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Sep. 3rd, 2017
Raiders get Ganged up on
The Man-Terror Raiders have finally conceded a TD for the first time this season in what ended up being a brutal draw against the Gang Green Jets.

Through the first half the Raiders were able to trick the Jets into some Bad Habits which slowed them down slightly, but both teams had their targets early.

The Raiders broke free deep into the Jets back field and with the ball safe each team went head hunting until the half time break, with the Raiders scoring just prior.

In the second half the Pouring Rain that plagued the first half cleared. With the rain clear the Raiders were able to turnover the Jets and start heading downfield.

With a high chance of getting a second TD seeming imminent, the Raiders wanted to give themselves just a bit of extra space, but the failed Go For It opened the doors back up for the Jets.

It also left the Raiders scrambling a little as they were now slightly out of position and the Jets could get roll on.

The Jets soon evened the score and with a little bit of time left, the Raiders chanced their hand for a winning TD, however were unable to seal it and walked away worse for wear with a number of injuries to a number of players.
- Watto
Aug. 14th, 2017
Terror sends Frenchmen Flying
The Man-Terror Raiders have continued on their amazing run of wins and cleansheets making it through half the new season without conceding a TD in their latest match which saw a 2-0 win against The Flying Frenchmen.

It seems like some of the Raiders fans however have some rude talents, again putting off their opponents with some Off-Colour Chants.

The Frenchmen took a rather cautious approach to the beginning of the match, but underestimated the speed of some of the Raiders players finding themselves Blitzed off the ball early. With a pod moving down each sideline, it wasn't long before the Raiders had them surrounded.

The Frenchmen thought the the Round the Clock Training they had been doing would make a difference, but with the overwhelming odds, they soon forgot all they had practiced.

After the training let them down, it wasn't long before the Raiders again cleaned the ball up and raced away to take a 1-0 leading into the half.

A Pitch Invasion saw over half the Frenchmen players stnned from the ensuing kick-off and stifled any chances of the Frenchmen from equalise before the halftime break.

From the second half the Raiders took a measured approach, but some poor blocking allowed the Frenchmen to close ground on them before they had even secured the ball.

The Raiders felt the time was appropriate to show their Standing Offence in order to lay the beatdown, Some how the Frenchmen were able to create (Look) A Distraction which saw one Ghoul become Bone-Headed, but the beatdown was effective with 2 Frenchmen going off as casualties.

From here the Raiders took control of the match leaving just 3 opponents on the pitch before scoring moments before the final siren.

There was time for one last kick-off and the Frenchmen's Journeyman showed his nice equipment, Luthor's Dazzling Wristguards, however his team mates were a little disappointed he didn't activate them sooner. Unfortunately for the Frenchmen, the siren sounded shortly after and they were unable to worry the scoreboard.

Next up for the Raiders is their afterlife cousins and other high flying opponents, the Necromantic denizens of the Gang Green Jets.
- Watto
Aug. 9th, 2017
Raiders barely Bear the Grudge
The Man-Terror Raiders have suddenly lost their scoring flare in a tough encounter with another rookie team in the Grudgebearers.

There were probably ominous signs when the Friendly Fans cheered for Zara the Slayer and the Grudgebearers. The Raiders fans tried to discourage the Friendly Fans with an Off-Colour Chant, and whilst it appeared to have an early effect, it wasn't long before the chant was ignored.

It was the Raiders who received first, and looked to take as much advantage of the rookies as possible, but it was as if they were taking them lightly and didn't want to punish them.

Zara the Slayer loved the opportunity though and used her stakes early and often, Seriously Injuring Smelly-It Wighthead and Knocking Out some others along the way.

Just when the Raiders looked to up the tempo, it was apparent they were out of sync for the game and found themselves fumbling the ball loose often in the first half and unable to score before half time.

In the second half the Raider looked as though they may have gotten back into rhythm as they turned over the Grudgebearers early in the half. However they again slipped into the sloppy play and found the ball knocked into the crowd before they could break free.

The ball ended up deep within the Raiders half and soon the Grudgebearers had a Slayer around the ball. The Raiders managed to get back quickly though and soon regained the ball, however with time running out, they had 3/4 of the pitch to cover.

