Match result

KBBL02, Round 8
Dwarf logo
no custom badge
South River Raiders

gate: 15 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Ellyrian Evergreens


Longstrider Anvilsteam
TD Scorers
Eleanor Evergreen Bounty (30000 gp)
Eve Evergreen
Foulers (no cas)

Loki Forgebane
Loki Forgebane
Dragor Deathseeker
Sven Rockbreaker
Badly Hurt'ers

Sven Hammerhand
Serious Injurers

foul by Grounds Keeper Grimly
Krelik Wildhammer
Completions By
Elaine Evergreen
Esther Evergreen
Interceptions By

Longstrider Anvilsteam
Loki Forgebane
MVP awards to
Esmeralda Evergreen
Eve Evergreen
  Sustained Injuries  
-1 MA
ElysiÓ Evergreen retired
mercenary / star
EliÓna Evergreen dead
Result added September 14th, 2018

Match notes

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