This is a site of WAFFL Blood Bowl League. What is the WAFFL? Simply put, the Western Australian Fantasy Football League. The site focuses on the Blood Bowl aspect, and will be home to all of the sanctioned WAFFL Blood Bowl leagues, such as, but not limited to, the West Coast League, KBBL and HBL.

Each of these leagues will have their own rules, which must be adhered to in order to take part in that league. By signing up for any league on this site, you agree to all conditions imposed by that league's Senior Commissioner.

Coaches without Borders

The WAFFL is not aligned with any physical location or club. For the greater part, the WAFFL exists to provide a communal hub for coaches to come together online to manage their shared hobby.

Having said that, we do love when coaches share their hobby and play at clubs. It helps to promote the game with other like minded players who may be interested.

When considering playing at a club, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with somebody from the club to ask about open times and days. The WAFFL does not wish to speak on behalf of these clubs, so we are not in a position to advise on which clubs are open on which days.

We can advise that there are some good places to check - I'd Crit That tend to use the boards at crit.boards.net whilst other clubs such as KRAGS and PNH use Facebook.


The Triumvirate:
WAFFL Administrator: Watto
WAFFL Head Commissioner: frostie
Commissioner of Compliance: Brunificus

League Senior Commissioners:
Bash & Flash League (BFL): DaBlackSkull
KRAGS BB League (KBBL): DaBlackSkull
Sth West Open BB League (SWOBBL): Ned Jerico
Semi Arid Wasteland League (SAWL): Hogan
West Coast League (WCL): frostie

To join the site please contact the Head Commissioner [frosthammer73@hotmail.com]. To sign up with a league, please contact the relevant league Head Commissioner.


If your WAFFL account has been deactivated, please contact the Head Commissioner to resurrect it.

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June 24th, 2023 - old news
WCL Season 14 Players Pack
A new season of the WCL is almost upon us.

Below is the players pack for the new season. Feel free to ask any questions!

Players Pack:
- frostie
Dec. 15th, 2022 - old news
WCL Season 13 Players Pack
Greetings Coaches,

With Season 13 starting in just under a month, we have prepared a new players pack for the season, link below. This season will see some significant changes to the West Coast League, mainly regarding the league house rules. One thing that isn’t changing is the mercenary inducement rule, with the League Commission deciding not to make any changes to the mercenary rules we used in Season 12.

There are quite a few changes for Season 13, which include:
- New league scoring system. This change is due to the lack of overtime games played during regular rounds, showing us the bonus for an overtime loss didn’t have the impact we envisaged. Now the results will be scored as: Win - 3 points; Draw - 1 point; Loss - 0 points.
- There is an extra week added to round 5, i.e., the round is 3 weeks long, to allow coaches more time to play their round 5 game and attend the Far From Albany Cup 4.
- With the release of the latest Blood Bowl Errata & FAQ in late November and the change to how petty cash and inducements, the League Commission found the new ruling unworkable. In view of this, we have come up with a modification to the rules in the main rule book.
- After 4 seasons using the BB2020 rule set and listening to feedback from coaches, the MVP allocation system will be changed to match the BB2016 version, although MVP will still count for 4 star player points.
- The Prayers to Nuffle have been an interesting addition to the game, although their effectiveness is questionable. We have decided to allow teams to swap Prayers to Nuffle for additional winnings. This rule has been referred to as the Manassahian Heresy as the genesis of this rule came from the machinations of Tim Manassah.
- As announced in Season 12, this season sees the introduction of the Home Grown Talent, a unique star player available to all teams in Season 13.
- Norse teams will need to choose which Regional Special Rule they will use (Favoured of… OR Old World Classic), thus determining which inducements and star players they can use during the season. We have included a list of star players available based on which Regional Special Rule is chosen.

Please read through the players pack and feel free to ask any questions, remember there are no dumb questions – although we can’t say the same for some of the answers 😉.

- frostie
Dec. 13th, 2022 - old news
Team List and Star Player Updates
With the end of 2022 almost upon us and no further releases due from GW for the year, the WAFFL site has been updated with the new Amazon team roster and the Star Players from Amazon Spike journal and 2022 Almanac.
- frostie
Sep. 1st, 2022 - old news
Semi Arid Wasteland League
WAFFL would like to welcome the Semi Arid Wasteland League, located in Kalgoorlie.

Matt Hogan is the senior commissioner for the league and they are about to kick off their first season here on the WAFFL site.

EDIT: This league is based in Hogan's Hobbies in Kalgoorlie.

The empire grows - first Perth and Albany, then Bunbury and now Kalgoorlie!
- frostie
Jan. 20th, 2022 - old news
2022 Annual Registration Fee Due
2022 annual registration fee is due, all coaches who have not renewed their registration have had their account deactivated.

If you would like to reactivate your account please contact me via email - frosthammer73@hotmail.com
- frostie

WCL Season 13 Champion
BFL Season 2

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