The Raiders finally slipped into gear and started injuring a few opponents including Zara the Slayer who had taken her toll on the Raiders. With the field opening up a little the Raiders ran the sideline.

Just prior to the time running out, the Raiders did an All-Out Blitz to ensure none of the Grudgebearers got close enough to stop their desperate run. This ensured the Raiders were finally able to secure the 1-0 victory.
- Watto
July 23rd, 2017
Raiders despoil the Vikweenz
The Man-Terror Raiders had an unusual game for them against the Megashoota Vikweenz after they were unable to inflict a single casualty against them.

The Raiders spent the game continually finding it easy to knock their opponents over, however they couldn't find any cracks in the armour of the Vikweenz no matter how hard they tried.

The Raiders kicked to the Vikweenz first and saw a trend starting with the Vikweenz with them getting the Quick Snap from the kick-off.

The Raiders were still able to push hard downfield though and harassed their less experienced opponents early. The Raiders ended up being the first to pick up the ball and made a break straight away.

Continually looking over his shoulder, Raid'n Seazer didn't see the Tripping Hazard ahead of him and fell over nearly ruining the Raiders break. However the Raiders still had plenty of players downfield and were able to recover the ball and score the first TD of the game.

From the next kick-off, the Raiders again were able to push deep downfield and stifle the Vikweenz attacking play, just prior to the halftime break, they scored for the second time to head into halftime 2-0 ahead.

From the next kick-off the Raiders set themselves up to take a tempered push for another TD. However again because of the lack of power to their hits, they were unable to remove any Vikweenz players and had to score just a little quicker than they wanted.

The Raiders again kicked to the Vikweenz and again they got the Quick Snap, and this time they took advantage of the situation and successfully moved the ball deep into the Raiders half and created a small cage on the sideline.

The Raiders were prepared for such a move though, as they had Blackmailed one of the members of that cage and were pumped up with an All-Out Blitz. The cage quickly broke down and allowed the Raiders to surf the ball carrier into the crowd. The ball spilled free for the Raiders who picked it up and again made a quick rush downfield. From here the Raiders scored their 4th TD of the game and Raid'n Seazer created history for the team by scoring the first hat-trick.

The Vikweenz received yet another kick-off and again were able to get the Quick Snap but like every other time were unable to take advantage of the situation as the Raiders ensured they stayed out of TD range.

The end siren sounded with the Raiders continuing their cleansheet streak going and also getting their name on the board for another records honour, joining a host of other teams with the longest win streak, and it presently has given Coach Frosthammer the unenviable honour of being the coach of teams that are at the start and end of the active streak.
- Watto
July 16th, 2017
Raiders streaks Drag-On
The Man-Terror Raiders have carried on where they left off in the title defence in a hotly anticipated match against the Emerald Dragons and still remain undefeated.

The enormity of the task didn't seem to be bothering the Dragons star thrower before the match, with him thinking he could embarrass any team with his skills, sending him on a bit of an Ego Trip.

However it was evident right from the kick-off that the Dragons weren't really that keen on the match, especially for the star thrower who fumble the first pick up straight away, giving the Raiders a chance to push deep into their half.

Once in their half, the Raiders put their foot on the Dragons throat and didn't release. The Raiders quickly started to injure the Dragons player and by half time had scored 2 TD's and injured a number of the Dragons players, making the prospect of the second half daunting.

In the second half the Raiders knew they had started to be able to read the Dragons moves, twice getting Perfect Defence to shatter any plans the Dragns may have had.

With little mercy, the Raiders kept bashing and injuring the Dragons players whilst running away and scoring another 3 TD's in the half to end the game at 5-0. It was the last TD though that had an air of inevitability to it, as the Wight showed off his Kingmaker Play.

The first game of the season saw the Raiders secure a dominant 5-0 win, once again recording a cleansheet for the themselves and setting a new record for consecutive cleansheets.
- Watto
July 3rd, 2017
Raiders Terrorise DKOK
The Man-Terror Raiders have continued their undefeated and cleansheet streaks after winning the WCL Grand Final against Da Klan of Kliffhangahz.

Both teams had a good crowd turn up for the first ever West Coast League grand final with the Raiders greater popularity ensuring they had the greater representation from fans.

