KBBL 04 is planned to begin 28th of February 2020

16 participating teams so far...
Badge Team Race Coach    
Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream Nurgle Watto    
CrocBlockers Lizardman Wolfey351    
Elegant Lunatic Frenchmen Elven Union SubHades    
Halfpot Heroes Halfling Hopefuls Hakon    
Khorne Fried Chaos Chaos Chosen Monty    
Kroxigor'd Lizardman September    
No Elves Chaos Renegades ShubNigurath    
Point Peron Hydras Dark Elf DaBlackSkull    
Ratastrophic Failure Skaven Durzas    
Snot Punters Ogre 3po131    
Stumped Dwarf Primusltm    
The Empire Strikes Out Orc Skimmer    
The Giddy Goats Chaos Chosen Grogan    
Tzeentch Lightning Chaos Chosen maxwellhauser    
West Coast Banshees Shambling Undead ArtlessV    
Whadjuk Wraiths High Elf frostie    

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Latest bulletins:
Kingsbane Broncos
Broncos show Lions true pride
Kingsbane Broncos
Broncos leave their own Trail of Dead
Latest matches:
WCL S7, Four
  3    Nuffle Hate Group
  0    Asgard Patriots
WCL S7, Three
  0    Batting Off
  2    Praag Brass Band ...
WCL S7, Four
  3    Kingsbane Broncos
  1    Chrace Lions
WCL S7, Three
  0    Asgard Patriots
  2    Deadrot Lions
WCL S7, Three
  1    Vaccine Horror St...
  0    Cunning Stunts
WCL S7, Three
  1    Dreadsaurians
  0    Blood Suns
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