Perth Coffin Cleaners

Race:  Necromantic Horror
Coach:  MrPopularity
Looking to wipe away their recently smeared public image, the Notorious Perth-based Coffin Cleaners Water Cycle Club, have dusted themselves off and are looking to clean up in winnings playing blood bowl.

Despite a tarnished history of not being afraid to get their hands dirty, this washed-up group of water cycle enthusiasts have scrubbed up nicely and is ready to mop the floor with the competition before they have to kick the bucket.

Perth Coffin Cleaners team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
HBL s2
Trophies won:

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WCL S6 Champions
KBBLS2 Champions
HBL 2018 Champions

Latest matches:
WCL Season 6, 3rd Place Final
  3    Merciless Misfits
  2    Pyramid Schemers

KBBL 03, Preliminary Final
  1    Queensland Cane T...
  2    Khorne Fried Chaos

  1    Rock Chewers
  0    Underland Browns

KBBL 03, Semi Final
  3    The Giddy Goats
  4    Parmelia Plague L...
KBBL 03, Semi Final
  1    Black Coarse Hairs
  2    Khorne Fried Chaos
KBBL 03, Semi Final
  2    Queensland Cane T...
  1    Murder Hobos
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