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Apr. 20th, 2019
Dragons unable to out sprint the Broncos
The Kingsbane Broncos have finished the season with a draw against another experienced team in the Emerald Dragons.

The game had more riding on it than just finals places, with the Coaches having a season long side bet. This bet saw the Broncos coach settle for just a draw rather than going for the win, saving him from too much embarrassment of not being able to decide which team he leads to glory.

It was the Dragons who received first and were able to score straight away, happy to just try put the scoreboard pressure straight on.

From the next kick-off, the Broncos had to scramble as the Dragons Blitzed and got the ball themselves. However some composure and patience from the Broncos saw them recover the ball and grind their way down the pitch. with a large numbers advantage, the Dragons spent the last few turns of the half telling their players to stay on the ground so they could reset and try defend in the second half.

In the second half, the Broncos again looked to grind, however knew the Dragons could always level the game, so pushed hard to score, this is when the crowd showed their love for the Broncos. As a ball scattered into the crowd after it was stripped by the Dragons, and they threw it around amongst themselves for a bit before throwing it right back to the Thrustin Wedges who caught it easily.

A Pitch Invasion from the next kick-off meant that the Dragons were unable to get the OTTD they might have hoped for. They still pushed deep though and despite losing the ball momentarily, they were again able to strip the ball and throw it downfield and dodge away for a levelling TD.

At the final kick-off the Dragons tried a pinpoint kick, however it still bounced off the pitch which meant the Broncos were able to secure possession.

After shifting all the Dragons to one side of the field the Broncos were in position to score and not be caught, with such confidence, they decide to start fouling a bit with the last foul seen by the Ref and thus ending the game with no further change to the score.

The Broncos will head into the finals after finishing top in their division and await to see their opponent and thankfully come into the match healthy.
- Watto
Apr. 20th, 2019
Broncos in Mourning
The Kingsbane Broncos have suffered an unexpected loss in a big boilover where the Mourning Wood were able to get the wood on the Broncos with a 3-2 win.

The Wood were able to receive first and didn't waste any time in scoring.

From there the Broncos had every intention of controlling the ball and grinding the Wood into saw dust, however they were very poor in controlling the ball and it wasn't long before the they were able to dance in and collect the ball themselves.

Heading into the second half the Broncos still hadn't managed to get on the score board.

In the second half the Broncos finally managed to get over the line going quickly, and from the next kick-off tried to put pressure on. However the Wood were able to get the ball free and Punted the ball deep down the other end where the broncos were unable to get in touch with it.from here the Wood were able to recover the ball and lead 3-1.

The Broncos pushed hard to get back into the match, however the clock proved to be their enemy, as once they actually scored, there was no time to get the levelling score.
- Watto
Mar. 30th, 2019
All the Kings Soldiers suffer
The Kingsbane Broncos have laid on as much punishment as they could against a determined Scrap Iron Soldiers who pushed the Broncos right to the last turn before the Broncos secured a 2-1 win.

The game started with a lot of fan fare as the Broncos announced it as a Promo Tour and naming Morey Darker as a Star Ascendant.

During all the celebrations getting set up for the game, it was noted that Thrustin Wedges wasn't himself beefier staff found the Spiked Sports Drink which left Wedges feeling Really Stupid.

The Broncos however didn't mind and still sent play towards him and went as hard as they could trying to hurt the Soldiers, succeeding frequently in removing Soldiers from the field.

In a fairly quick first half, the Broncos were able to safely score and lead 1-0 at the break. In the second half however, the tides started to turn a little.

The Halfling Master Chef brought along by the Soldiers was making better food by the second half and distracting the Broncos easily. This lead to the Soldiers begging able to push quickly down field and equalise in quick time.

Later in the half, the Soldiers really took it to the Broncos as the Broncos struggled to control the ball at times. With a scrum forming, the Soldiers kept pressing for possession off the ball with one Blitzer getting Up Like A Shot to put himself in the frame to release the ball.

Unfortunately he wasn't able to move the ball far Berrie the Broncos closed in. The Soldiers showed some Dogged Defence though and continued to slow the Broncos, before the Broncos superior strength started to show through and a fresher Thrustin Wedges was able to make a break.

