Match result

KBBL02, Quarter Final
Team badge
NSW Chokeroaches

gate: 26 000
3 TD score 1
cas score
Wood Elf logo
no custom badge


Roberta Stone
Terri Fahey
Roberta Stone
TD Scorers
Orlin retired
Foulers (no cas)
Codoc retired
Badly Hurt'ers
Dhozlazkaa retired
hunter retired

Terri Lamb
Serious Injurers
Tuzloth retired
Acuth retired

Terri Lamb

Chrissie Anderson
Chrissie Anderson
Completions By
Vesperr retired
Vesperr retired
Vesperr retired
Vesperr retired
Interceptions By

Lesley Boyd
Bobbi Cooper dead
Terri Lamb
MVP awards to
Subwolf retired
Kirsse Woodweb Bounty (30000 gp) retired
Thaelvio retired
  Sustained Injuries  

Philipa Duke
Erica Growff retired
Miss Next Game
-1 AG
hunter retired
victim healed by apoth
Result added November 30th, 2018

Match notes

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