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W.C.L.: S3, Quarter Final
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gate: 27 000
4 TD score 0
cas score
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no custom badge
The Flying Frenchmen


Jamal Rogers
Fred (Big Daddy) Barns
Sean Perkins
Kyle Sanderton
TD Scorers
Badly Hurt'ers
Kermit D Frog

Sam tall man Smith
Percy Rankin
Serious Injurers
Jules Leotard

Billy Sanders
Billy Sanders
Bruce the Beast Bagwel dead
Completions By
Phil"Do a flip"e
Louis the Second
Louis the Second
Interceptions By

Billy Sanders
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Bundle of Sticks
Phil"Do a flip"e

Dean (Frosty) Anderson
-1 AV
Result added May 14th, 2018

Match notes

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WCL: S2 Champions
KBBL 2017 Champs!

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