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Apr. 27th, 2019
Horrors avoid Fisting
It was a hard fought game that went long into extra time, but the VHS have finally got a win on the board courtesy of a brace by Brogan and a brace of casualties by the great disease reader, E Bola.
(Speaking of Braces, Jim, I think Fistful will be in one for quite a while after that nasty injury).

The game started in typical fashion, with the VHS forgetting that the object of the game is to move the ball, leading to a predictable 0-1 score line at half time. This all but kept the Fists out of the finals, as they would need 3 second-half touchdowns to make up the TD difference.

After some initial fumbling, they managed to move the ball the length of the pitch - even if if did take the whole half to do it, with Brogan crossing the line in the dying seconds to tie the match up.

Kicking into extra time, they managed to pin the Fists to one sideline, and when the crowd obligingly kicked the ball to the back of a pack of Bloaters, they were able to start the move forward again.

It took until the 12th turn, but Brogan scored again the crowd erupted (although that may have been due to dodgy catering and too much time on the Bloodweiser!)
- Rant
Apr. 4th, 2019
Wood too stiff for VHS
The VHS' Beta season continued, after receiving a sound rogering by the Mourning Wood.

It looked like the game was off to the perfect start, with the Wood looking quite flaccid after their Treeman was seriously injured in round 1.

But the VHS were unable to contain star Wardancer Mitalanium, who kept popping up where not expected, and easily leaping past the VHS defenders, penetrating their line. He proved impossible to take down, scoring twice in the first half and once in the second half.

The Horror's front line were held at bay by the Wood's Journeymen, who steadfastly refused to get hurt, let alone die and allow the VHS to replenish its dwindling stock of Rotters.

The one piece of good news is that they finally managed a completion, which was even folllowed by a successful hand-off, but to no avail as debutant Pestigor Geier stumbled in a desperate but futile effort to reach the end zone as the refs called an end to yet another Horror Story.
- Rant
Feb. 24th, 2019 - old news
The Horror Story Continues
The VHS were never expected to win against the Kingsbane Broncos - and those expectations were well grounded.

After claiming first blood with Krigsman inflicting a casualty in Turn 3, the VHS lost control of the ball after Keighley and Payton both dropped short, accurate passes. With the ball sitting temptingly close to the centre line, the Broncos swooped, taking the ball, forcing Mercola into the crowd and and killing Keighley.

Lucky to only be down 1-0 going into the second half, disaster again struck with Tolly Glocklinger taken out in Turn 1, without moving any direction but straight into the dirt.

The Broncos were set up for their second TD by turn 3, but with the Rotters dropping, and no chance of getting close enough to put any pressure on the ball carrier, they preferred to keep on with the pounding.

The death of Payton and a serious injury to MVP McCarthy means the VHS go into round 5 with 1 point, no touchdowns, and a quarter of their original lineup pushing up weeds. (It couldn't be daffodils, could it?) Hopefully their ranks can be partly filled by some dead rat (ona stick??)
- Rant
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