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Jan. 31st, 2017 - old news
Time left Baying
The time Before Land have fallen agonisingly short of reaching the Grand Final of the Chaos Cup after an agonising match against the Glacier Bay Vixens in the Semi Final.

Petrie was super determined through this match for TBL and played like an Iron Man, not suffering anything worse than a Stunned when knocked down.

He used his determination well in the first half and kicked the scoring off for the match to help TBL lead 1-0 half way through the first half.

Unfortunately not many of his teammates were so determined to stay on the pitch, so when it was up to the Vixens to try reply, they were able to eventually pick up the ball and level the score by halftime.

With still fewer players returning to the pitch, TBL were still determined to try disrupt the Vixens game plans and get an unexpected second TD. The large number of Skinks however could not build a suitable wall. The Vixens spent the rest of the half just grinding down TBL until scoring right before the whilst.

However the crowd did not appreciate this style of play and started a Riot. This gave TBL a chance to get themselves in a position to level the game. However the multiple hits that Petrie had taken through the match finally took effect when he couldn't dodge his way though the gauntlet set up in front of him.

TBL now await their opponent for the 3rd place playoff before looking to rebuild the team for next season.
- Watto
Dec. 29th, 2016 - old news
Time held at Bay
The Time Before Land have secured third place leading into the finals after playing out a hard fought draw where they could almost have been considered unlucky to not get the win against the undefeated Glacier Bay Vixens.

TBL were up against it from the start with far too many skinks for their liking playing for the team after getting brutalised in their previous game. Kicking off to the Vixens, it seemed the gloom was to continue with 2 of the journey skinks being injured in the first moments of the game.

Despite the immediate lack of players, TBL were determined to put up a tough fight and managed to turn over the Vixens. After making a bit of a break for it, TBL still persisted with trying waste time and reduce the chances of the Vixens from being able to take the game away from them. This nearly cost TBL the opportunity to score, but their superior pace allowed them to still retrieve the ball after being knocked free and get the first score of the game.

Through the latter part of the first half though TBL struggled with numbers and only barely managed to stop the Vixens from scoring before halftime, meaning TBL would take the 1-0 lead into halftime.

There was almost light at the end of the tunnel for TBL though at the start of the second half with another TD almost guaranteeing a draw if not a win. Unfortunately for TBL, they were down to 3 players to start the second half. TBL tried to make a break for it, but due to the severe deficit in numbers, they were caught and gave up the ball. Shortly after TBL were cleared from the pitch for the second time in as many games and the Vixens brought the scores back to level.

Luckily before the next drive TBL were able to get their 2 remaining players back onto the pitch to still try sniff out the unlikely win.

Again TBL took off downfield with the ball in hand, this time however they fell short trying to puch themselves too far. Further bad handling from the Vixens meant TBL still had a chance of stopping them from scoring to steal a late win. With only moments left in the game TBL swooped in under the Vixens players feet, taking the ball and throwing it as far downfield as they could.

All was not safe yet though as the Vixens could still reach the ball, however as was their style for most of the game, their ball handling let them down and TBL were able to come away with the most unlikely of draws with a 1-1 result.

TBL have qualified for the finals and will again play the Glacier Bay Vixens in the Semi-Finals and they will be hoping they can be a little hardier to cause the Vixens headaches and stop their charge towards the Grand Final.
- Watto
Dec. 19th, 2016 - old news
Myth floods over the Land
The Time Before Land will be licking their wounds after their worst ever game in franchise history came at almost the worst time leading into the finals in their latest game against the Mighty Men of Myth.

TBL thought early they may just be able to put up a contest out of the match with a chance to get a TD from the turnover, but the Men came back to defend in time. As TBL tried to dodge their way away, it marked the beginning of what would be a painful day for TBL as the failed dodge saw the skink injured.

The Men recovered quickly and were able to score. However the failed dodge made the TBL coach suspicious of the Mighty Men of Myth's home ground as at least 80% of the times a TBL player fell over from a failed dodge, they ended up injured.

TBL didn't give up though even with their numbers dwindling and managed to get the equalising TD before halftime to enter halftime at 1-1.

The only issue TBL were facing from here was that half of the team was either a Casualty or Knocked Out heading into the second half. Again TBL were valiant and insisted or aiming for another TD, however they were stopped easily and unable to stop the Men from scoring again.

After the resulting TD TBL would have had the option to concede the match without penalty as only 2 players could take the field, they however were too proud to ever say they gave up and insisted on doing all they could to equalise.

The braver was short lived though when with a few minutes of the game left, all the TBL players were cleared from the pitch and the Men were able to get some throwing practice before scoring a final TD to win the match 3-1.

Despite already qualifying for the finals, TBL's focus is now squarely on next season.
- Watto
Dec. 8th, 2016 - old news
Land leaves Khorne Barren
The Time Before Land have given themselves a good chance of making the finals by securing a hard fought victory over the struggling Khornators.

TBL started the match receiving the ball and were immediately rewarded with some Brilliant Coaching. With some extra security built into their game plan now, TBL went about securing the ball. It was difficult early on though with the Khornators putting pressure on the ball and ball carriers and reducing the numbers of TBL players on the pitch with relative ease.

TBL persevered though and despite having a lightning bolt shot at their star Skink, they were able to get a TD against the Khornators late in the first half which reduced their time to try equalise.

With a Blitz from the next kick-off, TBL were able to halt the progress of the Khornators before the even looked to threaten the score board.

In the second half TBL were again able to slow the progress of the Khornators and forced them into a mistake when they tried to dodge themselves clear. TBL were able to recover the spilt ball, but initially struggled to halt the Khornators before finding some breathing space to delay the game sealing TD.

The Khornators never gave up though and pressured TBL right until the end, however it wasn't sufficient to stop TBL from taking a 2-0 lead despite causing a number of casualty and having a decent numbers advantage by the end of the match.

With time completely against them, the final kick-off saw the Khornators try to cause more casualties, but they had nil success and TBL left the match without any further worries.

TBL will now play the top 2 placed teams through the season to this point still likely requiring a win from one of those games to secure a finals spot.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
Chaos Cup: S1
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