood.

It was the Wood who received first, but quickly found themselves surrounded by the Broncos and feeling desperate early. In their desperation they tried to pass their way out of trouble, but a failed catch left them out of position.

The Broncos quickly got around the ball and played a stalking game with the ball in hand with every intent to hurt the Wood as much as possible. The Broncos were able to remove most the Wood from the field either by injuries, KO's or crowd surfs.

Whilst stalling the Wood stopped the Broncos using a Tripping Hazard, and found their way to the ball and knocked it into the crowd, however the crowd kept the ball near the Broncos who were still able to recover the ball and scored on the siren.

In the second half, Strong Gusts, an active Halfling Master Chef and an Inch Perfect Kick saw the Broncos decide that a more controlled movement of the ball was in order.

When the Minotaur triple skulled really as well, the Broncos had to again make sure they reset and organised themselves. A failed dodge from Zara during an attempted Blitz though game them the moment they needed and from here the Broncos just trampled the Wood.

A slow drive with repeated bashing saw the Wood down to just 2 players on the pitch who weren't off the ground much before the 2nd and sealing TD was scored by the Broncos.

The Broncos will now face off against the 3rd Nurgle team in the competition, the Tennessee Tainted, to ensure they play all of the Nurgle teams through the season.
- Watto
Apr. 20th, 2019 - old news
Dragons unable to out sprint the Broncos
The Kingsbane Broncos have finished the season with a draw against another experienced team in the Emerald Dragons.

The game had more riding on it than just finals places, with the Coaches having a season long side bet. This bet saw the Broncos coach settle for just a draw rather than going for the win, saving him from too much embarrassment of not being able to decide which team he leads to glory.

It was the Dragons who received first and were able to score straight away, happy to just try put the scoreboard pressure straight on.

From the next kick-off, the Broncos had to scramble as the Dragons Blitzed and got the ball themselves. However some composure and patience from the Broncos saw them recover the ball and grind their way down the pitch. with a large numbers advantage, the Dragons spent the last few turns of the half telling their players to stay on the ground so they could reset and try defend in the second half.

In the second half, the Broncos again looked to grind, however knew the Dragons could always level the game, so pushed hard to score, this is when the crowd showed their love for the Broncos. As a ball scattered into the crowd after it was stripped by the Dragons, and they threw it around amongst themselves for a bit before throwing it right back to the Thrustin Wedges who caught it easily.

A Pitch Invasion from the next kick-off meant that the Dragons were unable to get the OTTD they might have hoped for. They still pushed deep though and despite losing the ball momentarily, they were again able to strip the ball and throw it downfield and dodge away for a levelling TD.

At the final kick-off the Dragons tried a pinpoint kick, however it still bounced off the pitch which meant the Broncos were able to secure possession.

After shifting all the Dragons to one side of the field the Broncos were in position to score and not be caught, with such confidence, they decide to start fouling a bit with the last foul seen by the Ref and thus ending the game with no further change to the score.

The Broncos will head into the finals after finishing top in their division and await to see their opponent and thankfully come into the match healthy.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
WAFFL Open, WAFFL Open: S2, W.C.L. Season 5
Trophies won:
Championship: W.C.L. Season 5
2nd place: WAFFL Open: S2
3rd place: WAFFL Open
WCL: W.C.L. Season 5





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