Man-Terror Raiders

Race:  Shambling Undead
Coach:  Watto
The Man-Terror Raiders have a story of early success after being the first non-living team accepted into the Normal Super Well Real Footballers League (NSWRFL). In their early years they enjoyed success with some Cups held in the team crypt to show for it.

However with the Super League Wars causing disruption to a variety of leagues, the Man-Terror Raiders have had lean seasons since.

With the introduction of the West Coast League, the Man-Terror Raiders are hoping a selection of newly raised players will bring some success back to the club.

Man-Terror Raiders team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 20th, 2017 - old news
Raiders nearly Freak out
The Man-Terror Raiders have had treachery get in their way of another victory when they played their division rivals in the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

The Raiders started by receiving and when they realised that the FFFB had sunk into some Bad Habits, their game plan became one of a slow grind rather than a dash to score as soon as possible.

The Raiders were able to protect their ball carrier fairly easily, making steady progress throughout the half, however they weren't on form with their hitting, whilst they were able to knock many of their opponents down, they weren't able to capitalise and injury their weaker opponents.

Late in the half though, with a TD almost guaranteed for the Raiders, treachery set in, when a Ghoul was Blackmailed and sacked the ball carrier. From here the FFFB were able to create some distance with the ball, and the Raiders who did recover the ball, were unable to get the pass away for a TD.

In the second half the FFFB, still managing to equal numbers with the Raiders were able to sneak away for the opening TD.

The Raiders quickly responded to equalise, feeling the best play at this stage was to give themselves another opportunity to turn over the FFFB and an opportunity for the outright win.

The FFFB were successful in scoring quickly again though and again managed to have success with their play by the slimmest of margins.

The next drive saw the Raiders a little slow to react to collecting the ball, however with some Round the Clock Training, their skills kicked in and they were able to make good progress down the field.

FFFB were again able to get a good block onto the Raiders and steal the ball, however the Raiders remained calm and with a generous throw-in from the crowd, were able to collect the ball in the end-zone and score an equaliser.

Whilst the FFFB were not interested in the overtime, the draw keeps the undefeated streak going for the Raiders and will likely give them the opportunity to remove truer contenders for the title sooner in the finals.
- Watto
Oct. 17th, 2017 - old news
Raiders are Fingerlicking good
The Man-Terror Raiders have powered past the only stunty team competing in the league, Fingot's Fingerlicking Squibs, with a 4-0 demolition of the little fellas.

The Raiders started by identifying their new Star Ascendant in Bosh Barbarlee and some fans getting under the skin of the FFS Goblins with an Off-Colour Chant.

The Raiders kicked-off for the match and soon found things falling their way when the Looney had the Chainsaw kickback into his face and Badly Hurting him.

It wasn't long before the Raiders took control of the ball. And even when FFS cast the Rune of Unwilling Flight, it hurt them more than the Raiders as the Flung player landed on a distracted Goblin.

With the Fanatic cleared from the pitch also and the ball safely in their hands, the Raiders went about scoring quickly to start using up the resources that FFS had brought to the match.

From here FFS tried to bribe the referee, however with twice as many Raiders fans in the crowd, the referee needed more convincing to let the Fanatic back into the match.

Again the Raiders were able to turnover FFS and secure the ball. A sudden Tripping Hazard meant the Raiders had to take the ball in a different direction, however they successfully found the endzone again before the half.

A Riot from the next kick-off meant the Ref wound the clock back to ensure no time was lost. In all the confusion though, the new arrival to the field, the Bombardier fumbled a bomb at his feet quickly wasting any opportunity FFS might have had to score. At the end of the half FFS again tried to bribe the ref, but again were unable to convince him at such a small price.

In the second half the Raiders were quick to score another TD to lead 3-0, trying to remove as many FFS players as possible, however the end result meant more players recovered from being Knocked Out for more FFS players to start the next drive.

The Raiders had to try harder to stop FFS during the next drive, and a strong Blitz which saw 2 Goblins pushed into the crowd and a 3rd Knocked out all from the one hit, saw them again turnover FFS and push for another TD.

Immediately after pushing one of the Goblins into the crowd, fans swore they could Spot the Sneak as he came back on in the endzone to try Blitz the ball carrier.

The sneaky Goblin did have some grease with him to give the ball carrier Slippery Shoes, however with a relatively close distance to the endzone, it didn't effect the end result of a 4th TD.

With mere moments left in the game, FFS tried to commit the Foulest of Fouls, however they were unable to actually reach the downed Raider, falling over themselves on the way.

A 4-0 win from the Raiders ensured they would again feature in the Finals and almost certainly finish 1st in their division whilst also continuing their active undefeated streak.
- Watto
Sep. 29th, 2017 - old news
Raiders spill lots of True Blood
The Man-Terror Raiders have jumped back into the winner's circle after a grinding game against the bloodthirsty Bon Temps True Bloods BBC.

Despite Raid'n Seazer getting ahead of himself and riding a massive Ego Trip, the Raiders saw opportunities for them to punish the True Bloods early in the match.

Right from the kick-off, the Raiders were able to Knock Out a thrall and crowd surf a Vampire to put themselves in a position to have a numbers advantage which they would keep throughout the match.

Early the True Bloods mounted plenty of pressure to restrict the movement of the Raiders, however after a relatively lean season in regards to casualties, the Raiders focused on causing a many injuries as they could.

Eventually the Raiders removed nearly all of the True Bloods from the pitch in the first half to give themselves the easy TD to lead 1-0 at the half.

In the second half both teams started poorly with quick turnovers early, however it was the Raiders who recovered quickest and riding their numbers advantage, they were able to quickly get around the ball carrier and secure the ball for themselves.

By the end of the second half the Raiders fell just short once again of clearing the pitch, but were easily able to stroll over for the second TD of the game to secure a dominant 2-0 win.
- Watto
Sep. 3rd, 2017 - old news
Raiders get Ganged up on
The Man-Terror Raiders have finally conceded a TD for the first time this season in what ended up being a brutal draw against the Gang Green Jets.

Through the first half the Raiders were able to trick the Jets into some Bad Habits which slowed them down slightly, but both teams had their targets early.

The Raiders broke free deep into the Jets back field and with the ball safe each team went head hunting until the half time break, with the Raiders scoring just prior.

In the second half the Pouring Rain that plagued the first half cleared. With the rain clear the Raiders were able to turnover the Jets and start heading downfield.

With a high chance of getting a second TD seeming imminent, the Raiders wanted to give themselves just a bit of extra space, but the failed Go For It opened the doors back up for the Jets.

It also left the Raiders scrambling a little as they were now slightly out of position and the Jets could get roll on.

The Jets soon evened the score and with a little bit of time left, the Raiders chanced their hand for a winning TD, however were unable to seal it and walked away worse for wear with a number of injuries to a number of players.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
W.C.L., WCL: Season 2
Trophies won:
Championship: W.C.L.
WCL: W.C.L., WCL: Season 2



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