Da Klan of Kliffhangahz

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Brookesy

1. Coach "Rex" Brookesy is boss. Da only boss.

2. If dem squishies be standing, kill 'em.

3. If dem squishies not standing, kill 'em sneaky like, with your boot...

4. When bribing, be charming like and say "Oi - howz 'bout I break all yur teef?"

5. The spiky round fing is a b-a-l-l. Dunna worry 'bout it, it's a cunnin' Elf plan to make yoo not be squishin.

6. Hit Snortrokk with da finkin stikk if he starts eatin' stones, grots n stuff.

7. If yoo gets hurt n aren't smart nuff to die, off to da Hut for ya!

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Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 16th, 2018
Yes it was good to be back thought Coach Rex.

Sure the result was what some called (and died for it) a bad loss, but they were of course mistaken.

Long term thinker and brainiac that he is, Rex had anticipated this and ensured that the team would get all the protein from mashed frog legs in round 2, the perfect thing to rejuvenate the senses.
- Brookesy
Jan. 10th, 2018
Coach Rex has been seeing nothing but red lately.

Emerging from a drunken stupor induced since the win of DKOK in WCL season 1 (and to forget that other team... FFS...) he has since paraded the return of DKOK to the WCLVille only to find, lo and behold, that people did not fling themselves at his feet.

Nay, they even addressed DKOK as, can you believe it, 'Runner's Up'.

Despicable that the media and commission should support such corruption and tom-foolery, clearly the only way to proceed is to unleash FIRE and FURY on all opponents!
- Brookesy
July 5th, 2017 - old news
Coach Rex emerged from his drunken stupor of victory today to greet a mass of die hard fans. It seems that some non believers think that the Raiders actually won the grand final, that one of the Black Orcs actually perished in the game that ended without DKOK ever crossing the finish line, but the Great Overlord Rex Brookesy knows best.

"Fake news!" he preached next to a larger than life, ego sized statue of himself in full glory, "It's everywhere! You must be careful what you read, what you think, what you hear because it could all be fake too. The only way to be sure is to listen to my voice and my voice alone..."

Conspiracy theorists were quick to highlight flaws in this story, but they were drowned out by the roar of chainsaws and gnashing of fangs.

"Your champions however need time to recoup, to allow others to spread their wings under their keen guidance. So I give you DKOK fans your new favourite team: FFS... what are they called... Ah yes, Fingot's Fingerlicking Squibs!"
- Brookesy
June 19th, 2017 - old news
Baffled Brookesy Reviews Raiders
A sizeable crowd gathered around the media mogul as he explained his bewilderment that the Man-Terror Raiders were not only in the grand final but also favourites to boot.

"The Raiders themselves are flimsy. Too weak to knock down a grot. Look at em, all skin n bone! Not like da Orcs! Big meaty killing machines clad in armour from dead enemies. And people still think the Raiders will win?"

One reporter, braver than most, asked "But the Raiders have only conceded two touchdowns all season? None in the last 5 games."

"Won't mean a thing - you'll see. Stats, and records, none of it matters when it's time to kickoff. Besides, those teams weren't green skins" he closed.

Then at that a flick of a finger later and an assortment of squigs chased the reporters off the kliff.
- Brookesy
Tournaments played:
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W.C.L.: S3
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2nd place: W.C.L.



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