The Soldiers weren't giving up the chase though and despite some attempted Pre-Match Espionage, they still pushed hard after Wedges, however his superior speed proved crucial as the Soldiers stumbled as soon as they got close which allowed Wedges to sprint into the End Zone and score inn the final whistle and getting the late win for the Broncos.
- Watto
Feb. 25th, 2019
Fisting done best by a Clawed Bronco
The Kingsbane Broncos pushed straight into the second half of the regular season immediately after their last match, playing Praag Fisting and coming away with a 3-1 win.

The Broncos were down a Chaos Dwarf for this match and had a little less claw on the pitch, however this didn't deter them as they pushed hard for big hits in front of a record crowd for the season so far.

The Fisting brought in some big hitters of their won, being Ripper, a mercenary Troll and Ugroth Bulgrot as well as another Apothecary and a Wizard, however it didn't seem to help them as the 2 remaining claw players from the Broncos made up for their friend that was missing.

The Broncos were able to stall the first Fisting drive relatively easily, and even though a lightning bolt may have slowed them down, they were able to still turn the Fisting around and secure the ball for themselves to score.

With another kick-off came more big hits from the Broncos and again they were able to push deep, Thrustin Wedges being pushed into range of the End Zone, giving him a chance to Jump Up, Blitz, get the good bounce of the ball, pick it up and Sprint for the End Zone to push the lead to 2-0 at the half.

In the second half the Broncos had 2 balls to deal with a as Ball Clone was discovered, meaning they had to divert some players away from hitting, so after a bit of smashing and dancing around the pitch, they scored instead of dragging the bash game out, giving them a 3-0 win.

With the game comfortable secure coming into the dying moments of the game, the Broncos tried to hamper the Fisting who got into a scoring position, but being greedy for a big hit, saw a Chaos Dwarf wrong footed and put on his butt instead. From here the Fisting pushed the gap out for themselves and scored on the final siren to give themselves a bit of respectability to the scoreline.
- Watto
Feb. 25th, 2019
Broncos the new teller of Horror Stories
The Kingsbane Broncos have continued their run through the early rounds, getting another victory to sit undefeated at the halfway point of the regular season after a 2-0 win over the Vaccine Horror Stories.

VHS decided to bring the big boys to the game, with Morg 'n' Thorg and Tolly Glocklinger being hired to join the fray and try smash the Broncos around.

The Broncos fans piled into the stadium and it got Gloomy straight away in the Dwarven Stadium, possibly hampering the Bulls for the Broncos. It was also evidently making it hard for the VHS players to complete any passes themselves or effectively move the ball.

The Broncos tightened noose and soon started to remove the VHS players from the field before recovering the ball themselves.

From here the Broncos tried themselves to pass the ball in relative safety, however found it just as hard and instead had to just run the ball in without a completion.

Having had Morg 'n' Thorg fairly well suppressed for the first half, VHS decided to bring on Tolly, however he was targeted straight away and knocked down, removing him from the game.

The second half was more of the same for the Broncos, getting control of the ball and grinding hard to remove VHS players from the field.

The Broncos have shown a particular dislike for Rotters through this season though, having Killed 4 and Seriously Injuring 1 other.

Next up is a rookie Orc team hoping to remain competitive in the division.
- Watto
Feb. 16th, 2019
Broncos the Killers of Nuffle
The Kingsbane Broncos have taken top spot of The Judge division with a win over their less fancied division opponents, the Nuffle Killers, with a 3-2 victory in which they focused more on scoring rather than grinding.

The Broncos had announced to the members that they would be doing a Promo Tour in which the focus would be scoring more with Thrustin Wedges, as a result, many a Broncos fan turned up, with 3 times as many Broncos fans in attendance.

They started in a controlled manner and pushed hard down one edge after receiving, before they forced a gap back on the other edge to sneak through and get the first score of the match.

From the next kick-off, the Broncos set up with Perfect Defence which allowed them the chance to push the Killers hard, turning them over and recovering the ball. Once in possession again, Thrustin was showing his dodging skills which must have mesmerised the Killers hired Wizard who missed with his lightning bolt, allowing Thrustin to score again before the half and have a 2-0 lead as the half.

In the second half the Killers got a Quick Snap which helped them push for chance to claw back the score, however they spent ages trying to pick up the ball. The Broncos started to man up against the Killers and even got close to recovering the ball, getting right next to it. However a failed block by the Minotaur created the slightest chance for the Killers and they made the most of it. The mercenary thrower finally recovered the ball despite it being in a tackle zone, dodged away and got a pass to the catcher who managed to Go For It twice to get on the board.

