Underland Browns

Race:  Underworld Denizens
Coach:  The Magister

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Feb. 10th, 2019
A tough start for the Browns
playing against the raining champions was bit overwhelming for the Browns and it didn't quite go to plan. with only 1 action for each of the first and second turn. first turn Kreek rustgouger managed to just move the Kroxigor, then both down which led to the turnover. the second turn saw Ratfield move to pick up the ball, but first game jitters was too much for him and he failed to pick it up. the game progressed as you would think with the super skink in and scored while the cas count was slowly building. had a chance when Gutrot threw one of the gobbo's but alas the scatter took him out of range of the endzone, Browns went into the half 2-0 down. the superskink was done for in the second half but the apoc made sure he was all good and right to get back into it. Skitter Stab Stab got to the ball and managed to throw it a gobbo who was standing in the endzone first score for the Browns as a unit. needless to say there wasn't much more for the Browns in the game. moving onto next week........
- The Magister
Jan. 31st, 2019
the team begins
The Magister a coach who was riding the wave of fortune with his former Skaven team, the Plaguelords, playing in a far off league where the team thought themselves better than they were, blaming The Magister for there fall out with the dice gods. once he was pushed out he roamed the lands looking for new blood and a new team. During a self finding mission whilst walking the dark of the underworld a goblin landed in front of him, looked at The Magister laughed maniacally and charged off. The Magister followed. there he saw it, a mighty troll and some goblins arguing and scrapping with some deranged Skaven not like his sewer dwelling ones, but ones with an even nastier streak. picking on the goblins who were trying to just get by them. the goblins not to be taken lightly had there troll friend fighting with them and when he wasn't fighting he was throwing his goblin buddies at the skaven. the fighting, dodging, the accuracy with which the rats were throwing the rocks at the troll trying to distract him from the fight oh and the improv, The Magister straight away new this had the makings of a new team. something different yet something natural. getting there attention was easy, he just waved some warpstone around. after spending a fair deal of time convincing them of the glory, the chanting of the crowds and the women, nothing seemed to work. then it occurred to him Gold and Warpstone. this was all it took.
the time training camp was spent breaking up fights and convincing them to work together. this took it's toll on The Magister, and he decided to utilize this and started to re-write the playbook, and so begins, Here come your Underland Browns
- The Magister
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