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Dec. 8th, 2016
Land leaves Khorne Barren
The Time Before Land have given themselves a good chance of making the finals by securing a hard fought victory over the struggling Khornators.

TBL started the match receiving the ball and were immediately rewarded with some Brilliant Coaching. With some extra security built into their game plan now, TBL went about securing the ball. It was difficult early on though with the Khornators putting pressure on the ball and ball carriers and reducing the numbers of TBL players on the pitch with relative ease.

TBL persevered though and despite having a lightning bolt shot at their star Skink, they were able to get a TD against the Khornators late in the first half which reduced their time to try equalise.

With a Blitz from the next kick-off, TBL were able to halt the progress of the Khornators before the even looked to threaten the score board.

In the second half TBL were again able to slow the progress of the Khornators and forced them into a mistake when they tried to dodge themselves clear. TBL were able to recover the spilt ball, but initially struggled to halt the Khornators before finding some breathing space to delay the game sealing TD.

The Khornators never gave up though and pressured TBL right until the end, however it wasn't sufficient to stop TBL from taking a 2-0 lead despite causing a number of casualty and having a decent numbers advantage by the end of the match.

With time completely against them, the final kick-off saw the Khornators try to cause more casualties, but they had nil success and TBL left the match without any further worries.

TBL will now play the top 2 placed teams through the season to this point still likely requiring a win from one of those games to secure a finals spot.
- Watto
Nov. 29th, 2016
No such thing as Down Time
The Time Before Land have managed to get there season back on track after their last showing in a game against the other Orc team in the Chaos Cup, Black Orc Down.

TBL elected to receive the Kick-off first despite the Pouring Rain. They were able to successfully push down the field and even managed to Badly Hurt the Goblin before he got his boots ready for kicking heads. It was about halfway through the drive though when the coach noticed that one of the Skinks had stayed hiding in the dressing room and not playing on the field, so TBL were playing a player down.

This seemed to be a continuing trend for TBL from that point as at least on player was either injured or Knocked Out from that point on. TBL were still able to get a go ahead score though.

From the next kick-off though it looked to be another long night for TBL as all the Saurus on the Line of Scrimmage were either injured or KO'd to leave TBL 4 players down for that drive with a Saurus already KO's from the previous drive.

Fortunately for TBL, Black Orc Down struggled to handle the ball, despite the Pouring Rain abating and nice weather returning to the pitch. Due to their inability to hold the ball, TBL were able to lead 1-0 at halftime.

In the second half following a Riot, TBL again lost at least one Saurus from the Line of Scrimmage, but again were fortunate to see the Black Orc Down players struggle to hold the ball.

From this point the TBL skinks were able to perform at their sneaky best and pick-up the loose ball and get it down field nearly out of reach of any Black Orc Down players.

When the Black Orc Down players failed on a block pretty quickly in the next play, TBL were able to streak away further out of reach to gain an almost unreachable lead of 2-0.

Black Orc Down weren't giving up though and persisted with trying to at least gain a draw. Their dominance at the Line of Scrimmage was again obvious as they at least Knocked Out another Saurus with the Line of Scrimmage proving to be a very dangerous place for TBL players through the match.

The inability to hold the ball was obvious again as the Black Orc Down players fell over just short of the endzone. TBL thought they'd try their luck and see if they could get a long range TD off, however when they tried to pickup they ball which they had covered well it bounced loose to be in the open and finally a Black Orc Down player besides their Thrower was able to do something successfully with the ball.

With no time left, TBL were able to secure the 2-1 win against the odds due to always being down numbers on the pitch and kept themselves in the frame for a Playoff spot.
- Watto
Nov. 16th, 2016
Time struggles in the South Land
The Time Before Land have struggled numerous times in the Chaos Cup season and once again struggled to fall to their first defeat in a tough contest against the South Perth Morcs.

TBL were caught by surprise early when the Morcs Blitzed right of the kick-off. This clearly showed when TBL started to make uncharacteristic mistakes. This lead to a really stunted drive by TBL and as a result they were turned over and unable to score in the first half.

With the scores level at half time, TBL persisted with an offensive style of play despite being short on numbers and making mistakes at crucial times.

This was most evident when TBL did create a turnover but failed to gather the ball which may have given them a strong chance to score.

This one mistake lead to further breakdown though as the Morcs were able to settle in for an easy TD to take an unattainable lead with mere moments left in the game.

To add insult to injury, the Morcs were again able to Blitz TBL from the final kick-off which stopped any further chance of TBL being able to get back in the game.
- Watto
Oct. 13th, 2016
Terror Time is over
The Time Before Land have continued their undefeated start to the season with a win over the last of the Stunty teams they will play for the regular season of the Chaos Cup after securing a 2-0 win over the Tiki Terrors.