From the next kick-off a thrown rock unexpectedly hit a Broncos player, but it did little to stall their attack as Thrustin again scooted down the sideline for a 3-1 lead with only moments left in the game.

The Killers again rode their luck as in their last chance to score in the game resulted in them doing an uphill block which succeeded in the end, followed by a long bomb, the catch and a Go For It to scrape another score for themselves.

This lucky play started a Riot which gave the Broncos chance to score again themselves. And after catching an inaccurate pass in a tackle zone and dodging into 2, Marry-Us Droid failed to dodge into free space for the opportunity to score and extend the lead.

A comfortable victory in the end for the Broncos who were always in control, however disappointed the scoreboard doesn't reflect the dominance shown.
- Watto
Feb. 3rd, 2019
Broncos remove the Rots
The Kingsbane Broncos have come out on top in the heavy weight bout against the Pussrots winning late in the game 2-1.

The Broncos received first after the Pussrots had more fans at the game who ended up being Friendly Fans despite their Off-Coloured Chants. The Broncos weren't worried though, going about silencing the crowd so they could hear all the Pussrots coach advice he had for his team.

After getting into a bit of a roll and throwing the harder punches in the first half, the Broncos decided that taking advantage of the numbers they had was the best move. By the time they scored just prior to the end of the first half, their were only 3 Pussrots left on the pitch with 2 dead, 1 Missing the Next Game and another regenerating their Niggling Injury.

At the start of the second half, some Endurance Training made sure the Broncos had a full compliment of players on the pitch, however the Pussrots weren't laying down and started to push hard downfield themselves. A few ineffective Blitzes by the Broncos meant they couldn't hold out the Pussrots, however there was enough pressure that the Pussrots couldn't wind down the clock too much.

Late in the second half the Broncos had to battle some Perfect Defence but were still able to secure the ball with a little bit of security before pushing hard with an All-Out Blitz to break into the backfield and put themselves into a position to win. The Pussrots didn't have fast enough or agile enough players to get near the Broncos in the backfield which allowed them to secure the win and focus on bringing the hurt to a bunch of rookie teams.
- Watto
Jan. 19th, 2019
Broncos Kickers ahead for the win
The Kingsbane Broncos have kicked off a highly anticipated campaign in which they have huge expectations upon them with a solid win over a vastly inexperienced opponent. The Broncos played the Crypt Kickers for their opening game of the season and were able to walk away with a 2-0 win.

The Broncos fans were happy to travel at what would be considered the Kickers home ground with 3 times as many Broncos fans rocking up. Which is literally how the match started, with a Thrown Rock stunning Thrustin Wedges and Knocking Out a zombie.

The Broncos received first and with the Bull Centaur being laid out, the rest of the team knew they needed to hit hard early on to give him time to collect the ball.

It was a former captain in Slam Fry Flay who started the strongest, Badly Hurting an opponent before Killing another shortly after (however both regenerated).

The Broncos played a very controlled first half, hurting their opponents with regularity, injury 4 opponents in the first half.

A Tripping Hazard was left out on the field by the Kickers ground keeping staff which tripped up Thrustin Wedges, but he recovered quickly and scooped up the ball again before any Kickers could get too close.

The Broncos scored late in the half, however there was still time for the Kickers to try score themselves which they pushed hard to do, although a strong Blitz by Mack Freed stopped any thoughts of scoring in the first half by the Kickers.

The second half started with a Riot which all the players enjoyed watching despite the time continuing to tick.

The Kickers pushed themselves hard down an edge and their coach thought he'd got himself back into the match revealing his King Maker play which had already been suspected to be used by the Broncos coach, however the timing wasn't right, therefore it wasn't able to be used and the Broncos were able to eliminate the sideline threat with an All-Out Blitz before the Kickers coach could set up the play again.

From here the Broncos trusted their abundance of fans to get the ball in a good position for themselves which was faith well placed. From here the Broncos were able to break away to secure a 2-0 win, only laying on the hurt again late in the game with containment having been the first priority.

Next up for the Broncos is fellow division heavy weights, The Pussrots, in a match that could possibly decide the division winner, even so early in the season.
- Watto
May 29th, 2017
Broncos not the best Trotters
The Kingsbane Broncos have fallen short in their efforts for a championship against the defending champions and equally talented team in the Harlequin Globetrotters.

The match plan was pretty simple from the Broncos, hit hard and protect the ball. Neither parts of those plans were executed well by the Broncos in the early stages of the match.