Just before the match started though it seemed like the magnitude of the occasion might have been getting to the Raiders as they fell into Bad Habits. It also saw Gnarly Feet from DKOK really pumped up for the match and ready to play like an Iron Man. However he wasn't as pumped as Sherpa Sherp Snortrokk from DKOK who let the Ego Trip get to him.

The Raiders didn't go in unprepared though and ensured that Finger Slippin Fun from DKOK was the subject of Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite.

Receiving the ball first, the Raiders played a steady watchful game early and saw DKOK starting to gather on one side of the pitch. With an obvious opportunity showing on the otherside of the pitch, the Raiders made a steady push down that side.

After looking like they had busted open a gap to rush through, the Raiders had to make a rushed dash down the sideline after DKOK evened the field with a strong round of bashing themselves.

The Raiders looked certain to score midway through the half when a failed dodge saw DKOK getting an opportunity to turn the tide against the Raiders.

A poorly directed Blitz however stuttered DKOK's attempts to retrieve the ball, leaving the door open for the Raiders. The Raiders again found themselves within reach of scoring only to themselves fail to retrieve the ball.

DKOK rushed to surround the ball as best they could, however the Raiders dug deeper when the odds were against them, succeeding in the one on one block and picking up the ball in 2 tackle zones before dodging away to get the first score of the game.

With time still left in the half, DKOK pushed for a glorious long range attempt to score, however the Raiders were able to adequately surround any potential receivers for DKOK. With moments left on the clock, DKOK went for the long bomb, however sneaky skeleton got himself in the way and point the ball got punctured on his finger when he put his hand in the way, meaning DKOK didn't get the ball before the halftime siren sounded.

With the pressure building for DKOK in the second half, Sherpa Sherp Snortrokk decided, whilst on his Ego Trip, that he would be the best player to get them moving. However he overestimated his ability and created a turnover that left DKOK unprepared for the Raiders rushing defence.

After getting the jump in the second half, the Raiders were able to pressure the ball, making life hard for DKOK and they used their confidence to hit even harder than they already were.

From here DKOK were unable to recover and found themselves getting beaten to a pulp by the Raiders. The Raiders recovered the ball and settled downfield and watched the carnage whilst DKOK were unable to harm the Raiders, even using some Blackmail to ensure DKOK didn't get near the ball.

Just prior to the final siren going, the Raiders ran in the final TD to secure the famous victory which blemished DKOK's records of never having an opponent cause more casualties, have a match without causing a casualty or have a match without scoring a TD.

The Raiders won the grand final 2-0 and would have caused 5 casualties to DKOK if it wasn't for Gnarly Feet playing like an Iron Man.
- Watto
June 17th, 2017
Raiders Break the Grudge
The Man-Terror Raiders have advanced to the Grand Final of the inaugural West Coast League after a tough Semi Final against fellow division rivals, the Western Grudgebreakers.

Both teams had an even number of fans attend the match despite the Blizzard conditions at the start of the match, but it seemed like amongst the Grudgebreaker fans, that Everyone was an Expert.

From early in the match though it seemed like many tricks were being played with a Mummy having the Kids Gloves slapped on and Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite being cast on the stronger Bull Centaur.

And after an early blitz Smeely-It Wighthead had an Ego Trip thinking he had done really well. Although it wasn't long before he was Knocked Out.

It was the Grudgebreakers who were first able to push the ball downfield, but due to the Blizzard it wasn't very deep and the Raiders were quickly able to surround the ball carrier and eventually put him to the ground.

From here the Raiders were able to use their speed and get the go ahead score just before halftime to head into the half 1-0 up.

In the second half the Raiders made a strong push down a flank with only one intention. The Grudgebreakers tried their best to cover the quick thrust, but the Raiders still had a gap to push through and scored a second TD to lead 2-0.

When the game restarted the weather abated, however it seemed that the ball was still pretty wet in the minds of the Grudgebearers who couldn't pick up the ball despite many attempts.

The Raiders tried their best to get another TD, however, even after using some Knuckledusters to clear some space, the Raiders couldn't make the clean break to properly get away and the match ended at the 2-0 scoreline.
- Watto
June 4th, 2017
Raiders don't Overdosis on Terror
The Man-Terror Raiders have ended the season of one team whilst progressing through to the Semi-Final in their Quarter Final victory over Overdosis.

