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Apr. 24th, 2016
Blood flows for the Throne
The Thane of Thrones showed they were the dominant Dwarf team of the Boreal Plate league when they meet their brethren, the Blood Forge Death Dealers.

In miserable conditions that last the whole match, the Thanes showed they were more capable in Pouring Rain.

The Thrones looked like maybe they were going to pay at the hands of the crowd when they sent a few players close to the sideline, but with a friendly crowd, it was baiting that worked well for the Thanes.

Due to being unable to pick up the ball after e few attempts, the Dealers Runner raced up close to his own team mates. Unfortunately this is where the Thanes also had a large group of players and were able to punch through and knock the ball free.

Once free, Theon Greyjoy showed he is more than capable as a ball handler as well, picking up the ball in the Pouring Rain before running away to score and put the Thanes ahead.

The second half wasn't shaping up well for the Dealers though as they were already 2 players down. They did however believe they had a winning move to put on the Thanes with some Perfect Defence, however the Thanes handled this move well and corralled the Dealers to one side whilst dashing down the other side to score a second TD, but not before injuring another 2 Dealers.

In the last moments of the game, the Thanes continued to pressure the Dealers. Injuring another Dealer and streaming down field to try and get their hands on the ball.

Unfortunately for the Thanes, they were unable to handle the ball one final time in the wet and were unable to get one more TD and had to settle with a 2-0 win.

Leading the race to the Iron Throne is now Cersei Lannister.
- Watto
Mar. 28th, 2016
Maydenz share the Throne
Thane of Thrones has had a hard fought and lucky to survive draw against Mork's Maydenz in a game that finished 1-1.

The Thanes started the better turning over the Maydenz and causing casualties to get a touch down in the middle of the first half.

With a bit of confidence, the Thanes kicked off again to the Maydenz. It was shaping well for the Thanes to turn over the Maydenz again, unfortunately just one poorly performed block gave the Maydenz an opening which they took advantage of and equalised by half time.

The second half shaped poorly for the Thanes as well, with the incoming Pouring Rain and unlucky bounce putting the ball in a bad position for the Thanes.

When the Thanes had their one opportunity to try pick up the ball, they were unsuccessful and the ball bounced around into the Maydenz backfield.

From here the Thanes were able to pressure and slow the Maydenz a little, but were unable to stop them from making an eventual break.

Luckily from here, the Maydenz were unable to completely evade the Thanes and failed to score at the death to win the match.

After their second match, Jon 'The Bastard' Snow is still leading the race to be the King.
- Watto
Mar. 15th, 2016
SO which Thane will take the Throne
The Thane of Thrones have started the search for their next King with a match against SO2.

The Thanes played exactly as would be expected with such a prize on the line.

The Thanes received the kick-off and made an impact straight away causing Casualties and KO's on a regular basis through the first half.

The Thanes didn't let up through the first half either, making sure they punished SO2 as much as they could before scoring at the end of the first half.

The second half worked out in a very similar fashion for the Thanes also, with more pain being dealt out and the Thanes reducing the number of players from SO2 on the pitch.

With a little patience, the Thanes were able to turn SO2 over and again went about dealing out pain before scoring on the siren to win the game 2-0.

After game one, the leading contender to become King is Jon 'The Bastard' Snow.
- Watto
Thane of Thrones
Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Watto

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