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Sep. 8th, 2019 - old news
Flings Rolled in Unholy manner
The Highland Flings had their fans in stitches at the brutality their team suffered at the hands of the Unholy Rollers as the Flings failed to do anything of note, rarely even a dodge in their 2-0 loss.

The Rollers received first and quickly showed they meant business with the first 4 flings blocked being either Badly Hurt or Knocked Out.

By half way through the half their were 8 players off the pitch before the Rollers decided to score. From there, the Flings still failed to make any impact on the game, struggling to hold the ball.

The second half saw the Flings still try be competitive in the match, but again the Rollers were clinical and turned them over in short order before scoring with an eye to give themselves time for a 3rd TD.

The Rollers managed to turn the Flings over easily again as the game drew to a close, but the temptation to foul was much more powerful, but the referee was awake to it this time and saw the action, calling an end to the game as the Treeman was rolled off the pitch.
- Watto
Sep. 1st, 2019 - old news
Highlands make their own Horror Stories
The Highland Flings have again come up agonisingly short of victory in their latest game against the Vaccine Horror Stories, finishing the game 1-1.

The Flings started the game by receiving and got themselves into a good position quickly where they could turn the war of attrition against VHS and start to thin out their opponents whilst waiting near the goal line to score. Both Deeproot Strongbranch and Rumblelow Sheepskin having a field day knocking opponents to the ground.

Despite one Pestigor getting Up Like A Shot, VHS just couldn't knock the Flings down enough to get rid of them enough. Although when they did manage to get a fling down, they were brutally efficient in hurting them.

Leading by 1-0 at half time, the Flings entered the second half with a numbers advantage, but VHS kept up their brutal efficiency and started to remove flings at will.

Midway through the half though, Deeproot Strongbranch saw an opportunity to make a Kingmaker Play and blitzed to collect the ball himself. Whilst not completely alone, he was still a little isolated and the Beast of Nurgle was able to Blitz and knock Deeproot down, freeing the ball.

Slowly VHS were able to make a bit of a break, but not fast enough to be completely safe. And they were blitzed and left without the ball. Though by now they had enough numbers to really, blitz the ball free and sneak in for a TD to level the score.

With moments left on the clock, a very shallow kick saw a Fling use his Catcher's Instincts to deliberately fumble the ball for a touchback which gave the Flings a great opportunity to throw a teammate downfield. And with a successful through and landing a winning TD was in site, until a sure footed catcher found himself too excited to keep himself from tripping up and Stunning himself to leave the game all locked up.
- Watto
Aug. 17th, 2019 - old news
Highland not the best place to make Wine
The Highland Flings have been on the receiving end of a brutal affair with the drunken ladies from the Catalina Wine Mixers. Whilst they managed a draw, 4 players were killed through the match, 2 from each team.

The Flings received first and after the Halfling Master Chef made a decent meal that got the Mixers attention, they still struggled to handle the ball again.

When the crowd decided to Get The Ref from the first kick-off, the Flings knew they should take advantage, fouling and Badly Hurting an opponent right from the start.

But the Mixers made sure they didn't stay low on numbers too long, bashing hard and whilst they couldn't secure the ball themselves so both teams went into the half at nil all.

In the second half, the Mixers remembered the old adage the eating is cheating, so no rerolls were taken. However with them so intent on drinking, the Flings were able to Blitz from the kick-off, getting themselves down near the ball. From here they were able to sneak through and score a TD to get ahead early in the second half.

However with numbers dwindling and the Mixers upset, it became a struggle for the Flings to hold out the Mixers and eventually the Mixers got downfield and scored the levelling TD.

From the next kick-off the ball went just deep enough and with 5 players on the pitch, the Flings couldn't pick up the ball and be in a position to try for a OTTD for the unexpected win, so settled for a draw.
- Watto
Aug. 17th, 2019 - old news
Receivers get Crushed in Highland
The Highland Flings have unfortunately fallen short in overtime against the much more fancied Kaiju Crushers after finishing regular time at 1 all.

It was the Fling that received in the first half and really struggled to do much with the ball, eventually falling well short of their intention to score, instead struggling to control the ball and being scored against by the Crushers.

In the second half with still some comparable numbers it was them that were able to turn the Crushers over and score themselves to level the game. From there they were able to hold on long enough to keep the scores level.

With decent numbers still and some rerolls up their sleeves, the Fling felt like overtime was worth it to see if they could secure their first win.

The Fling received and pushed hard to one edge, which sucked all of the Crushers over as well. With a swing in mind, the Fling unfortunately failed the hand-off which would have put them in a close position to win the game. From their, the curse of receiving the kick-off continued and it was the Crushers who started hitting harder, who found themselves in position to collect the ball and score easily for the eventual win.
- Watto
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