The Raiders didn't have as many fans turn up to the match as they expected, however this didn't have any effect of the match luckily for them as they felt in the zone and determined.

The Raiders were the first to receive and took a very controlled approach to the game, determined to make steady progress whilst getting rid of as many Overdosis players as they could. However after overextending himself, it was Smelly-It Wighthead who was first to be injured.

This did almost open up a little gap for the Overdosis to take advantage of, however they held back a bit without attacking the ball carrier.

Just prior to half time, Overdosis ensured that one of the Mummies was less effective by putting the Kids Gloves on him, which shook his confidence a little by stopping him from being able to knock his opponent over.

The Raiders had to push through with some less convincing blocks from there, however, they were able to sneak through and take the go ahead TD prior to halftime and Overdosis were unable to strike back before the break.

In the second half both teams made strong pushes over to one side of the pitch, which in the end hurt Overdosis more as their Witch Elf was surfed into the crowd and savagely beaten by the crowd.

Overdosis used their speed to rush to the otherside of the pitch, however due to a deep kick-off, the Raiders were still able to move across effectively and stall the Overdosis drive.

Once boxed against the sideline, the Raiders blitzed the Overdosis Runner who declined to Dump-off the ball and was subsequently knocked down. The ball eventually scattered to an Overdosis player who picked the ball up.

Overdosis was still sufficiently boxed though that they struggled to progress the ball, however from the next minute it appeared as though it may have been a deliberate move as an Overdosis player hit the ball carrier with some Knuckledusters after apparently being Blackmailed.

Once the ball was free the Raiders scooped in and collected it despite the attention of an Overdosis player, scooted free and threw the ball well down field.

Overdosis still had their chance to get the ball, however some confusion and delay from the Overdosis coach giving instructions to his players saw them miss their first opportunity.

The Raiders tried to collect the ball themselves however fell just short of the ball leaving Overdosis with the slimmest of chances for an equaliser, however they fumbled the pass attempt.

The Raiders pushed for a 2nd TD of their own, however failed to pick up the ball and saw the game end at 1-0 in their favour.

The Raiders now will face up against their division rivals, the Western Grudgebreakers, who have developed far beyond when the teams first played, as they look to win the Semi Final and progress to the Grand Final.
- Watto
Apr. 28th, 2017
Raiders spill Tru Blood
The Man-Terror Raiders have finished the regular season in solid form against the Bon Temps Tru Bloods BBC who seemed either intimidated or not there as their performance was lackluster.

The Raiders fell into Bad Habits before they even kick-off to the Bloods, but being a well drilled side, it wasn't too costly as the only lost the one re-roll. They did however have plans of their own when they arranged for Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite to be cast against Eric. From here Eric proceeded to play exactly like he was cursed, failing many actions throughout the match.

The Bloods pulled out the Kids Gloves and stuck them on Bosh Barbarlee. And whilst this stopped him from helping out any teammates, his hitting against the Bloods was not softened by the gloves at all.

The Bloods received first and found the curse stalling their plans early causing quick turnovers. This allowed the Raiders get in deep into the backfield and cause the Bloods many issues.

The Raiders were hitting hard early on and caused many casualties in the first half which meant they concentrated more on that then scoring in the first half. They held off from scoring until near the end.

The Raiders did however score a little earlier in the half compared to usual though as they saw that Helmut Wolff had turned up (late as he was) for the Bloods and they wanted to make sure it was only a quick visit.

The Raiders received in the second half and whilst there ball handling skills left a little to be desired, they did manage to move down the field and score again about midway through the half.

It was obvious that the Raiders focus had shifted in the second half though, as besides the 2 Casualties caused in the first turn of the second half, they took pity on the Bloods and didn't hit as hard from that point on.

Late in the game though the Raiders were still keen on scoring more and pushed deep with their umbrella formation before knocking the ball loose and recovering it themselves.

