Praag Sewers

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  MatCer
Here they come!
From ancient city Praag in Old Continent to dig some warpstone in WCL.
Their mission is simple: score more TD than have killed players.

Praag Sewers
Core players played:12
Lost players: 5
Journeyman played:13

SPP earned: 99
SPP taken by Merc/SPP:7
SPP lost: 4

Praag Sewers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 4th, 2018
WCL S4 - 1st round
vs Hellmouth Demons

1st half 2:0
2nd half 1:0

The opening match

WCL Season 4 was started by the famous team from WCL S3 against coach, who won that season.

Praag Sewers had cunningly skipped the WCL S3 play-off to train hard and it paid off! All worshippers of Horned Rat were dodging without even one fail plus Chords were not able to hit or injury any of Praag Sewers in the first half.

The first touchdown happened in the round 4. Later Skavens knocked down both Bullcentaurs and scored the second touchdown. What an amazing half! Truly that had to be due to blessing from Thestin Kydwarf. Or did this mighty creature cursed Hellmouth Demons?

Anyhow Sewers were aware of the last match against coach JRamsdale, when his team scored 3 TD in the second half. Luckily Vojcex played "like" Kingmaker today, dodged from 3 opposing players and scored the 3rd TD. In the rest of the match the opposing players were not able to handle the ball.

Note: Rashnak Backstabber was playing on Hellmouth Demons side, did one successfully stab and then was killed by one of young promising linerats Mk II. Kill me Gently. Another Star player who underestimated high level of this competition!

Good game, let's pray for Thestin Kydwarf blessing again!

Hellmouth Demons - Praag Sewers (W.C.L. S4, Round 1)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
June 26th, 2018
Pre-season statement
After the glorious and super-successful last season, Praag Sewers management is excited to enter with the team WCL Season 4.
The expectations are very high. Especially as Praag Sewers, pure gentlerats, was self-awarded with Velvet Gauntlet, the trophy for team caused the minimal damage to opposing players.
This team runs fast and handle the ball nicely, a primitive violence is unknown to them and what is more, the team of Praag Sewers does not need it! The team officials were the first signatures of initiative to forbid fouls and blocks on the pitch.

Fans interested in the Blood Bowl in it's original and purest form should attend and support Praag Sewers only.

The management of Praag Sewers had done awesome job again and fill up the ranks of touch down hardened veterans with promising young players.

See you on the pitch!
- MatCer
Apr. 21st, 2018 - old news
WCLS S3 - Season overview
Matches played: 8 2-1-5
Fan factor gained: +3
Winnings: 260,000 (310k-50k spiralling expenses)
Opponents Winnings: 420,000

Fans attended: 70,000
Opponents fans:90,000

Fame: 2-1-5

TD scored:14
TD received:17
Interceptions: 1

Star players:
1x Skitter Stab Stab
1x Fezglitch
3x Glart Smarshio Jr,
2x Glart Smarshio Sr,

1x Rat Ogre

JourneyRats played:
13 x LineRats

Lost players:
1x Rat Ogre (killed)
4x Linerat (1x killed, 3x put to sleep)

Bought players:
1x Rat Ogre
- MatCer
Apr. 21st, 2018 - old news
WCL S3 - 8th round
vs RedruM

1st half 1:1
2nd half 0:2

Bye Bye Play-off!

Praag Sewers continue on their desperate run for play-off and went to distant lands of Parmelia.

Praag Sewers supporters has given already all hope and again only the last 6.000 loyal fans supported Sewers and were outnumbered more than two times by Redrummers.

Praag Sewers had deja-vu from the last time as RedruM started receiving, removing skavens by fists and shoes. This time referee appeared only once trying to reject Praag player.

Sewers has had all season issues as they only polished their opponents armour and not not causing any injuries. The second half PS were outnumber and destroyed. Even Glarts family didn't made the difference.

Desperate defeat.

RedruM - Praag Sewers (W.C.L.: S3, Round 8)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Tournaments played:
W.C.L.: S3
Playing in:
W.C.L. S4
Trophies won:
WCL: W.C.L.: S3


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WCL: S3 Champions
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Praag Sewers
WCL S4 - 1st round
vs Hellmouth Demons 1st ...
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