The game started with TBL receiving the ball. TBL are well aware of the Terrors reputation for trying to hurt their opponents by whatever means necessary, especially fouling.

TBL had their own plan to combat this, besides trying to remove as many of the Terror players as possible. TBL went about keeping their players safe by making the ball at least a little tempting for the Terrors to get to which meant they would commit more players there, leaving less players to do any hurting.

The plan was successful in general with no players taking any serious injuries after the apothecary successfully nursed Petrie back to health.

TBL did however have to try harder to score though as they were continually trying to retrieve the ball back. Once Petrie went off in the first half, TBL were unable to pick up the ball in the first half and went into half time at 0-0.

In the second half TBL benefited from a Blitz which allowed them to get into the backfield and a chance of getting to the ball. With the deeper presence on the pitch TBL were able to pressure the Terrors enough to see them fail to pick up the ball multiple times. This allowed them the opportunity to get the ball themselves and score.

With a 1-0 lead TBL went about slowing down the Terrors next effort. Through the next drive they stopped Terrors from being able to equalise and were able to get a last minute TD themselves to win the game 2-0.

Once again the Minotaur did not make an appearance through this game.
- Watto
Sep. 25th, 2016
No Time for Disasters
The Time Before Land have struggled their way to another victory in the Chaos Cup after putting in a less than satisfactory performance against the Natural Disasters.

It was the Disasters who received first and due to some strong blocking through their first drive, they were able to knock-out and injury a few of the TBL players and score first.

TBL managed to get a few players back though and despite seemingly having the strength advantage, they were unable to really hurt the Disasters, but were able to an equaliser before the siren.

In the second half TBL spent their time trying to wind down the clock. This nearly cost them late though with a determined Blitz knocking the ball free. TBL were able to recover though and get the ball back to go ahead 2-1 with just enough time left for the Disasters to level up if they were good enough.

With a Touchback coming from the next kick-off, TBL were able to stop the Disasters last ditch effort due to the Ogres finally going Bone-headed more than they did through the match.

Next up for TBL is the last stunty team before they run the Orc gauntlet.
- Watto
Sep. 7th, 2016
Time to Scheme is close
The Time Before Land found themselves in a desperate game as big underdogs against a far stronger team in the Pyramid Schemers.

TBL were first to receive and it played out as an advantage for them. TBL were able to use their speed to sneak through the Schemers defence and gain an early lead.

The tides turned quickly against TBL from there though with the Schemers finding a way to make their hits very effective against them. TBL were losing numbers at a quick rate and were unable to stop the Schemers from levelling the score at half time.

The Schemers were in the box seat to be able to drag the game out and hold onto the ball until the dying minutes to get the 2-1 win, but either the coach being impatient or the constant attempts by skinks to knock the ball free, the Schemers decided to score with about half of the second half to go.

TBL still had enough skinks able to run onto the field when they received, this allowed TBL to create a small break in the Schemers defensive line. From here it was time to put on the afterburners to create as much distance as possible. TBL were able to keep the ball in hand long enough to have their chance at scoring and level the game.

With only moments left in the game, the Schemers lack of speed once again hurt them but not allowing them a chance to get in range for a winning TD.

TBL escaped with a lucky result to stay at towards the top of the league.
- Watto
Aug. 4th, 2016
Time Before Madness
The Time Before Land have kicked off the Chaos Cup season in a fairly low key match against the Gipfel Gluttons.

TBL had a very disappointing crowd turn out for them with only a fifth of the total fans the Gluttons attracted, this didn't deter the players though who are all rookies and have never really played in front of a crowd anyway.

TBL received first in this match and decided that speed was their best asset, which is what they went about exploiting against the Gluttons.

TBL's coaching staff was keen to see them do as much punishment to the little Gluttons as much as possible. Unfortunately the players were unable to really break armour too often. TBL stuck to their game plan of using speed though, and were able to score before halfway through the first half.

From here the Gluttons themselves tried to bash their way through TBL, generally picking on the Skinks in order to move the ball down field. TBL were able to weather the storm though and stopped the Gluttons from scoring, but were unable to take an opportunity to score themselves again before halftime.

With a 1-0 in the second half and the Gluttons receiving, the game played out much the same to the first half with the Gluttons trying to bash their way forward against TBL.

However TBL were able to find a gap in the cage of the Gluttons and were able to free the ball up. Once the ball was free, TBL hustled their was down field before camping at a safe distance to draw the game to a close with a TD scored late and a 2-0 win result for TBL.
- Watto
Time Before Land
Race:  Lizardman
Coach:  Watto

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