Race:  Khorne
Coach:  Watto
"Play the best BB in the world, or I'll eat your soul."


We played the first thing that came to our heads, just so happened to be the best BB in the World, the best BB in the World.

Needless to say, the beast was stunned. And the beast was done.

This is not the greatest BB team in the world, no.
This is just a Tribute.

Couldn't remember the greatest BB in the World, no. This is a tribute, to the greatest BB in the world.

And the peculiar thing is this: The BB we played on that fateful night it didn't look anything like this BB.

Tribute team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 10th, 2018
Fungus is inadequate Tribute
Tribute didn't play the best game of Bloodbowl in the world, but they certainly played a good tribute match against Dead Fungus in a thriller that wasn't decided until late into overtime.

Tribute had more fans come and were the first to kick-off. The Fungus quickly collected the ball and pushed forward. Tribute looked to pin the Fungus on a sideline and got the early hit onto a Goblin which sent the ball flying, unfortunately straight into the hands of the Troll.

It wasn't long until the the Troll was standing all alone, however the Shiny Demon was too wild to Blitz him. The Troll gathered himself and got himself into a cage and was able to slowly make his way downfield.

Tribute managed to get a few players to mark up on the Troll right at the end of the half, however the Troll was able to prove he isn't always Really Stupid, and he blitzed free to score the opening touchdown.

In the second half Tribute received and pushed early to reduce the numbers of Fungus players on the field. Using both rerolls and the Extra Team Training quickly, Tribute had to take a more reserved approach with the ball in hand.

An All Out Blitz slowed their advance, however Tribute were able to recover the ball and score late in the game.

With the Troll still KO'd, the Fungus were unable to attempt the miracle OTTD to try steal the game at the end.

Both teams however agreed that a result was deserving and that overtime would be played.

Heading into overtime, the Fungus showed they weren't dead and had all their players back on the field, whilst some KO'd players from Tribute couldn't recover.

The Fungus received and pushed hard down an edge, not completely able to escape the efforts of Tribute. They did however manage to create a small gap which saw a cheeky Goblin rush for the endzone, only to trip over his own feet over the line and Badly Hurt himself.

Tribute were able to collect the ball and loosely screen themselves until they were within reach of scoring themselves.

The Fungus never gave up though and had a desperate Blitz that freed the ball. Tribute were tenacious though and blitzed back to give themselves a shot at the free ball which the were able to collect before pushing further down field trying to give themselves as much space as possible.

Again the Fungus were desperate to stop the score and were able to man up the Pit Fighter with the ball, the Blitz however ended up just out of reach as again a Fungus player tripped up.

Tribute were able to blitz themselves free from here and scored right on the final buzzer, getting the win, but letting the Blood God down with very little blood flowing as a result of the game.

Tribute will look to bathe in the glory of Khorne against their next opponents, the Praag Sewers.
- Watto
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