Thane of Thrones

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The 'Mad King' has been murdered and it is time to find a new King.

In typical Dwarven fashion, every Thane feels they should be King. However the right to be the new King has to be earned.

Dwarfs are well known for there love of Bloodbowl, being one of the first races to play the game. What better way to find a new King then through the game of Bloodbowl.

It was decided that Bloodbowl would be the vessel to decide who would be King and the first player to reach Legend status would be the new King to sit on the Iron Throne.

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Bulletin board from the coach
June 13th, 2016 - old news
Thanes SO own the Boreal Throne
The Thane of Thrones entered the Grand Final of the Boreal Plate against SO2 on the back of a loss, but with confidence after beating SO2 earlier in the season.

The Thanes didn't seem to get the message out to their fans about the match with SO2 having the advantage of the crowd behind them. This did however upset the dwarf fans at the match though, as more Nurgle fans stunk the stadium out, causing the Thanes fans to Riot right from the start of the match, meaning the clock ran for a while before any of the players paid attention to the game.

The Thanes had a solid game plan for this match, with a numbers disadvantage, they decided the best way to get ahead is to restrict the movement of SO2 and bash them into submission.

The Thanes either injured or knocked out an SO2 player for each of the first 3 turns of the match and by half time had stopped SO2 from being able to score and at least 5 players off the pitch.

To make matters easier for the Thanes in the second half, non of the injured players were able to regenerate or any of the knocked out players recover, giving the Thanes the numbers advantage to continue their grind.

Through the second half the Thanes injured 3 more SO2 players to open up the pitch more for themselves.

The Thanes did show an opportunity for SO2 to take advantage when a block went wrong, however due to the large numbers advantage and SO2's inability to break through the Thanes armour, the moment was short lived and the Thanes took control quickly.

To ensure the were no thoughts of a comeback, the Thanes dragged out the drive to score just before the final siren, winning 1-0 and walking away with the inaugural Boreal Plate.

After a successful season it is Jon 'The Bastard' Snow who has taken back the lead for the race to the Iron Throne.
- Watto
May 13th, 2016 - old news
Maydenz take Throne
The Thane of Thrones struggled through their latest match to get any momentum after losing a Blitzer early against Mork's Maydenz.

The Thanes spent the early part of the game trying to slow down an eager Maydenz team which was pumped after killing a Blitzer and having control of the ball. For much of the first half the Thanes were able to keep the Maydenz in check and were able to stop them scoring.

In the second half the Thanes felt they were in a good position with numbers coming back to even and the ball in their hand. Some simple errors early in the half though stopped them from gaining any ground with the ball, and soon they were being pressured by the Maydenz.

The Thanes were unable to absorb the pressure against them though and soon found the ball falling free behind them and the Maydenz in position to pick the ball up unchallenged.

Once the Maydenz had the ball, they were able to open up a gap which the Thanes could not catch. From here the Thanes were only able to watch as the Maydenz scored the winning TD right at the end of the game.

Leading the race to rule is still Cersei Lannister whilst Daenerys Targaryen has been killed.
- Watto
Apr. 27th, 2016 - old news
Thanes Forge ahead
The Thane of Thrones played their second game against the Blood Forge Death Dealers in as many games after the re-jigging of the draw.

After the Thanes caused many casualties in their last meeting, the Death Dealers had 3 Journeymen join them for this match, but they also managed to convince Flint Churnblade to play for them after finding just the right amount of gold to pay him.

It seemed as though after the last game the fans weren't as interested with many players missing, with only half as many as the game before turning up.

The Thanes were first to receive and were fortunate enough to see Flint get kept on the bench from the kick-off. From here there was every intention of keeping him off the pitch as long as possible. Thankfully due to some strong blocking, the Thanes were able to cause a few casualties which meant the there would be no options as to when flint did arrive on the pitch.

The Thanes were able to break away down field and keep the Death Dealers near the middle of the pitch, which meant they didn't have to score quickly and could drag out the drive to reduce Flint's efforts. The Thanes scored just before half time, forcing Flint on the pitch for only a turn. The crowd wanted blood however and rioted in an attempt to get Flint more time. This didn't help Flint in the end though.

The second half saw the Thanes starting with a numbers advantage. From here they pressured the Death Dealers off the ball and subsequently scored another TD.

With little time remaining on the clock, the Thanes were still hungry. After seeing how the Death Dealers set up to receive, they called an audible and pulled out their Perfect Defence move to get themselves in position to rush the ball.

With a nice deep kick-off, the Thanes kept the Death Dealers off the ball and were able to rush down field and score a final TD right on the siren to top off a well played game.

Cersei Lannister is still leading the race to the Iron Throne and Theon Greyjoy is completely out of the race after being killed.
- Watto
Apr. 24th, 2016 - old news
Blood flows for the Throne
The Thane of Thrones showed they were the dominant Dwarf team of the Boreal Plate league when they meet their brethren, the Blood Forge Death Dealers.

In miserable conditions that last the whole match, the Thanes showed they were more capable in Pouring Rain.

The Thrones looked like maybe they were going to pay at the hands of the crowd when they sent a few players close to the sideline, but with a friendly crowd, it was baiting that worked well for the Thanes.

Due to being unable to pick up the ball after e few attempts, the Dealers Runner raced up close to his own team mates. Unfortunately this is where the Thanes also had a large group of players and were able to punch through and knock the ball free.

Once free, Theon Greyjoy showed he is more than capable as a ball handler as well, picking up the ball in the Pouring Rain before running away to score and put the Thanes ahead.

The second half wasn't shaping up well for the Dealers though as they were already 2 players down. They did however believe they had a winning move to put on the Thanes with some Perfect Defence, however the Thanes handled this move well and corralled the Dealers to one side whilst dashing down the other side to score a second TD, but not before injuring another 2 Dealers.

In the last moments of the game, the Thanes continued to pressure the Dealers. Injuring another Dealer and streaming down field to try and get their hands on the ball.

Unfortunately for the Thanes, they were unable to handle the ball one final time in the wet and were unable to get one more TD and had to settle with a 2-0 win.

Leading the race to the Iron Throne is now Cersei Lannister.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
Boreal Plate
Trophies won:
Championship: Boreal Plate


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