Dull Warpstone Loathers

Race:  Underworld Denizens
Coach:  Watto

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Sep. 18th, 2020
Warpstone shrivels The Leviathan
The Dull Warpstone Loathers have secured their biggest win of the season, but at a cost against the big brutes from The Leviathan in their 3-0 victory.

The match started with many Loathers fans in attendance and the Loathers receiving. And with the ball ready for them, it was the Loathers that started the big hitting, Badly Hurting the Minotaur in the very first turn.

As the game progressed, it was obvious The Leviathan was more interested in hitting, and with goblins numbers starting to dwindle, the Loathers looked to score quick. However just before scoring, they killed the Renegade Skaven lineman.

On the next kickoff, the Loathers pushed hard at The Leviathan and caused the back to be turned over, not without cost though as The Leviathan killed a Skaven lineman from the Loathers.

As they half cane to a close, the Loathers were up 2-0 and the casualties were pretty even, however the Knocked Out goblins weren’t keen on coming back.

In the second half, the Loathers nearly got into a position to turn over the ball, but The Leviathan were able to swing quickly to the other side and make a break, the Loathers speed proved critical though, as they got back and turned over The Leviathan before dashing up field to score again. Once again though, it proved to be a bad day for Skaven lineman as another Loathers player was killed.

With just moments left in the match, the Loathers weren’t done with trying to score and got a Blitz which allowed them another shot at a TD. An inaccurate throw which ended in the crowd though ended their chances of another TD and the game ended.
- Watto
Sep. 9th, 2020
Loathers turn into pumpkins at Midnight
The Dull Warpstone Loathers suffered their first loss of the season after squandering a couple of chances to score, going down 2-1 in overtime to the Midnight Malice.

The game started off with the Loathers receiving and setting themselves up for a grind. Getting a foul in early for an injury and a couple of injuries later in the half, they were setting themselves for the late TD. However a desperate blitz saw the ball get knocked free into the crowd and obviously to a strong Malice fan who was able to send the ball to the furthest Mailce player downfield.

Whilst the Loathers were able to recover the ball, their passing skills were lacking and they weren’t able to score, heading into the half 0-0.

In the second half, the Malice started to hit harder and the goblins couldn’t handle the hits, falling like flies and leaving gaping holes for the Malice to exploit.

The Malice got their TD just prior to the siren, however there was still time left for the Loathers who has multiple scoring threats on the pitch.

The Loathers got the quick snap from the kickoff and were able to score a OTTD from that point to level the game on the siren.

Both coaches agreed to overtime and the Loathers opted to receive. However some Perfect Defence from the Malice allowed them to adjust their defensive position, and after a failed Block from Tossy N’Throwy the Malice were able to flood the backfield.

Next a failed pickup left the Loathers really vulnerable. From here the Malice swooped in and devoured the back, before rushing in to score the winning TD.
- Watto
Aug. 27th, 2020
Warpstone is a foul taste for Lickers
The Dull Warpstone Loathers have secured their first win in a come from behind victory over the Gristle Lickers, ending the game 2-1 up.

The game started in a Blizzard and some Brilliant Coaching by the Lickers as the Loathers kicked off to them.

And whilst the Loathers put the pressure on early and turned over the Lickers and secured the ball, however the Lickers caused the Loathers to stutter and stumble from their and found themselves in the Loathers backfield and holding off the pressure. With a certain TD in sight, the Lickers took the opportunity and scored.

From the next kick, the weather cleared and the Loathers started to secure a side of the pitch. With a bit of security, there Loathers held the Lickers at arms length and managed to secure the levelling TD right on the siren.

As the second half kicked off a Blitz from the Lickers looked to put some early pressure on the Loathers, and after an initial misdirected pass, the Lickers nearly secured the ball, however the Loathers quickly pushed deep into the backfield.

Thanks to some brutal hitting from Tossy N’Throwy in the second half, it wasn’t long before the Lickers didn’t have enough players to pressure the Loathers anymore.

As the game was nearing a close, the Loathers got foul happy on the werewolf that was on the ground in the backfield, stopping any chance of him stopping a TD.

The Loathers nearly squandered their chance for the win however when Tossy has a brain snap, but thankfully he came to his senses quickly to knock his opponent down instead of falling over himself and ending the game. Thankfully the Loathers scored and secured the win.
- Watto
Aug. 24th, 2020
Loathers can visit Valhalla as well
The Dull Warpstone Loathers kicked off their first appearance in the West Coast League against fellow newcomers, the Valhalla Visionarys.

The Loathers kicked off the match and got off to a poor start with many of their players either getting Injured or Knocked Out. It was hard work to stop the Visionarys from scoring and in the end, they chose to score early with a mind to score quickly and heavily against a depleted side.

However the Loathers rallied quickly and from the next kickoff, were able to remove a number of the Visionarys to start bringing some balance to the match. As the half was drawing to a close, they were able to level the score just before the siren sounded.

As the second half started, the Loathers were able to draw their opponents out of position and were able to take advantage of their speed, however with a few players stuttering and allowing gaps to open up, the Loathers has to score a little sooner than they would have liked.

Finally in the lead, the Loathers tried to hold back a determined Visionarys side, however their lack of experience showed, and as the game was drawing to a close, the Loathers were unable to block their opponents progress, and fell short of any attempts to stop them.

As the final siren sounded, the Visionarys were able to level the score meaning the game ended in a 2-2 draw.
- Watto
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Dull Warpstone Loathers
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