The Broncos were able to get a few Knock-outs early, however they still weren't holding the ball well, twice having the ball knocked free, and only saved by the fact that the Globetrotters were unable to capitalise.

The Broncos eventually regathered the ball and got themselves down the field and scored the opening TD. From there they were still able to hold out the Globetrotters before halftime.

The second half was going to be a similar game plan. The Broncos knew it would be unlikely to keep the Globetrotters scoreless after not injuring enough of them.

The Globetrotters got their expected equalizer, however from here, the Broncos began pushing their opponents rather than knocking them over. This helped the Globetrotters get into a good position and turnover the ball once again. This time however the Globetrotters were able to take advantage and score the go ahead TD.

The Broncos had a very unlikely chance right at the end of the match to drag it to overtime, however the failure to pick up the ball meant they didn't even get to try the long bomb and fell short of glory.
- Watto
May 13th, 2017
Broncos trample over the Sands
The Kingsbane Broncos have secured a birth in the WAFFL Open Season 2 Grand Final with a convincing win against the Restless Sands despite very few games played through the season..

The Broncos were the heavy favourites heading into the match, but the Sands brought some things to try even the ledger, with a Wizard and Johnny Waterboy in the dugout, plenty of Friendly Fans in the crowd and a Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite cast upon the Thrustin Wedges.

The Sands were the first to receive and were clearly intimidated with their disappointing display of blocking early on. The Broncos took advantage of their poor blocking technique and showed just how savage they could be with 4 casualties caused in the first 3 turns, with only one player Regenerating and a Tomb Guardian being Killed.

With a lack of numbers to support themselves, the Broncos were able to push unimpeded to the ball carrier with the Minotaur knocking the ball free.

Once it was free it wasn't long before it was knocked around on the ground, before being pushed to the Minotaur who quickly scooped it up.

The Sands coach quickly called for the Wizard to cast a Fireball, however it knocked over 2 players without the ball, only Knocking Out a hobgoblin, but leaving the Minotaur still standing with the ball.

From here the Minotaur decided it was his responsibility to score, which he happily did.

Into the second half, the Broncos had a heavy numbers advantage as Johnny Waterboy didn't really encourage many players back.

Knowing the handling of the Sands left a lot to be desired, the Broncos got cocky with their target for their next TD, sending the Minotaur into the endzone and throwing the ball to him many times.

Whilst the Minotaur was struggling to catch the ball again, the Broncos kept bashing away at the Sands players, Killing another Tomb Guardian and injuring 7 players in total.

With mere moments left in the match, the Broncos again tried to get the Minotaur another TD, and as the siren sounded, he successfully caught the ball and ended the match 2-0 for the Broncos.
- Watto
July 6th, 2016
Broncos become Kings of the Tombs
The Kingsbane Broncos have played their second game of the season against one of the oldest opponents possible in the form of the Chenai Super Tomb Kings.

The Broncos started the game in amazing fashion by coming and and hitting unlike any other game they've played so far.

The Broncos were hitting that hard that it hardly seemed like their opponents had remembered to put their armour on when they walked onto the pitch.

Through the first half the Broncos were able to cause 5 casualties and 5 Knock Outs leaving just one Tomb King on the pitch when they eventually decided to score.

Due to their powerful hitting and also the potential of chainsaw from the star player Hack Enslash coming onto the field, the Broncos tried all they could to ensure he had limited opportunities. Thankfully their game plan worked out, as when Hack Enslash got onto the pitch just prior to half time, he was able to Knock Out a Broncos player before he was spotted by the ref and ejected from the game.

The second half saw the Tomb Kings regroup and play like they were actually meant to from the start of the game. The Tomb Kings made the slightest of breaks, but it was enough once their Thro-Ra sent the ball well down field with a Hail Mary Pass.

With the scores now level, the Broncos had to make sure of their final drive to get the win. A touchback and an unexpected injury, due to being Blitzed, forced the Broncos to change their plans. With the opportunity to have the ball in the hands of the any player, the Broncos went with the unexpected move of putting the ball in the hands of Chaos Dwarf Gosh DaWire.

The Broncos played a little unconventional play from here to get him free, but it all paid off when he was able to break away into the backfield and score the winning TD right on the siren, sealing a 2-1 win for the Broncos.
- Watto
July 3rd, 2016
Broncos prove they are the Chosen Ones
The Kingsbane Broncos have been able to work out a deal with the coach of The Scaled Chosen Ones to line up what they thought might be an unlikely match.