The Bloods did their best to get in the way of the Raiders, not knowing though that the Raiders ball carries had a hidden set of Knuckledusters which he promptly used to get himself in space and in for the final TD.
- Watto
Apr. 10th, 2017
Raiders walk away Stokaled with result
The Man-Terror Raiders have knocked Durak Stokal of the podium of undefeated team and leader of the West Coast League with a convincing 3-0 win.

The match started with the Raiders leading player so far through the season, Smelly-It Wighthead, dedicating the match to his mother who was raised too soon and playing like an Iron Man.

They also ensured that the Sidestepping Troll Slayer from Durak Stokal couldn't be as helpful to his team by slapping the Kids Gloves on him.

The Stokal were the first to receive in the match and were making decent progress down field and playing boldly, often hitting stronger opponents without any regard for their own safety. In general it was working for them with many out-strengthed hits working out for them.

However the boldness came back to haunt the Stokal when a poorly timed uphill hit backfired and the Raiders were given an opening. The Raiders immediately took advantage of the situation and turned over the Stokal and ran downfield to secure a 1-0 lead into halftime.

In the second half the Raiders started to secure a numbers advantage which really helped them turn the tides on a normally surf happy Dwarf team and surf a few of the Stokal players in return.

A number of times the Stokal looked to execute some special plays themselves, but found they were just out on the timing and the referee wouldn't allow them to get their plays off.

The Raiders were able to get a 2-0 lead with only a few minutes left in the match, but they weren't satisfied with leaving it at that and pushed hard to score again. in the final minute of the match, the Raiders turned over the Stokal again and scored right on the siren to secure a large 3-0 victory leaving only the Man-Terror Raiders and the Armadale Assholes as the only undefeated teams in the league.
- Watto
Mar. 19th, 2017
Raiders Tainted scoring record
The Man-Terror Raiders found the going really tough in their latest match against the Tennessee Tainted with neither team able to find a way through the defence and scores level at 0-0 by full time.

In this game the Beast of Nurgle went on a bit of an Ego Trip thinking he could easily handle the so far undefeated Raiders by himself.

His eagerness to lead from the front seemed to encourage the rest of the Tainted players who put up a stout defence and generally stifled the Raiders ball movement more than any other team so far.

The Raiders themselves appeared out of sorts against the unclean filth of the Tainted and just weren't hitting with the same fervor as they had in previous matches.

When the scores were level at halftime, the Raiders new that they would have their work cut out to prevent the Tainted for stealing the unexpected victory.

The Raiders were handling the Tainted well, until some unfortunate luck from the Raiders saw the Tainted get downfield and in scoring position. The luck turned against the Tainted as well though and they were unable to capitalise on the opportunity.

From here the Raiders were able to clear their line, but were not able to get in position for a TD.
- Watto
Feb. 9th, 2017
Raiders go Raven mad on Bloodclaws
The Man-Terror Raiders have recovered from some unexpected tricks by the Bloodclaw Ravens to emerge victorious in the round 3 match.

The Raiders decided to receive first and decided to show of the coll relic they found nearby, with one of the Ghouls sporting Zug's Jersey from 2492 for the match, ensuring the Minotaur could not use his Mighty Blow skill on him.

It appeared though that the Jersey may have been a little bit of a curse for the Ghoul and the team early though, they were easily distracted by the nice Jersey and didn't notice the Mine that was laid in the field. This opened up the little cage formed around the Ghoul and then saw the Ghoul blitzed into the crowd where the Jersey was not able to work it's charms, the crowd Knocked Out the Ghoul trying to get the Jersey off him.

From here the Ravens were able to pull off the Perfect Throw and get the ball down field to a free Beastman who was able to skip away and score the first touchdown against the run of play.

The crowd Rioted at the next kick-off, not believing what they just saw, leading to more time bleeding of the clock. The Raiders were still able to grind their way downfield and level the score before halftime to enter the half at 1 all.

In the second half the Raiders knew they had to find a way to stop the Ravens and get the ball back themselves. Luckily for the Raiders, they had been hitting well in the first half and had the numbers advantage. To also help them was the fact the the Pouring Rain came in over the stadium and the Ravens struggled to handle the conditions.

Despite the large numbers of Raiders who were able to get themselves around the ball early in the second half, a Ravens' beastman thought he was In The Zone but didn't get to show it as the Raven's Warrior Badly Hurt himself when trying to dodge away from a Raider.

