The Empire Strikes Out

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Skimmer

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Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 2nd, 2019
Once again the Empire takes the field
Yesterday the Imperial team for KBBL undertook its first official training period. After retiring, as it was clearly unreasonable to potential opponents for him to take the field, Lord Vader took his rightful place at His Imperial Majesty's side as an assistant to watch over the session, watching like many a proud father as the Princess took part for a bit of fun.

Sadly, while our valiant boys in white were undertaking their skilled drills, a group of young women became enamoured, unable to overcome their baser urges faced with such paragons, and threw themselves at the fine figures of men.

Fortunately, Imperial troops are familiar with such adoration and were able to comfortably calm the ladies, although as is their way several of them required smelling salts after swooning, with one even knocking herself out on the highly protective carapace issued to all stormtroopers.

One member of the team was also unaccounted for briefly after the drills, and was eventually discovered under several of the eager ladies, saying something about 'having enough Snu-Snu for now', apparently something in the local dialect.

In the chaos the team's training was somewhat interrupted, but nonetheless they were able to complete two drills and set themselves up for a good league to come.

This statement is the inescapable truth, brought to you by the Imperial Citizens Information Bureau. Citizens are reminded that disbelief is punishable by death.
- Skimmer
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