Praag Sewers

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  MatCer
Here they come!
From ancient city Praag in Old Continent to dig some warpstone in WCL.
Their mission is simple: score more TD than have killed players.

Praag Sewers

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Feb. 24th, 2018 - NEW !!!
WCL S3 - 4th round
vs Grudgebearers

1st half 0:1
2nd half 1:1

Second home game, second dwarves, ..., 2nd defeat!

Praag Sewers entered the pitch with extra underpants (wandering apothecary) and had the great respect to dwarves for the whole game.
That might be the reason, why 2 KOd players refused to entered the pitch on the three occasions.

Grudgebearers played tricky game, didn't make a lot of armour breakes, but when it happened, KOd/injury was guaranteed (~50%).
Sewers might had the same number of armour breaks, that was all. Were probably too scared to touch filthy runts.

To bring Nuffle favour to us again, Sewers fouled on the last turn (no luck yet), left Teshrenq dying on the pitch and sacrificed Vyctym on post-match analysis.

Plenty of positions for the new players!

P.S Earned 10k and lost 30k of gold lost due to Expensive mistakes. Crap crap, crap!
We are on the wrong side of Ponzi scheme, accountant was eaten!

Rat Ogre please wait for now!

Praag Sewers - Grudgebearers (W.C.L.: S3, Round 4)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Feb. 17th, 2018
WCL S3 - 3rd round
vs Pigskin Runners

1st half 1:1
2nd half 3:0

When Sewers has blessed dices and an opponent is using cursed dices...

Praag Sewers was worried about Astrogranite pitch and called for two Star players.
Fezglitch was just spinning around his ball, no damage, but Glart Smarship jr was a real star, sending Runners out of the pitch for the whole game.

Runners started with Blitz (and have the second one later in game), but that was all their luck. 4x or more double skulls, rock threw on Thrower, no ball handling success, nearly any armour breaks in the 1st half.

That all helps Sewers to build numerical superiority on pitch and dominate with counter offensive tactics on the 2nd half.

P.S. Whoever cursed Pigskin Runners dices, plese revert, it's not funny!

P.P.S 20k of gold lost due to Expensive mistakes, crap.

Praag Sewers - Pigskin Runners (W.C.L.: S3, Round 3)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Jan. 29th, 2018
WCL S3 - 2nd round
vs Erebor Rams

Crushed, defeated but not destroyed ... yet.

Only 6 000 spectators find their way through the gates. Probably all ale-fuelled maniacs just overdrunk, as nothing happened during kick off events.

Praag Sewers didn't exploit dwaves loner two skulls and defended with la lot of luck and sacrifices the first half as 0:0.

The second half was about dwarf's advance, as 4 rats were injured and others KO'd. 5 players didn't stop 10 dwarves and lost deservedly.

At least we practised for Astrogranite pitch for the next round!

Praag Sewers - Erebor Rams (W.C.L.: S3, Round 2)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Jan. 16th, 2018
WCL S3 - 1st round
vs Gladiators
SPP harvest

Praag Sewers were strengthen by mercenary Rat Ogre (inflicted SI) and Skitter Stab Stab (interception). The whole Praag Sewers coach didn't find the way to stop elves Pass - dump-off - score strategy for the whole game.
Thanks to Lady Luck Praag Sewers were in lead to 8th round, cunning elves used Riot to score and draw the game.

Two gutter runners were injured by crowd surfing, apothecary Mr. Rat Kevorkian was in good mood this time!

Praag Sewers - Gladiators (W.C.L.: S3, Round 1)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
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