Karak Eight Pints

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Fanglord13

Dwarf logo
no custom team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
B*stard 7s: S1, B*stard 7s: S2
Trophies won:
Championship: B*stard 7s: S2
2nd place: B*stard 7s: S1
B7s Team: B*stard 7s: S1, B*stard 7s: S2





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WCL Champions
B*stard 7s: S2 Champion
WAFFL Open 2 Champs
Chaos Cup: S1

Latest bulletins:
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Latest matches:
KBBL 2017 S1, Round 2 Play Off Finals
  3    Ratastrophic Fail...
  2    Point Peron Hydras

WCL: Season 2, Eight
  2    Rattsburgh Rippers
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WCL: Season 2, Quarter Finals
  4    Fabulous Furry Fr...
  0    Tropic Thunders

KBBL 2017 S1, Round 2 Play Off Finals
  2    Hell'Eh Rams
  0    Baedfjord Blazers
KBBL 2017 S1, Round 2 Play Off Finals
  0    Grissenwald Wolves
  2    Thanquol's Thunder
KBBL 2017 S1, Round 2 Play Off Finals
  0    Altdorf Apocalypse
  2    Gordrakks Gitz
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