Kingsbane Broncos

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The Kingsbane Broncos were one of the first Chaos Dwarf teams accepted into the expanded Normal Super Well Real Footballers League (NSWRFL). They enjoyed great early success and became one of the dominant teams of the league. With the new found dominance and dislike of the trends of the NSWRFL, the Broncos played a significant role in starting the Super League Wars. They now compete in the unified Notional Rugby League (NRL) but play in side leagues like the WAFFL. The Broncos training facility and club house are based beneath Red Hill.

Kingsbane Broncos team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 16th, 2019
Broncos the Killers of Nuffle
The Kingsbane Broncos have taken top spot of The Judge division with a win over their less fancied division opponents, the Nuffle Killers, with a 3-2 victory in which they focused more on scoring rather than grinding.

The Broncos had announced to the members that they would be doing a Promo Tour in which the focus would be scoring more with Thrustin Wedges, as a result, many a Broncos fan turned up, with 3 times as many Broncos fans in attendance.

They started in a controlled manner and pushed hard down one edge after receiving, before they forced a gap back on the other edge to sneak through and get the first score of the match.

From the next kick-off, the Broncos set up with Perfect Defence which allowed them the chance to push the Killers hard, turning them over and recovering the ball. Once in possession again, Thrustin was showing his dodging skills which must have mesmerised the Killers hired Wizard who missed with his lightning bolt, allowing Thrustin to score again before the half and have a 2-0 lead as the half.

In the second half the Killers got a Quick Snap which helped them push for chance to claw back the score, however they spent ages trying to pick up the ball. The Broncos started to man up against the Killers and even got close to recovering the ball, getting right next to it. However a failed block by the Minotaur created the slightest chance for the Killers and they made the most of it. The mercenary thrower finally recovered the ball despite it being in a tackle zone, dodged away and got a pass to the catcher who managed to Go For It twice to get on the board.

From the next kick-off a thrown rock unexpectedly hit a Broncos player, but it did little to stall their attack as Thrustin again scooted down the sideline for a 3-1 lead with only moments left in the game.

The Killers again rode their luck as in their last chance to score in the game resulted in them doing an uphill block which succeeded in the end, followed by a long bomb, the catch and a Go For It to scrape another score for themselves.

This lucky play started a Riot which gave the Broncos chance to score again themselves. And after catching an inaccurate pass in a tackle zone and dodging into 2, Marry-Us Droid failed to dodge into free space for the opportunity to score and extend the lead.

A comfortable victory in the end for the Broncos who were always in control, however disappointed the scoreboard doesn't reflect the dominance shown.
- Watto
Feb. 3rd, 2019
Broncos remove the Rots
The Kingsbane Broncos have come out on top in the heavy weight bout against the Pussrots winning late in the game 2-1.

The Broncos received first after the Pussrots had more fans at the game who ended up being Friendly Fans despite their Off-Coloured Chants. The Broncos weren't worried though, going about silencing the crowd so they could hear all the Pussrots coach advice he had for his team.

After getting into a bit of a roll and throwing the harder punches in the first half, the Broncos decided that taking advantage of the numbers they had was the best move. By the time they scored just prior to the end of the first half, their were only 3 Pussrots left on the pitch with 2 dead, 1 Missing the Next Game and another regenerating their Niggling Injury.

At the start of the second half, some Endurance Training made sure the Broncos had a full compliment of players on the pitch, however the Pussrots weren't laying down and started to push hard downfield themselves. A few ineffective Blitzes by the Broncos meant they couldn't hold out the Pussrots, however there was enough pressure that the Pussrots couldn't wind down the clock too much.

Late in the second half the Broncos had to battle some Perfect Defence but were still able to secure the ball with a little bit of security before pushing hard with an All-Out Blitz to break into the backfield and put themselves into a position to win. The Pussrots didn't have fast enough or agile enough players to get near the Broncos in the backfield which allowed them to secure the win and focus on bringing the hurt to a bunch of rookie teams.
- Watto
Jan. 19th, 2019
Broncos Kickers ahead for the win
The Kingsbane Broncos have kicked off a highly anticipated campaign in which they have huge expectations upon them with a solid win over a vastly inexperienced opponent. The Broncos played the Crypt Kickers for their opening game of the season and were able to walk away with a 2-0 win.

The Broncos fans were happy to travel at what would be considered the Kickers home ground with 3 times as many Broncos fans rocking up. Which is literally how the match started, with a Thrown Rock stunning Thrustin Wedges and Knocking Out a zombie.

The Broncos received first and with the Bull Centaur being laid out, the rest of the team knew they needed to hit hard early on to give him time to collect the ball.

It was a former captain in Slam Fry Flay who started the strongest, Badly Hurting an opponent before Killing another shortly after (however both regenerated).

The Broncos played a very controlled first half, hurting their opponents with regularity, injury 4 opponents in the first half.

A Tripping Hazard was left out on the field by the Kickers ground keeping staff which tripped up Thrustin Wedges, but he recovered quickly and scooped up the ball again before any Kickers could get too close.

The Broncos scored late in the half, however there was still time for the Kickers to try score themselves which they pushed hard to do, although a strong Blitz by Mack Freed stopped any thoughts of scoring in the first half by the Kickers.

The second half started with a Riot which all the players enjoyed watching despite the time continuing to tick.

The Kickers pushed themselves hard down an edge and their coach thought he'd got himself back into the match revealing his King Maker play which had already been suspected to be used by the Broncos coach, however the timing wasn't right, therefore it wasn't able to be used and the Broncos were able to eliminate the sideline threat with an All-Out Blitz before the Kickers coach could set up the play again.

From here the Broncos trusted their abundance of fans to get the ball in a good position for themselves which was faith well placed. From here the Broncos were able to break away to secure a 2-0 win, only laying on the hurt again late in the game with containment having been the first priority.

Next up for the Broncos is fellow division heavy weights, The Pussrots, in a match that could possibly decide the division winner, even so early in the season.
- Watto
May 29th, 2017 - old news
Broncos not the best Trotters
The Kingsbane Broncos have fallen short in their efforts for a championship against the defending champions and equally talented team in the Harlequin Globetrotters.

The match plan was pretty simple from the Broncos, hit hard and protect the ball. Neither parts of those plans were executed well by the Broncos in the early stages of the match.

The Broncos were able to get a few Knock-outs early, however they still weren't holding the ball well, twice having the ball knocked free, and only saved by the fact that the Globetrotters were unable to capitalise.

The Broncos eventually regathered the ball and got themselves down the field and scored the opening TD. From there they were still able to hold out the Globetrotters before halftime.

The second half was going to be a similar game plan. The Broncos knew it would be unlikely to keep the Globetrotters scoreless after not injuring enough of them.

The Globetrotters got their expected equalizer, however from here, the Broncos began pushing their opponents rather than knocking them over. This helped the Globetrotters get into a good position and turnover the ball once again. This time however the Globetrotters were able to take advantage and score the go ahead TD.

The Broncos had a very unlikely chance right at the end of the match to drag it to overtime, however the failure to pick up the ball meant they didn't even get to try the long bomb and fell short of glory.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
WAFFL Open, WAFFL Open: S2
Playing in:
W.C.L. Season 5
Trophies won:
2nd place: WAFFL Open: S2
3rd place: WAFFL Open



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