Dreadnoughts of Doom

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  leestark
Led by the fiercely proud Baron von Doom, the Dreadnoughts of Doom have left behind their days a s a chaos war-band and instead have turned their attention to fomenting disorder on the Blood Bowl pitch!

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Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 25th, 2018 - old news
Doom tramples N-NW!
... but it wasn’t much of a conversion on the casualties.

First half saw 8 Norse off the pitch but only one badly hurt due to an untied bootlace while attempting a dodge. The game ground back and forth with neither team really gaining the upper hand and it was only by hanging on for grim death that DoD won 1-0.
- leestark
Jan. 8th, 2018 - old news
Dreadnoughts of Doom are here!
The Dreadnoughts of Doom! Once a feared war-band ravaging the lands from Kislev to the Border Princes, have now turned their marauding to the more lucrative pursuit if Blood Bowl!

Hearing about the prestigious KRAGS Blood Bowl League, the Dreadnoughts of Doom look forward to bringing their worship of Chaos Undivided to the pitch!
- leestark
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HBL 2018
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WCL: S3 Champions
KBBL 2017 Champs!

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