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Aug. 17th, 2019
Receivers get Crushed in Highland
The Highland Flings have unfortunately fallen short in overtime against the much more fancied Kaiju Crushers after finishing regular time at 1 all.

It was the Fling that received in the first half and really struggled to do much with the ball, eventually falling well short of their intention to score, instead struggling to control the ball and being scored against by the Crushers.

In the second half with still some comparable numbers it was them that were able to turn the Crushers over and score themselves to level the game. From there they were able to hold on long enough to keep the scores level.

With decent numbers still and some rerolls up their sleeves, the Fling felt like overtime was worth it to see if they could secure their first win.

The Fling received and pushed hard to one edge, which sucked all of the Crushers over as well. With a swing in mind, the Fling unfortunately failed the hand-off which would have put them in a close position to win the game. From their, the curse of receiving the kick-off continued and it was the Crushers who started hitting harder, who found themselves in position to collect the ball and score easily for the eventual win.
- Watto
Aug. 4th, 2019
Highland not meant to house the Throne
The Highland Fling played a game they felt was destined to go against them in a tough loss to the Game of Thrones Pre Sequel eventually losing 2-1, but rarely being in the game.

The Fling started by hiring a Halfling Master Chef who obviously made something with brains as the Fling were able to take all of the Thrones rerolls. However it was evident that the Thrones didn't care.

The Thrones went through the first half only failing with 1 action and knocking down a fling with all but 1 block they made through the half.

The Fling weren't deterred though, always trying to put pressure on, forcing the Thrones to score and pushing for a OTTD themselves which fell a landing short of being successful.

Down on numbers in the second half, the Fling showed determination to put in a respectable performance and scored a TD of their own to even the game up.

However whenever the did manage to get close enough to block the ball carrier from the Thrones, they only succeeded in falling down themselves. Eventually they didn't have enough players on the field to stop the Thrones and the winning touchdown was scored to end the game on the siren.
- Watto
July 28th, 2019
Wood can't be left in a Foul state
The Highland Fling have valiantly drawn their first game in the big leagues against The Mourning Wood after fighting back from being down 1-0 early.

The early intentions of the Fling was to foul their opponents from the pitch, however it seems like the referees are aware of how Halflings play in this state after many years of Coach DaBlackSkull playing that exact style with his Halflings and the referees were keeping an eye on any fouls attempted.

The Fling tried a number of fouls early with every foul being seen by the referee and a send off from each one. The Fling were able to argue the call the first time, however after the second, the head coach was ejected.

The early send-offs hindered the Fling from being able to effectively stop the Wood and they gave up the early lead. From the next kick-off, the Fling tried a couple of more times to foul, again send-offs being the result each time. After pushing the ball up field though, they were stopped and luckily only just scrambled in time to stop the Wood from getting a second TD.

In the second half, the Fling were able to get a bit of a break and snuck away for a game tying TD.

As the game resumed again, the Fling were starting to get a numbers advantage and with the assistance of the visiting stars Puggy Baconbreath and Rumblelow Sheepskin, they were able to spill the ball free and set up a very loose cage to get themselves close to scoring a game winner.

After spending the rest of the game not fouling, the Fling saw an opportunity that would go a long way to securing a victory, by fouling a prone Wardancer, however the referee was again onto it, with another player sent-off and no damage done to the Wardancer.

It gave the Wood the chance to hit the Fling ball carrier which they did well to spill the ball free. The Fling still had a chance to get a game winning TD, but with a Fling to be thrown and a hand-off required, it was all too much for the little Halflings that were starving by this point and more interested in having a meal.
- Watto
The Highland Flings
Race:  Halfling Hopefuls
Coach:  Watto

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