Race:  Khorne
Coach:  Watto
"Play the best BB in the world, or I'll eat your soul."


We played the first thing that came to our heads, just so happened to be the best BB in the World, the best BB in the World.

Needless to say, the beast was stunned. And the beast was done.

This is not the greatest BB team in the world, no.
This is just a Tribute.

Couldn't remember the greatest BB in the World, no. This is a tribute, to the greatest BB in the world.

And the peculiar thing is this: The BB we played on that fateful night it didn't look anything like this BB.

Tribute team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 5th, 2018
Tribute shot to bits by Gunners
Tribute have suffered a second loss in a row after failing to make much of a dent in the Gunners impressive armour and finding their own armour pitifully inadequate.

Tribute started the match receiving the ball, but quickly found that the staff at the Gunners field had set them up for failure with a Sprinkler Malfunction making any ball handling extremely difficult.

The Gunners came out punching hard though and despite Tribute being able to collect the ball early, there weren't many teammates around to give the ball carrier much support. Feeling like there was little options available with the Gunners closing in, Tribute attempted an ill fated pass which resulted in them losing the ball and struggling to collect it again for the rest of the half.

Shiny Demon had a horrid game where he spent more than half of it screaming at the air struggling to stay in the real world.

With neither team being able to collect the ball in the first half, the scores were still level at 0-0.

In the second half the Gunners had a good man advantage and with some helpful skills like Guard, were able to adequately hold back Tribute and stay away from Shiny Demon to score late in the half.

By this time Tribute were trying any possible play that might work, but still fell short of even coming close to levelling the score as they finished with 3 players on the pitch.
- Watto
Aug. 15th, 2018
Tribute Scheme failed
Tribute have let a good start against the Pyramid Schemers count for nothing after faltering in the second half to be overwhelmed in a 2-1 loss.

The Schemers received first and struggled to hold onto the ball, allowing Tribute to pour into the back field and secure the ball fairly early on.

The Schemers didn't meekly let Tribute run away with it though, with a Tomb Guardian finding a sudden Burst of Speed to catch up and blitz the pit fighter with the ball. Tribute did manage to collect themselves and still scored before half-time, however nothing else of significance happened through the first half.

In the second half, one of Tribute's Pit Fighters found a Hidden Blade, but was ineffective in using it. This seemed to anger the Schemers though who finally listened to their whining coach and caused a casualty or three in quick succession.

This gave the Schemers some real impetus as they built up a large numbers advantage and scored to level the game.

When they returned to the field for the next drive Tribute were only able to field 5 Pit Fighters. Determined to get a good result, a Team Talk was had to build confidence.

The remaining Tribute players pushed hard for the miracle play, but on a Very Sunny day, the long bomb was almost impossible, and the resulting fumble gave the Schemers a chance to steal the win, which they happily did.
- Watto
July 30th, 2018 - old news
Greatest Tribute not enough
Tribute continued to make blood flow for Blood God after their tightly contested match against the Greatest Khymerican Heroes.

The match started in violent fashion with Tribute Knocking Out 2 and Badly Hurting another Hero right from the first whistle. It wasn't enough to deter the Heroes who continued to push hard for the ball after Tribute received. However Tribute were able to punish more Heroes and secure the ball to march down the field.

Tribute got caught up in a frenzy of blocking and as the half drew to an end, found themselves more interested in blocking than scoring, a little slip up resulting in the half ending before Tribute could score.

Still outnumbering the Heroes in the second half, Tribute went on the assault again, however the Heroes tried to fight back this time, much to Khorne's delight as he cares not from where the blood flows.

The Heroes saw an opportunity to score though and got ahead on the scoreboard.

Undeterred, Tribute continued to try punish the Heroes as much as they could. Again they secured the ball and marched downfield, getting within scoring range easily. As the game came to an close, Tribute realised that if they can encourage more fans to follow them, they'll be able to get more tributes, so they scored to keep the crowds pouring in and secure more money for more tools of death.

A likely win was sacrificed for the draw, all for the chance of more blood for the Blood God.
- Watto
July 22nd, 2018 - old news
Tribute to cleaned Sewers
Tribute have backed up their first round win with some more success against another round 1 winner in the Praag Sewers.

Tribute had a solid crowd turn up, however it was still not enough compared to the better known Sewers. Tribute however did win the toss and readily accepted having the ball kicked to them.

The game started with the Sewers sneaking the playbook from Tribute and relining for the Perfect Defence. It seemed to work though as it put Tribute off guard and they didn't manage to hurt a single Sewers player throughout the first half.

The Tribute took a steady approach to the game and slowly moved the ball downfield, whilst the Sewers also remained patient holding back long enough to strike at the right time, turning over the ball and making a dash downfield.

Shiny Demon didn't take well to this though and quickly blitzed the Gutter Runner with the ball, spilling it free and possibly within range of a desperate TD that seemed easy in the beginning.

A Pit Fighter first had to dodge free, nearly failing, but just keeping his feet to push into the endzone. Then another Pit Fighter showed that they should have access to passing skills. He dodged, picked up the ball, went for it twice, through the short pass for a successful completion and resulting 1-0 lead a halftime.

In the second half, Tribute started to deliver the sacrifices to Khorne, injuring 2 Sewers players straight away.

Tribute started to remove Sewers players at will from this point and even knocked the ball free, but were unable to touch the ball before it was gathered up by the Sewers who decided that waiting around wasn't the play this time, going straight for the pass and levelling the score as quickly as they could.

Tribute were in a great position though, with plenty of numbers in their favour and now a free Bribe to foul with impunity. Tribute again started to removed Sewers players with ease, even collecting a skull from a killed player for the Lord of Skulls.

With only 3 players left late in the game, the Sewers stopped trying to stop Tribute from scoring and felt the sensible play was to stay down, meaning Tribute were able to get winning TD to continue their strong start to the season.
- Watto
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