Bloodclaw Ravens

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  AdvanceOp
Hailing from the Coastal Northern Wastes Team Owner Dav'vyd has struck Dark Pacts with the Chaos Gods and pulled together a band of beasts from the Bloodclaw Tribe to play Bloodbowl! While the team knows little of the sport, the head coach is hoping the owner long experience with the game and the beasts natural thirst for blood might come together and win a game in their first season.... Nuffle willing.

Bloodclaw Ravens team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 1st, 2017 - old news
Asleep at the Reins
Pundits have been left wondering what happened to the Ravens defense in the Bloodclaw Ravens - Echo Beach Lightning (W.C.L., Four) game. The Chaos team seemed to be asleep with Manbur Thunderhoof taking off well before his wingman was ready.

What followed was a string of incompetence as the elves danced around the chaos team like they were wooden practice dummies. Pastern looked like he was going to make a comeback play, but Althadin Faeynore picked the pass out of the air.

In the last quarter, with no hope of a comeback the Ravens finally decided to hit hard, killing Cluhurach Traqirelle and giving Dakath Ralovyre a near death experience, but far too late for the Ravens. .
- AdvanceOp
Feb. 3rd, 2017 - old news
According to the Prophecy
Rookie Orc team Blacktongue Raiders went down fighting hard, but succumbed to a 2-0 loss. According to the Head Coach this was exactly as foretold in the entrails of the pre-game sacrfice, though Cabalvision reporters declined to "see for themselves".

While the loss of Gaskin did not go completely unnoticed (the team enjoyed the banquet), the addition of Lord Raz'zor the Cuthroat, Despoiler of Mordheim, Ravager of the Iron Hills has been celebrated by Raven fans.

The Ravens have expressed some disappointment that their next opponent Man-Terror Raiders is already dead, but Lord Raz'zor said "That's gone, we'll just kill them again".
- AdvanceOp
Jan. 19th, 2017 - old news
Minotaur of Steel
The Ravens line up took on Durak Stokal and knew as an opening game this was going to be a tough match. Dwarves are pretty capable bloodbowl players, and ... well... the Ravens have just come to understand the point of the ball.

However, the Coach offered up plenty of sacrifices to the chaos gods prior to the game, and it paid off. Manbur Thunderhoof crashed out of the locker room, snorting with a wild look in his eyes (wilder?) and with skin that looked at tough as elven steel. With an Ironamn Minotaur, the team owner breathed a sigh of relief... The d\waves were not injuring the highest paid player.

Alas the rest of the team were less lucky, and many were sent to the KO bin, Fetlock and Crest will be missing the next match against Blacktongue Raiders. Needles to say, one game down, no wins yet.
- AdvanceOp
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