Match result

WCL S7, One
Team badge
Nuffle Hate Group

gate: 19 000
0 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
The Crimson Sunz

TD Scorers
profile ZAGSTOMP
Foulers (no cas)

N.H.G Member #14 retired
Badly Hurt'ers
mercenary / star
Serious Injurers
profile GORGUTZ retired

N.H.G Member #25
Completions By
profile NUZDAKKA
Interceptions By

N.H.G Member #23
MVP awards to
profile NUZDAKKA
  Sustained Injuries  

N.H.G Member #16
Miss Next Game

N.H.G Member #24 dead
Result added January 19th, 2020

Match notes
NHG +10K From opening event

SUNZ + 10k and ▒1 fan factor from opening event

WCL S7 Bloodbowl Champions
KBBLS3 Champions
HBL s3 Champions

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