Sex Panther

Race:  Amazon
Coach:  Watto
Time to Bloodbowl up!

Their called Sex Panther, by Amazon, their illegal in 9 Old Worlds. They dress with bits of real Panther, so you know they are good. They're quite pungent.

They're formidable opponents, they'll sting their opponents.

They go like pure gasoline!

They've done studies on them. 60% of the time, they win every time!

Lets see if you can make this little kitty purr.

Sex Panther team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 21st, 2018 - NEW !!!
Sex is better when bloody
The Sex Panther have narrowly missed out on the unlikely Grand Final appearance after suffering an overtime loss to Redrum.

The Sex received first in the Sweltering Heat and made an immediate impact with some brutal hitting right from the start.

The Sex made a strong push down the field and decided that since they were starting to get the ascendancy with numbers, that they would try slow things down in the stifling weather.

Redrum however had other plans and forced the TD on the Sex, pushing them into the endzone.

From the next kick-off, the Sex still had more numbers as they fared in the heat better. Redrum however weren't to be deterred by the low numbers and kept pushing their luck to make moves happen for them and scored quickly to get back in the match.

The faster pace seemed to effect the Sex though as 4 players were effected by the heat before the next kick-off. This mixed with a poor dodge attempt meant that the Sex left the ball exposed and Redrum were able to get another TD before the half to lead 2-1.

Recovered from the heat, the Sex started the second half with more players and more enthusiasm, getting the Blitz and recovering the ball immediately.

There was a scrap for the ball early through the half where possession changed a few times, however with the attrition and good Standing Offence of the Sex, the numbers again swung in the favour of the Sex and they were able to secure the ball before running in the levelling score on the fulltime siren.

In overtime Redrum had a good Team Talk to get back some re-rolls, whilst the Sex's Endurance Training paid off with the 1 KO'd playering coming immediately back onto he pitch.

Redrum received in overtime and despite being low on numbers, pushed hard with the agile players to get the ball deep in the Sex's backfield.

The Sex turned Redrum over, but when it came time to try pick up the ball, another failed dodge meant the Sex didn't get the opportunity to move the ball further afield. A quick Save however meant that despite the turnover, a catcher could still get themselves close to the ball.

Redrum secured the ball again whilst the Sex again were able to dislodge the ball shortly after, however the ball was just too far out of reach.

A desperate Dirty Block was used to stop some Redrum players getting near the ball, but their agile players were able to keep their feet in all the mess and eventually skipped away for the winning TD.
- Watto
May 13th, 2018
Sex Drag(in)On with a Semi
The Sex Panthers were lucky to be in a position to play in the finals after not contesting their last round match, but felt fresh and were given a bag of cash to invite some well known stars to join them in their finals run against the Emerald Dragons.

The Sex invited both Morg 'n' Thorg and Helmut Wolff to join them and whilst Helmut was unable to have an impact of the match, Morg made sure that he was involved.

The Sex received first and were surprised to see that the Dragons had substituted the regulation ball and replaced it with Agrablag's Ball of Pain.

However with the first kick going for a touchback, it was not an issue for the Sex who were able to give the ball straight to Morg without issue of it hurting him.

The Sex looked to cage around Morg from the outset, however couldn't quite get it set up and were left with having Morg surfed into the crowd and the ball loose on the other side of the field.

It was the Dragons however who felt the pain of the ball as twice they failed to pick it up and risked the ball's wrath.

The Dragons eventually did pick the ball up though, however a fumbled pass ruined their chance of an otherwise certain TD. It was the Sex who picked up the ball without worry though and even got the pass away to distance themselves and stall a little longer.

The Dragons pace however meant that the Sex wouldn't just stroll in and still had to work for the first TD. The Sex made it count though and were able to get 1-0 lead just prior to halftime.

The Dragons had a play in mind though knowing they had a real speedster in their team and devised a play from a Quick Snap to get the speedster within range of the endzone. Once again though, the hopes of the Dragons were dashed with a fumbled pass.

In the second half the fans saw the reemergence of Morg. After spending some time off the field, Morg wanted to show everyone who was the best Bloodbowl player, pulling out the notorious Kingmaker Play to dance through the defence and secure the ball himself.

He was able to make some distance, however wasn't able to get that far away and left himself without support, once again finding himself in the crowd as a result. The ball did end up far downfield though ending in the Dragons endzone.

With half a length of the field to go to get the ball and the length of the field to score, the Dragons were quickly running out of time to equalise, whilst the Sex were able to slowly rein in the Dragons.

Once in range, the Sex were able to blitz the ball back and secure possession for themselves. With the Dragons down on numbers by this stage, the Sex scored their second TD and secured the upset win against one of the high flying teams of the season.

The Dragons weren't going to give up and looked to Go the Extra Mile to keep some respectability to the score line, however another fumbled pass ended the game.
- Watto
May 13th, 2018
Rots not temptimg for Sex
The Sex Panther have forfeited their final match for the regular season against the Pussrots.

In a scheduling conflict which worked in favour of the coaching staff for the Sex, the decision was made that despite a finals spot being on the line, the forfeit was the better result for the team.

Staff knew that they would not be in a sober state to adequately coach the team, and with the seriousness of injuries suffered throughout the season, the players would be better served to rest in case the finals actually came to fruition.

The fate of Sex is now in the hands of Nuffle himself. Surely the Gods don't hate Sex.
- Watto
May 13th, 2018
Panthers know Redrum means murder
The Sex Panthers have continued to spiral at the back end of the season after suffering a brutal 3-1 loss to Redrum.

Early in the match the Sex was staying as competitive as they could, but Redrum were removing a Sex player from the field each turn which meant they could only be valiant watching Redrum score first.

The Sex were able to recover though and sneak in a TD before the half ended to be level at halftime.

In the second half though it all fell apart for the Sex. They got near to scoring, however with numbers down, Redrum were able to stop them and score easily enough.

The Sex didn't give up though and with a possible draw in sight, the Sex pushed hard. However the early loses came back to haunt the Sex who again were unable to capitalise and finally conceded the TD that sealed the win for Redrum.
- Watto
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