Result of SOS: S1

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  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  SOS Champion   Suplex City Conquerors  Human
  SOS Red Banner   Southshore Raiders  Orc
  SOS Red Banner   Dagobah Saints  Tomb Kings
  SOS Green Banner   Grass Stains  Elven Union
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  SOS MVP Award     Zandro  Elf Catcher
Grass Stains
  SOS Skyspirit Trophy     Reptar  Saurus Blocker
Trojan Geckos
  SOS Skyspirit Trophy     Vegeta  Tomb Guardians
Dagobah Saints
  SOS Skyspirit Trophy     Sawney Bean  Orc Blitzer
Highland Tossers
  SOS Skyspirit Trophy     Blackhand the Destroyer  Black Orc Blocker
Southshore Raiders
  SOS Skyspirit Trophy     Chrono  Mummy
Sixteen Bits
  SOS Styles Award     AJ Styles  Human Catcher
Suplex City Conquerors
  SOS Archy´s Trophy     Dolph Ziggler  Human Thrower
Suplex City Conquerors

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