Match result

WCL S7, Kwokka Cup Semi Final
Skaven logo
no custom badge
Golden 13

gate: 52 000
3 TD score 2
cas score
after overtime
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no custom badge
Shelf Daddies


Giznat Skaa
Thiz stichiz
Giznat Skaa
TD Scorers
Tony "Panda Daddy"
Versatile Daddy
Foulers (no cas)
Mat "Pocket Sized Dadd
Badly Hurt'ers
Larry "Inquisitive Daddy"

Nibble Skullmember
Fitch Freezrat
Serious Injurers
Bottom Daddy

Azarneth Quikpaw
Azarneth Quikpaw
Completions By
Mummy Toby
Mummy Toby
Mummy Toby
Interceptions By

Itzs'a Scappers
MVP awards to
Tony "Panda Daddy"
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
1cm off Daddy
Bottom Daddy

This match went into overtime
Result added July 1st, 2020

Match notes

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WCL S7 Bloodbowl Champions
KBBLS3 Champions
HBL s3 Champions

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