Dental Plan

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Twalenzyk
We don't much care for our own teeth yet alone anyone else's. Be prepared for a good Ol' fashioned face bashing as we steamroll our way to your end zone.

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Sep. 14th, 2019 - old news
Scraping a win from defeat
1 Avalean Avengers
2 Dental Plan

A glorious day for BB with traditional rivals the orcs and humans coming together on this sunny day to muscle it out for glory. The avengers had over 600k in inducements which went towards Zug, another apoth, a wizard and a bribe among other things.

Dental plan won the toss and chose to receive, however a short kick and a blitz ment the humans were able to infiltrate the orc half and surround the ball. The orcs managed to push their way through and regain possession to get the ball deep into the human half.

The humans second turn opened with a lightning bolt landing on my prized speed freak blitzer who was only 2 squares away from the TD line. The strike knocked his socks off so bad that he needed to recover for a bit in the KO box, the ball was recovered by the humans but not before the ogre who would later MVP the match gave a niggling injury to a black orc. At the time I played it cautious being T2 thought not to use my apoth since I have a couple other players Iíd rather save given that there was 14 more turns to play.

Between turns 3-6 both teams scrambled and scrapped for the ball with each team trying to make completions in the blinding sun with only one successful pass for each team with a total of 5 throws being attempted. The plan was solid for both sides as each team scrummed for the ball on one side of the pitch getting the ball to the opposing sideline would have almost guaranteed a break away run for a TD.

The heat must have gotten to Zug who for some reason decided to lay a boot into a prone orc on T7 only to be spotted by the ref injuring his victim and Ross failing his bribe attempt.

The second half opened with both orc star blitzers KOd, a lineman caught cheating and of course the crippled black orc out of action. Humans had a 11-9 man advantage on the pitch.

The game continued as a slow grind but the humans quickly gaining a numbers advantage. By T12 a very confident human coach decided to go for the touchdown when bashing the remaining orcs to dust and strolling over the TD line on the last turn my well have been the safer play.

The last 4 turns of the game show exactly why the apoth is reserved for the cream of the team, as both all star blitzers managed to shake off their concussions to rejoin their depleted team mates who are now facing 11 humans to their 8.

It took 2 turns for the A team to team up and run the ball over the TD line for the equaliser.
T15 and the orcs kick deep to the human end zone for the ball to drift back to within 5 squares of the LoS, when the orcs grabbed a second gear to blitz the ball. Every orc did their best to tie up as many humans with tackle zones as they could, even the precious thrower threw himself up against a blitzer. My speedy blitzer who was out on the wing on the halfway line hoping to take advantage of a fumbled ball because the humans had run out of rerolls early in the 2nd half and their thrower was killed in the first half, is now blitzing through his opponent to dodge out of his second opponents tackle zone to run up the field to catch the wayward kick. He was only 8 squares from victory but my opponent had 2 turns worth of 2 dice blocks and players to put into road block positions to stop that from happening.

By some miracle the reminders of my team managed to keep the majority of the humans locked in scrums while 2 brave catchers and a lineman tried to bring my blitzer down. 4 push results later and the tough as nails blitzer was still on his feet and 5 squares away from victory, however he was pinned against the sidelines by a lineman and catcher. Smelling victory a blitzer back near the LoS managed to curb his desire to smash face and dodge away from 2 opponents to support his mate so the ball carrier could single dice the lineman who promptly got removed from the field to allow the speedy blitzer to run around to catcher for a single gfi over the touchdown line. Needless to say when the jackass rolled a 1 tensions grew as I used my last reroll to ensure he got over the line after the epic 2 turns of hanging onto the ball for dear life.

It was a great game and while Iím glad for the win Iím going into my next match missing some much needed fire power.
- Twalenzyk
Sep. 14th, 2019 - old news
Letís make this happen
So after every intention to give match reports in the first season and then not even thinking about it for the second I will endeavour to try write up at least something for each round of HBLs season 3.
- Twalenzyk
Tournaments played:
HBL 2018, HBL s2, HBL s3
Trophies won:
2nd place: HBL 2018


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