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Apr. 6th, 2018
Weíre not that foul
Ai Suk was speaking with Media today, in regards to his contract renewal. After a lot of deflection, this is the best of what was left:

After reviewing the seasonís footage thus far, the Dark Web Lurkers have caused 6 casualties from fouling, which has included two kills. Unfortunately there is no recorded data of how many fouls were committed per game until round seven.

The Lurkers will be back next season, complete in foul glory. Only this time, the stats will be collected. Our new motto will be hit em hard, hit em often, and donít discriminate between those standing, and those laying down - we want to provide an inclusive environment for our opponents.

Our team will also be taking lessons in misdirection, as too many players are getting sent off.
- Ratt
Mar. 5th, 2018
Ai Suk Appointed Head Coach
The Dark Web Lurkers have appointed a new Head Coach due to the lack of confidence in Coach Ratt. The New Coach - Ai Suk will take the reigns in time for the Round 5 Clash.

Speaking with Reporters from reputable cabal vision networks, Ai Suk pointed out that "Only the truth would prevail" as soft reporters that pandered to "colourful personalities" did not work for such reputable cabal vision networks.

Ai Suk went on to say that "Nuffle alone placed me in the position to take the Dark Web Lurkers into a new direction. No longer shall we be a silly side note at the end of the season, but we will not be making a push for the finals this season either. We wish to build a champion team, not a team of champions."

When asked about the Nuffle placement, amid the claims of Coach Rex being the "Godslayer", Ai Suk merely pointed out that those reports were coming from such fake media news sources that pandered to personalities like Coach Rex.

Ai Suk continued "Not only is Nuffle alive and well, he has guided me into a position of power. I am currently in negotiations to get the Lurker v DKOK game broadcast live on a reputable cabal vision network to show all in the WCL that not only is Nuffle alive and well, but he also punishes those who speak out against Him, and reward those faithful."

Denying he was a prophet of Nuffle, Ai Suk declared he was a but a humble servant, faithful despite enduring hardship at Nuffle's hands, and a servant that had had enough of the Coach Rex Express...
- Ratt
Dark Web Lurkers
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