Lyonesse Lightning

Race:  Bretonnia
Coach:  Bloodlust

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Mar. 10th, 2019 - old news
Lightning Strikes Twice
The Lyonesse Lightning again faced off against the menace that is the dark elves. This time in the form of Lolth's Web.

The game was a nail biter, right down to the finish, with both teams receiving quite a few bruises and biffs. The crowd was just downright vicious! (Thankfully it was Round 2, and they were all too drunk to do any major damage).

Everyone held their breath as the last turn unfolded, a chance to equalise, but not to be. More team training clearly needed! (It does suck having only two rerolls on that team).

Poor Cyrus decided to lay down on the job and die! What can you expect from a measly peasant! (Funny fact - he was the first one dead in the movie too lol).

Riding high on victory, the team manager had to break the news that they were facing off against The Bane next. Yeah, the locker room went pretty quiet after that.

Cyrus's family, still owing a debt to their lord, gave up their next eldest son, also named Cyrus (not really but he doesn't deserve a new name until he gets some SPP!)

Hoping to whip up some team spirit New Cyrus said, "Hey guys, we can do it! Those high-hat, cow-loving stunties don't stand a chance!"

Suffice to say that many prayers of appeasement to Nuffle were made as the poor peasant was beaten to within an inch of his worthless life.

When interviewed, team captain Cleon said, "Hey man, I didn't do nuthin'!"
- Bloodlust
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