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Dec. 25th, 2016
Vixens chill after latest beat down
With a finals berth guaranteed, the Glacier Bay Vixens played their final game of the minor rounds today against the team that they could face in the semi finals - Time Before Land.

Team management had already discussed the plan with the Vixens, worst case scenario, a draw was required. Stop TBL from scoring too many touchdowns by doing what the Vixens do best. Hurting people. Which is exactly what they did.

To some degree, the match reminded the fans of the performance against the Men of Myth - both teams scoring off of their own kick off. And the game was a 1 all draw. But TBL fans only remembered the beat down they received from both games - in this case it was only nine casualties, including a single death.

But more importantly, the Kroxigor will be missing from the first round of the finals. And given that the Vixens will get back two players from injury that have been important starters, the loss of their thrower for the next round will be easier to forget.

Two questions remain - will the Vixens (who have now cemented second spot) get to face TBL in the semis? And if so, can they clear the pitch of TBL players again? And if so, it will make it the third time in as many games for TBL.
- Ratt
Dec. 10th, 2016
Glacier Bay Freeze the "Myth"
The battle of the only two undefeated teams in the league occurred today, and concluded in what could only be described as a Bloody Draw. Although the initial offer for overtime was there from the Mighty Men of Myth, it was declined by Vixen management. The Coach of the Myth convinced the Vixens head coach to roll for the KOd players, which was a successful return to the team, only for the Coach of the Myth to be relieved at the refusal.

There was one thing that was clear though - these"Mighty Men" are indeed all Myth, and that Myth was truly BUSTED by the Vixens. A one all draw was separated by the savage beating handed out by the Ice Queens. Snowy alone equaled the casualty count from the Myth, but his two casualties included one kill, which is more than could be managed by the Myth.

The rest of the Vixens also equaled the casualty count of the Myth, again with one kill. Which of course meant that the casualty count was 2 for the Myth, and 4 for the Vixens, which included 2 kills.

The Myth of Homer - a lineman. Busted.

RIP Homer

The Myth of Prometheus - an Ogre. Busted.

RIP Prometheus.

The Myth of the Mighty Men. Busted.

The Glacier Bay Vixens would like to wish the Myth the best of luck, and hope they make it to the Grand Final, where the Vixens will this time not hold back. Where this time, the Myth will need a lot more than ice to recover from the beating.
- Ratt
Sep. 27th, 2016
Glacier Bay Proud of Record.
The Glacier Bay Vixens are proud of the new record held in unison with the Tiki Terrors of 12 casualties in a single match. Vixens Media is quoted as saying "If it wasn't for the halflings, the Vixens would not be in the position they are in now. Joint Record Holders!
- Ratt
Glacier Bay Vixens
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