The Raiders were soon able to recover the ball themselves and nearly made life harder for themselves in the rain, but due to their numbers advantage, they were still able to pick up the ball and score the go ahead TD.

From the next kick-off, the crowd were obviously excited to see the Ravens players getting hurt and they tried to see if they could do it themselves by Throwing a Rock, and injure a Raven they could.

Both the Raiders and Ravens felt more scoring could be done in this match, but the Pouring Rain continued and neither team was able to take advantage with the game ending 2-1 in the Raiders favour.
- Watto
Jan. 29th, 2017
Raiders Break the Grudges
The Man-Terror Raiders have managed to find there groove in regards to scoring after their latest match against the Western Grudgebreakers.

The match looked initially as though the Raiders would be struggling to keep up with the Grudgebreakers with the Raiders suffering from Bad Habits in the first half, losing 2 of their 3 team re-rolls and with the Grudgebreakers getting Everyone's an Expert.

The Raiders however got the Blitz on their Kick-off to the Grudgebreakers from which they were able to position themselves under the ball and rush down field for the opening TD.

Add a Kill and a Serious Injury against the Grudgebreakers before the first TD and the Raiders were in a fantastic position.

After the next Kick-off, the Raiders saw to it that there was a Sprinkler Malfunction to make life harder for the Grudgebreakers. And life did get harder for the Grudgebreakers, the Raiders were able to retrieve the ball again and dragged out the drive a little longer to ensure the Grudgebreakers didn't have time for a comeback.

After the third kick-off the Raiders again Blitzed and pushed deeper into the Grudgebreakers half to position themselves for another TD, which they were able to get right as the half time whilst blew to enter half time at 3-0 up.

Adding insult to injury for the Grudgebreakers was the fact that the one player they had killed up to that point regenerated and was back in action.

The second half kick-off was the first time that the ball had entered the Raiders half, however it was a touchback, so it only made it 1 square into the Raiders half before re-entering the Grudgebreakers half.

The Raiders quickly scored again and got back to pressuring the Grudgebreakers with their ball movement.

A deep kick into the back corner saw the Grudgbreakers try a long bomb, however they fumbled the ball and the crowd threw it back in close to a Mummy.

Seeing a rare opportunity, the Mummy decided he would try get the ball and score himself. Being a much slower runner though, he was unable to get the ball down the field quick enough to give the Raiders another chance to score.

With mere moments left in the game, the Raiders sent out a group of Zombies to hold the line and suffer the inevitable beating that was to come. This also saw the only other time the ball entered the Raiders half once again only 1 square in.

A resounding victory by the Raiders winning 5-0 with all injuries being regenerated for the Raiders.
- Watto
Jan. 19th, 2017
Terror Raids in the Street
The Man-Terror Raiders have bashed their way to a draw against a tenacious K Town Street Rats team to finish their first game 1-1.

With Pouring Rain hanging around for the whole match, both teams found it hard at times to move the ball, they also found it hard to find extra ground with many GFI's failing.

It was the Street Rats who received first and despite being Blitzed from the kick-off, were still able to push deep into the Raiders backfield. Tripping over meant they gave up the ball though and the Raiders went about pushing deep into the Rats backfield.

2 desperate Blitzes from the Street Rats saw them regather the ball and push deep into the Raiders backfield again.

The Raiders were able to Blitz the Street Rats to stall their efforts, however the Street Rats still managed to make themselves a gap to score late in the half and take a 1-0 lead at halftime.

The second half saw the Raiders start to punish the Street Rats physically and get into a position to be able to score early.

Once the casualties started flowing for the Raiders, they made sure they counted with the first 5 casualties caused being either a Serious Injury or Death, only the last casualty was a Badly Hurt.

What seemed like an easy TD for the Raiders was nearly made impossible when the Raiders failed a GFI and dropped the ball.

The Raiders were able to recover eventually though and only just found enough time to score an equaliser as the siren was about to sound.

After the draw the Raiders however are in a good position leading into the rest of the season with the player ranks swelling with the raising of a Zombie by the team Necromancer and the hiring of the last Ghoul.
- Watto
Man-Terror Raiders
Race:  Shambling Undead
Coach:  Watto

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