After a solid season in the first WAFFL season, the Broncos thought they might struggle to find opponents through the second season. However there has been an opponent gutsy enough to step up and they stepped up early.

The Chosen Ones showed early they may indeed be the favoured ones when they unleashed a Fireball from their Wizard right from the kick-off. The Fireball was quite effective, knocking down the Minotaur, Stunning a Chaos Dwarf and injuring a Claw Chaos Dwarf.

This early favour continued for the Chosen Ones through the first half with star players effectively using their tools, whether it be a chainsaw or a shiv to cause more Broncos players to be removed from the game.

The Chosen Ones were shown by Nuffle though that his favour only lasts so long. The Chosen Ones held off when they had an opportunity to run deep into the Broncos backfield with the ball, trying instead to continue to cause casualties. The Broncos rallied when they saw their opportunity though, and managed to pick up the loose ball themselves and run away to score against the run of play in the first half. This ensure the Broncos headed into the break with the lead.

The second half however saw the Broncos manage to get the ascendancy with numbers. The Broncos continued to pressure the Chosen Ones and started to creep back and overtake the Chosen Ones for casualties caused.

The Broncos were able to combine this with also Knocking Out their opponents to see the Chosen Ones only having 4 players on the pitch by the end of the drive.

Whilst the Chosen Ones didn't give up, and pushed the Broncos hard to ear their second TD, they were undone by the numbers advantage against them.

The Broncos once into space, made sure of the result and pushed for the extra TD as quickly as they could.

With a few minutes remaining in the game, the Chosen Ones looked to make some sort of a comeback, if they could get some players back. Unfortunately for them though, no Knocked Out player could recover in time, and they were unable to gain any sort of momentum. meaning the Broncos won the match 2-0.
- Watto
June 13th, 2016
Broncos destroy their Demons
The Kingsbane Broncos have overcome their disappointment of a Semi final loss to line up against the Dark Wood Demons in the 3rd Place playoff.

With anger in their hearts, the Broncos went on a casualty causing rampage with Apex Den keeping his injury causing streak through the finals going.

The Broncos kept their focus in this match on the bashing side of the game, whilst still making sure they stayed ahead on the scoreboard.

The Broncos got out to a 2-0 lead before letting the Demons in. The Broncos then spent the final moments of the game trying to extend the lead again with very few of the Demons left on the pitch, unfortunately they were unable to capitalise and had to settle with the 2-1 win to secure 3rd place in the first season of the WAFFL open.
- Watto
June 12th, 2016
Shoguns halt the Broncos charge
The Semi Final saw the Kingsbane Broncos lining up against one of their tougher opponents from the season, the Sengoku Shoguns.

The Shoguns had learnt their lesson from earlier in the season and hired as many apothecaries as they could to ensure they had as many key players on the pitch as possible.

The Broncos started strong and injured opponents and scored early. The resulting drive proved to be a turning point for the Broncos though.

The Broncos tried to halt the Shoguns push for a TD. The failed Blitz by a Bull Centaur which resulted in him being injured seemed to make the Broncos drop their heads. The Shoguns levelled the game soon after.

Just before the halftime break the kickoff saw the Minotaur decide that holding the ball is a good idea. Unfortunately he couldn't follow up on that good idea and get the ball to a team mate,which meant that the Broncos could not score before the break.

In the second half the Shoguns kept pressing hard and despite having some players removed from the pitch, the apothecaries kept them coming back. Soon after they found themselves in the lead.

The Broncos were desperate now to get level, but with morale down, their couldn't must an equaliser, instead they found themselves getting turned over and the Shoguns running in another TD before the end of the game.

This was the first defeat for the Broncos and meant they would instead play for 3rd place rather than the Grand Final.
- Watto
June 12th, 2016
Broncos overcome the Toxic
The Kingsbane Broncos entered into the WAFFL Open's first finals carnival with an undefeated record and were matched up early against another favourite for the finals, the other undefeated team the Nurgland Toxics II.

The match was a very dour affair with the Toxics showing they can keep a tight defence. The Broncos however bashed their way through the defence causing a few injuries on the way.

With the Toxics managing to stay in control of the ball for the first half, the game was level at half time, which suited the Broncos who would receive in the second half.

