Durak Stokal

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Frosthammer
Matches Played
Win - 9
Draw - 3
Loss - 2

For - 20
Against - 12

BH - 28
SI - 19
D - 11

Cas Against
BH - 15
SI - 9
D - 4

Purchase Plan:
Blitzer 80K
Blocker 70K
Reroll 100K

Rookie Season: West Coast League, Season 1

Dammaz Kron
(Book of Grudges)
1. Kalei (Overdosis)
2. Spite (Western Grudgebreakers)
3. Rancor (Western Grudgebreakers)
4. Snacman #4 (Snack Pack)
5. Harry Tasker (M.A.D.)
6. Joe Tanto (M.A.D.)
7. Nibble Skullmember (Golden 13)
8. Wingtrak Bashum (Orcnee FC)
9. Oin II (Erebor Rams)

Durak Stokal team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 29th, 2017 - old news
Grind, Grind, Grind
Durak Stokal have had early success during their opening two games of the West Coast League. Using the old dwarven grind ploy in both games, the Stokal were able to clear the field of opposing payers as they slowly advanced the ball up the field or turned over the opposition and then commenced the grind.

Although the scores have been low, the clean sheets have kept the coaching staff happy and spared the players extra defensive drills. Rumours abound of a renewed focus on expanding the offensive capabilities of the team, with whispers that passing plays have been added to the team's playbook.

Should the mystical dwarven passing game materialise there will be many sidelong glances from the fans as such things go against dwarven blood bowl tradition. Should it fail we wont be surprised if the coaching staff head to the Temple of Grimnir and shave their scalps.
- Frosthammer
Jan. 4th, 2017 - old news
Dawn of a new era and beer!
With the announcement of the draw this evening, team owner Ol' Frosthammer likes what he sees. Plenty of challenging coaches and two of the worst dice luck coaches in the history of WA Blood Bowl. The season looks as follows:

Game 1: Bloodclaw Ravens - Chaos Chosen
Game 2: Manic Mud Puppies - Human
Game 3: K Town Street Rats - Skaven
Game 4: Overdosis - Dark Elf
Game 5: Man-Terror Raiders - Shambling Undead
Game 6: Emerald Dragons - High Elf

The season goals have been set and Stokal looks forward to smashing their way to the title!
- Frosthammer
Tournaments played:
Playing in:
WCL Season 6
Trophies won:


Redrafted post WCL, Season 1

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