Really Awesome Team - Sevens

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Watto
With a brand new league in the West starting and the backyard version of the game being just as popular as ever, it was inevitable that a Skaven team had to have their slice of the cheese in this form of the game.

But why stop at just any Skaven team, why not get the best Skaven team known to the 7's world. Why not?

There is no reason why not, so to purely concentrate of the 7's competition, you bring in the best. The Really Awesome Team - Sevens is the team to beat.

Bring it on!

Really Awesome Team - Sevens team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 9th, 2017 - old news
RATS get Karaked again
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have failed in their bid to secure back to back B*stard 7's titles after having a Grand Final rematch against Karak Eight Pints.

The crowd were mostly in favour of the Eight Pints after they had an undefeated season and the RATS struggled through their second season.

The RATS were the first to receive and played the game in traditional style, getting off to a fast start, scoring early and get a slight advantage in the casualties early.

It wasn't long before the Eight Pints found their feet and started to hit stronger. With stronger hits they were able to create space for themselves and level the score.

The RATS were able to push downfield from the next kick-off and sit out of range of the Eight Pints for a little while and reduce their time to level the score.

However after scoring to take a 2-1 lead, the Eight Pints again put in some strong hits and were able to level the score just before the break.

In the second half the RATS were able to get themselves in range of a potential score against the play by throwing a turned over ball well down field. However the Eight Pints stepped up at the right time and were able to get in some big hits again which slowed the RATS push for the ball.

From here the Eight Pints went for a long grind down the field after finally recovering the ball, and despite some stumbles on the way, got the score right before the siren.

The RATS had mere moments left to score and send the game to overtime, however a failed catch meant they didn't even get in range and threaten the end zone.

Team owners will now sit and crunch the numbers and determine whether another season would be a viable option for the another crack at the title.
- Watto
May 29th, 2017 - old news
RATS smiling, not Grimazing
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens have come away with an unexpected win in the Semi Final against Grimaz 1064 to give themselves a chance of defending their title.

The RATS place in the Semi Final came late as other teams withdrew and therefore couldn't surpass them on the ladder, however they were expecting a rough game after already losing and taking a beating at the hands of Grimaz through the qualifying rounds.

The RATS received first in the match, and despite not everything going their way, they were still able to get the early lead quickly.

Grimaz took about setting up solid cages from their knowing that they had the strength and armour advanatage against the RATS. However due to having a number of extra Apothecaries on the sidelines, the RATS were able to ensure that their players stayed on the pitch.

The RATS rode their luck through the first half, taking any hit they could even if they were outstrengthed, but found it still worked for them and they were spilling the ball free.

Once free, the RATS found their speed and agility a tremendous advantage as they threw the ball far downfield and out of the reach of the slow Grimaz Dwarves.

By half time the RATS had a surprising 3-0 lead and had injured 3 of the Grimaz players. With the odds seemingly against them, Grimaz conceded the match to save themselves any further embarrassment.
- Watto
May 29th, 2017 - old news
RATS run rings around Amateurs
The Really Awesome Team -Sevens have given themselves a chance of making the finals and a chance to defend their title after putting in a solid performance against the Averland Amateurs.

The RATS were severely outnumbered in the match, only being able to field 4 players, however they're superior skills gave them real impetus whenever the ball was loose.

The RATS scored immediately in the match after killing an opponent in the first moments of the game. From here they were put to the test trying to stop the Amateurs who were grinding their way to half time.

Working in the RATS advantage was the fact that the Amateurs were not hitting that well and the RATS kept all their players on the pitch. Although they weren't able to stop the Amateurs from scoring.

To start the second half, the Amateurs were able to cause a quick turnover and use their superior speed and agility to recover the ball and scoot away with the ball and get ahead again.

Completing a similar feat the next drive also gave the RATS an almost unassailable lead of 3-1 with few turns remaining.

The Amateurs were able to bring some respectability back to the score with another TD, however with the lst play of the game, the RATS again pushed the score out and finished the game 4-2 winners.
- Watto
Apr. 10th, 2017 - old news
RATS start to Grimaz
The Really Awesome Team - Sevens chances of defending the title has taken another blow after coping another beating from a Dwarf team, this time in the form of Grimaz 1064.

The RATS went into the game with very few numbers in comparison to the Grimaz. They must have been feeling intimidated as well because they were making many uncharacteristic mistakes.

Whilst the RATS were the first to score, they continually struggled to slow the Grimaz down and prevent them from scoring.

In the first half the uncharacteristic mistakes kept coming from the RATS and they couldn't keep up with the Grimaz on the scoreboard.

In the second half the performance from the RATS started to improve, but they still couldn't bridge the gap from the first half and they suffered their second defeat of the season losing 5-3.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
B*stard 7s: S1, B*stard 7s: S2
Trophies won:
Championship: B*stard 7s: S1
2nd place: B*stard 7s: S2
B7s Team: B*stard 7s: S1, B*stard 7s: S2




Re-drafted for season 2.

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