Once they received the kickoff, the Broncos went about bashing their way to grind out a late score to secure the win and head to the Semi Final with a 1-0 win.
- Watto
Sep. 1st, 2015
Broncos faster than a Trotter
The Kingsbane Broncos have ended their allotted 8 games for season 1 with a come from behind win over the Harlequin Globetrotters.

The Globetrotters received first, and whilst they had their veterans on the pitch, they made the Broncos play fetch as they moved the ball around them with ease. The did however leave the new journeyman in doubt with his position on the team, with the coach giving him clear instructions to get rid of the Minotaur, not caring at all if the Slam Fry-Flay mutilated him, which happened with consummate ease.

After forcing them to stop the games, the Broncos went about trying to even the score, however after being full of confidence from hurting one elf, Slam Fry-Flay tried again, only to fall down himself also, this opened up enough space for the globetrotters to flood deep and subsequently push out to a 2-0 lead.

With time fading in the first half, the Broncos knuckled down and caged to a sideline with the intent of grinding a new path. The globetrotters tried to throw up some obstacles, but were unable to stop the Broncos from closing the gap to 2-1 at the half.

The second half saw the Broncos receive again, and with confidence growing from the first TD, they tried a similar tactic, this time however they were able to draw the Globetrotters all to one side which freed the Bull Centaur to dash across the other side.Along with Slam Fry-Flay killing an elf, the Broncos levelled up easily with time to still push for the win.

The Broncos kicked to the Globetrotters and started to hit a little harder in defence, Knocking Out 6 Elfs and leaving only 3 on the pitch. The hard hitting defence gave the Broncos the chance to turn over the ball. With a chance to score, the Broncos pushed however they could into scoring range, which was a lone Hobgoblin, before handing off to the Bull Centaur who also dashed down field to get himself in range, that was until he fell over his own feet, leaving him too far away to score himself.

The Globetrotters tried their best to send the ball as far down field as possible, but were unable to even get their hands on it.

The Broncos had once last chance, and with some hard running by the Hobgoblin, who got himself into the endzone, the Bull Centaur was able to brush himself off before getting the ball and handing off to the Hobgoblin for the seemingly unlikely victory and rounding out the comeback from 2-0 down and winning the match 3-2.
- Watto
Aug. 16th, 2015
Broncos get shown the guns
The Kingsbane Broncos have had to fight of a determined Sengoku Shoguns to save themselves from a loss and salvage a draw in the tightest contest they've had so far, only managing a 2-2 draw.

The Broncos started with more confidence and tried bashing their way to victory, but the Shoguns were not to be deterred and fought back to with more casualties of their own to get themselves an advantage.

The Broncos who had received first still fought hard though and managed to get the first TD of the game, despite the numerical setback.

But the hard work of recovering from a shaky beginning took it's toll in the Sweltering Heat with more Broncos unable to make it to the pitch, but the Shoguns just brushing it off without pause.

Just prior to restarting the game though, it was thought the players would get a reprieve from the heat with the hint that the wind might pick up. It wasn't to be though as the seeming change in weather, the possibility of a breeze died quickly, leaving the players out in the Sweltering Heat still.

The Shoguns now had a decent numbers advantage which allowed them to even the score before half time.

Both teams came out of half time with most players surviving the heat better, and the Shoguns continued their fast paced attack to score quickly in the second half, despite the Broncos having a seemingly Perfect Defence.

The attacking raid took it out of the Shoguns though as they felt the affects of the heat this time.

With the possibility of winning on their mind, the Broncos set about scoring as quickly as possible and were quickly back to 2 a piece.

With a trend of scoring taking it out of a team, the Broncos were again struck down and having a tricky time to stop the Shoguns from getting the win.

The Broncos spoiled the Shoguns efforts and had set themselves up for a chance at victory, but were obviously worn out by the end and were unable to pick up the ball, let alone get a pass away for a chance at victory.
- Watto
Aug. 16th, 2015
Broncos shed Blood again
The Kingsbane Broncos have played a second game against the New Blood Patriots over an action packed weekend. The first game of the weekend was played in Pouring Rain early, but it didn't affect the Broncos who ran away 4-1 winners.

The Broncos received first and went about the business of knocking the Patriots out or injuring them so they couldn't mount a proper defence.

The Broncos were so successful in their attempts at bashing, it gave them great confidence with the ball. Despite tremendous amounts of rain, the Broncos picked up and threw the ball without any issue.

