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Apr. 10th, 2017
RATS start to Grimaz
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens chances of defending the title has taken another blow after coping another beating from a Dwarf team, this time in the form of Grimaz 1064.

The RATS went into the game with very few numbers in comparison to the Grimaz. They must have been feeling intimidated as well because they were making many uncharacteristic mistakes.

Whilst the RATS were the first to score, they continually struggled to slow the Grimaz down and prevent them from scoring.

In the first half the uncharacteristic mistakes kept coming from the RATS and they couldn't keep up with the Grimaz on the scoreboard.

In the second half the performance from the RATS started to improve, but they still couldn't bridge the gap from the first half and they suffered their second defeat of the season losing 5-3.
- Watto
Mar. 19th, 2017
RATS have streak Karaked
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have had their undefeated winning streak broken by arch-rivals, the Karak Eight-Pints.

The RATS were really feeling the pressure in this game going in with only 4 players due to a brutal first round game.

The RATS however new that with their speed they could keep it competitive as long as they could keep themselves on the pitch.

With the assistance of some a Bloodweiser Babe and some Wandering Apoths, the RATS were successful in keeping themselves on the field.

The main undoing point for the RATS however was the inattention at setting up at a kick-off. They put themselves in a bad position and didn't give themselves a chance to make a gap.

The missed opportunity gave the Eight-Pints the opportunity to move ahead by a TD, which combined with the first opportunity to score in the second half, gave them the opening to secure a 2 TD lead and hold it for the rest of the match.

Ahead for the RATS is another game against an angry Dwarf team.
- Watto
Jan. 31st, 2017
RATS feel the Stars
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have managed to get off to a winning start to their title defence and equal the record for most wins in a row, but will probably struggle to actually defend their title, let alone make the grand final after suffering a thorough beating from the Chaos No Stars.

With 2 players killed and another to miss the next game, the RATS have an uphill battle against to experienced Dwarf teams in their next 2 matches. With no access to journeymen, mercenaries or stars, they will only be able to field 4 players.

The RATS were able to show their superior skills with the ball though through the match, scoring twice through the first half and turning over the No Stars even when down on numbers.

Whilst not able to shut the No Stars out, they were able to again score in the second half to win the match 3-1.
- Watto
Jan. 21st, 2016
RATS Karak the Championship
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens lined up against the round 2 opponents, Karak Eight Pints for the inaugural WAFFL B*stard 7s Grand Final.

The 2 coaches for these teams have a storied history competing often for major titles, so it was little surprise they were to meet again, and the RATS were hoping they could repeat their round 2 performance and get a win.

The match started with Karak receiving the kick-off, and trying to do what Dwarfs love to do, bash their opponents out of the game. Unfortunately it was the new Rat Orge on the RATS team that was on an Ego Trip who did the bashing.

From here the RATS managed to turn over Karak and effectively held them off whilst they waited until the end of the half to score and lead 1-0 at the half.

Immediately to begin the second half the RATS went for the quick OTTD to get to a 2-0 lead with a mind to hold their lead from here.

Karak finally managed to keep hold of the ball in their next drive to get the score to 2-1.

The RATS immediately went about scoring another OTTD to take the lead out 3-1. For the last drive the RATS again turned over Karak to take the game to 4-1 to finish.

RATS have now become the inaugural B*stard 7s Champions.
- Watto
Jan. 21st, 2016
Yeo-Men: give RATS a free pass
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have unfortunately not been able to play their hotly anticipated Semi Final against the Yangebup Yeomen due to scheduling difficulties.

As a result, the Yeomen graciously gave up their chance to play in the inaugural Grand Final via a forfeit to the RATS.

The RATS now prepare for the Grand Final against a tough preliminary round opponent, Karak Eight Pints.
- Watto
Oct. 2nd, 2015
RATS feel the brunt of the Giants
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens lined up for the final regular season game against the New Guinea Giants and managed to keep their perfect streak in tact.

The RATS had to earn their win though. The early play from the RATS was to score as soon as possible, and when the crowd decide a rock was destined for Scratcher, the RATS though scoring was the smartest move.

The following turn saw an unexpected outcome of a Treeman, which had been bashing any RATS nearby out of the game, pick up a scattering ball and setting off down field.

With a big brute holding the ball, and numerous RATS already licking their wounds, the RATS were unable to stop the drive of SheTree, and soon the Giants had levelled up.

Straight after the half the RATS went about getting themselves ahead again.

The Giants decided they couldn't waste time either, and they threw a Halfling down field to even the score.

The RATS decided from here that they need to try run the clock down a bit. The Giants didn't appreciate this though and went about in a determined manner to turnover the ball. And whilst they were able to spill the ball free, they weren't able to promote it, the RATS then stopped messing about and scored to get ahead, leaving the Giants with 1 chance to level up.

Unfortunately for the Giants they were unable to pull of the final play and the RATS ended the game 3-2 winners.
- Watto
Oct. 2nd, 2015
RATS avoid Decimation
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have managed to avoid too much pain in their most recent match against the new comers to the league, the Death Squad Decimators.

In a tough back and forth game, the early stages proved hard for either team to establish themselves as the dominant team.

The RATS managed to score first, but were unable to stop the Decimators from equaling.

The RATS managed to get ahead again, only to see the Decimators keep pace.

The RATS also struggled to keep players on the pitch due to their inferior strength, but there determination and cunning kept them in the contest.

In the second half the RATS were able to cause a number of turnovers which let them skip out to a 4-2 lead, meanwhile the Decimators kept bashing away.

As the match came to an end, the RATS found the lack of numbers too much to bear and allowed another TD against.

Luckily they had established a lead earlier and were able to finish the game 4-3.
- Watto
Aug. 2nd, 2015
RATS Karak a Pint for themselves
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens found themselves up against a stern test for Round 2 of the first season against the other division favourites, Karak Eight Pints.

The RATS struggled to stop the Pints from scoring first, but steeled themselves from there to get back into the contest.

The RATS managed to even the score quickly, and Killed the Troll Slayer along the way.

With confidence growing, the RATS turned over the Pints from the next kick-off, but were unable to take advantage and score before the half due to handling problems.

The RATS kept up with the confidence though and managed to break through and score quickly in the second half.

With a numbers advantage growing, the RATS were able to turn the Pints over and scored right on the siren to seal a solid 3-1 win.
- Watto
July 30th, 2015
RATS prettier than the Harlequin
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have managed to come out of the first match unscathed and one the correct side of the shoot out.

The RATS managed to beat the Harlequin Blood Bowl Team 6-4 in a match that started off with 5 OTTD's.

The RATS scored a OTTD in their first 3 turns and the Harlequin in their first 2 before the mistakes started to creep in.

Once the RATS had their chance to create a bit of a gap from their opponents they didn't let them get another sniff.

The only thing that stopped the score from getting any higher was the RATS trying to earn more points, but being unable to get the last completion they wanted.
- Watto
Really Awesome Team - Sevens
Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Watto

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