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Apr. 17th, 2021
Thriller Heralds potential finals.
Thriller have survived a tough game unscathed against a determined Perun Heralds 863 team in a rain drenched match which resulted in a 2-2 draw and has just about secured a finals berth for Thriller.

The match started in the Pouring Rain, and despite this, Thriller elected to receive. Some Solid Defence from the Heralds ensured Thriller would have to be sure of themselves in the early exchanges, but with the ball secured, Thriller had some Stunning periods that left many Heralds players on the pitch and gave Thriller opportunities to settle deep in the Heralds backfield.

Once there, Thriller lingered for long periods to try deny the Heralds the ball. However with a lack of penetration to their hits as the half progressed, the makeshift wall was no longer deemed safe and Thriller took the opportunity to score from there.

From the resulting kickoff, Thriller however stumbled early in the movement and were unable to cover the Heralds deep downfield, and when the resulting pass was caught, the scores were level at half time.

In the second half, a deep kick and some poor ball handling from the Heralds gave Thriller a chance to pressure downfield. When the Heralds finally did collect the ball, the effort to try get into a cage saw them falter and the back spill free.

From their, both teams found themselves more content to try surround the ball rather than attempt to pick up the ball. Spying a slight opportunity to potentially push into a threatening position though, Thriller boldly went to collect the ball, and despite the ever present rain, and the attention of an Ogre, Thriller collected the ball and raced free. From here they were able to secure a go ahead TD.

At the next kickoff, a failed pick up put the pressure on the Heralds to get an equaliser. With many Thriller players around potential receivers, it was a failed Block by a rookie Flesh Golem, that gave a slight opening to the Heralds.

However some strong blocking from the Heralds in turn, saw them grasp the opportunity for a leveling score, which they took with glee.

With moments on the clock, fortune went against Thriller again, as a deep kick and a far too efficient Block caused Thriller to remain just out of range for a OTTD.

With the team still healthy at the end of the match, Thriller decided discretion was the better part of valour and declined the opportunity for overtime to keep players healthy leading into the finals.
- Watto
Apr. 16th, 2021
A Thriller in the Klub
Thriller have put themselves in the box seat for a finals position after a strong 3-1 win against fellow Commissioner team Hrvatski Nihon Klub.

Thriller kicked to start the match and started to hit with the usual intent they’ve become known for, causing casualties early and often.

However Thriller were taken a bit by surprise when HNK were able to switch direction quickly and score the opening TD of the match.

Thriller steadied quickly though and evened up the score by halftime, thanks to again hurting their opponent and creating a solid numbers advantage.

Through the second half, with more casualties caused Andy space opening up for Thriller everywhere, they were able to pick apart HNK twice more.

The third TD for Thriller though involved a little scrambling and the first completion from the team as they showed some versatility this time.

Thriller secured the eventual win 3-1.
- Watto
Mar. 28th, 2021
Fans keep Skulls in a Thriller
Thriller have continued their dominant season with a strong win against a luckless Scrap Iron Skulls team, scoring the 3-0 win, but also decimating the Skulls before their next match.

Thriller started by kicking to the Skulls and were a little weary knowing the Skulls, after some Prayers to Nuffle, had done some Intensive Training and prepared the crowd to Throw a rock if required.

As the match got underway, Thriller got the crowd involved early by Blitzing a goblin into them, which they Badly Hurt with glee.

As the match progressed, Thriller were able to start getting a strong numbers advantage, even killing a goblin before turning over the Skulls and securing the ball for themselves.

Thriller looked to get the crowd involved again by knocking a Black Orc into the crowd, who had his throwing arm injured. But Thriller didn’t want the crowd too involved, so once they were in range to score, they scored their first TD.

As the match entered the second half, Thriller has a strong numbers advantage and were able to continue their smashing of the Skulls. Injuring another couple of opponents before scoring their second TD.

With moments left in the game, Thriller organised the Perfect Defence and got themselves into a position to threaten a third TD. And without the players to resist, the Skulls were unable to hold back the tide as Thriller scored their final TD.

Next up for Thriller is HNK.
- Watto
Mar. 5th, 2021
Thriller run Wyld in the Wood
Thriller have continued on their winning run after dispatching a resilient Wyldwood Wanderers with another 2-1 win.

The Wanderers started by receiving and whilst Thriller were able to mount a solid defence and stopped the Wanderer's in their tracks, they weren't hitting as hard as they have in previous matches.

Despite Pouring Rain making handling difficult, Beast and Wacko were able to make a break downfield which the Wanderers gave up even trying to stop, allowing Wacko to eventually figure out how to use his hands and successfully score as the match neared halftime.

As the second half started, the weather cleared and Thriller who were now receiving, took advantage of the speed they possessed themselves, to swing down the opposite flank of the Wanderers as they committed too hard to one flank themselves. After creating a gap, Thriller pushed for the quick score to get themselves out to a comfortable 2-0 lead.

As the match restarted though, the Wanderers took heart from the vicious fouling they had been committing and dragged themselves back into the match. Pushing hard down a sideline and surviving they attempted blocks to peg back the score a little.

With a small amount of time remaining, Thriller had to defend hard after a failed block lead to an opening for the Wanderers to be able to threaten to score. however some strong blocks and a necessary foul put an end to the Wanderers scoring threat and the match ended.

Thriller rued their missed opportunities to injure their opponents, making the match closer than they wanted it to be, however look forward to an opponent who has been putting in strong appearances themselves this season, the Scrap Iron Skulls.
- Watto
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