Whilst the Patriots managed to sneak in for a TD of their own in the second half, the Broncos kept grinding away and managed to score twice in each half for their best victory of the season.
- Watto
Aug. 10th, 2015
Broncos Karak the Gromril
The Kingsbane Broncos have overcome a sluggish start to overcome the Karak-Khazril Gromril with a solid 2-0 win.

The Broncos received first and aimed to bash their opponents senseless whilst practicing their passing skills.

Neither tactic was working cleanly for the Broncos though, through the first half. The Broncos struggled to cause the injuries they were hoping to cause, but they were able to get numerous knock outs which kept some players out for the rest of the match.

An in ability to complete a pass saw the Broncos decide to just run the ball in for a TD once they managed to pick it up again before half time.

The second half saw Gromril hit back though, causing 2 casualties in 2 blocks to try give themselves a chance at getting back in the match.

The Broncos took exception to this though and caused more casualties back, including some kills. With a numbers advantage growing, the Broncos were able to turn over the Gromril and score to get out to a 2-0 lead.

As the end was drawing near, the Broncos again managed to turn over the Gromril, but the passing problems experienced earlier in the match were still evident. This inability ended their chances of a third TD.
- Watto
Aug. 2nd, 2015
Broncos trample on broken Hearts
The Kingsbane Broncos have continued their solid start to the season by beating the previously undefeated Blackhearts 3-1.

It was a game in which the Broncos could seemingly do nothing wrong and the Blackhearts just didn't click.

The Broncos started by slowly nudging their way up field. The grind started to take it's toll on the Blackhearts, losing 2 casualties early.

The Blackhearts tried to regroup, but the Broncos didn't let up, they turned over the Blackhearts late and chanced their luck to get a completion into the endzone to head into the half ahead 2-0.

The Blackhearts persisted in the second half, despite a pitch invasion not working in their favour, and managed to dash away for their TD to give themselves some hope.

The Broncos quickly put any thoughts of a come back to bed though by squeezing out the rest of the match at a grind pace to seal the win 3-1.

The Broncos found themselves breaking armour a lot, and either just stunning their opponents or injuring them. Unfortunately the Blackhearts had to rest to a precision strike game and failed to break any armour which typified the bad luck they experienced from the game.
- Watto
July 30th, 2015
Broncos stuck in the Nightshade
The Broncos have failed to make good of a turnover in the second half to get a win against the Nightshades, having to settle for a draw at 1-1.

The Broncos received first and decided to scoot through quickly into the backfield. This was nearly a big mistake for the Broncos, save for the Nightshades finding themselves unable to pick up the ball. This meant the Broncos could recover and score immediately.

The Nightshades weren't to be out done through the first half though and managed to play some gutsy plays which saw them break free and level up right on the half time siren.

The Nightshades became a little hasty in the second half though and found themselves in a position to be hit. Once hit it was time to scramble for the Nightshades as the Broncos recovered the ball and started throwing the ball around as if they were Elves themselves.

The Broncos found themselves close enough to score, but still lacking the speed to evade their opponents. It came down to a one on one Blitz to try get away, but unfortunately it was against a Blitzer so both players stood facing each other with no movement made.

After this both teams found themselves getting knocked down and out of range of being able to score the winning TD.
- Watto
July 30th, 2015
Broncos are Patriots to no-one
The Kingsbane Broncos have managed to continue their winning ways early in the season with a more convincing win over the New Blood Patriots.

The Broncos still only managed a 2-0 win, but were better at what they tried to do compared to their first match.

Kicking off first, the Broncos were able to stop the Patriots from scoring. They only time the Broncos looked in competent through this game was trying to get a quick completion in before scoring against the flow. Their inability to get this pass away lead to them not scoring in the first half.

The second half worked out much better though, as they scored quickly when in possession of the ball early and making a successful turnover and score to finish the game comfortably.
- Watto
July 30th, 2015
Broncos avoid the Tusks
The Kingsbane Broncos have settled into a new league with some confidence and notched up a win in their first outing. The Broncos played the Bonetown Bloodtusks and came away with a 2-0 scoreline.

The match involved no real skill being shown by either team, the Broncos just managed to hold the ball better than their opponents.

The Bloodtusks suffered from a lack of grit when it came to hitting their opponents, finding themselves getting injured when they blocked in the wrong manner.

Eventually the Broncos managed to get a small numbers advantage and this allowed them to start the season with s comfortable win.
- Watto
Kingsbane Broncos
Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Watto

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