Kaijū Crushers

Race:  Lizardman
Coach:  JRamsdale
The ancient defenders of the old world, awoken once more to defend Nuffle's greatest creation from the disaster that other teams have brought upon the pitch.

Lead by the infamous Gojira the king of Big Guys this team will defeat the unbelievers, and rise to the position Champions of the Old World.


Kaijū Crushers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 8th, 2019 - old news
Godzilla Rises
With the game against the notorious Orcnee FC over, the Kaijū Crushers were victorious and left in tack for their next game against the Vaccine Horror Stories.

As the rain fell from the heavens onto the sacred ground of the pitch, and the smells so fragrant drifted across the air from the Crushers' bench. Both teams were here for Bloodbowl, and the coin is flipped and the Crushers make the call and elected to receive the first kick. Just as the ball hits the ground the orcs lead a betrayal tactic of setting off the sprinklers, making the ball even more wet and slippery. Despite this the Crushers tried some some interesting offensive tactics from the get go, but this didn't achieve what the team needed due to the high armour of the orcs.
Despite the hilarity of the extra water the Crushers did run up the pitch with the ball, but were quickly sacked about half way into the opposing half. The Crushers responded by Feeding the Fans a blitzer and a thrower, and a lot of pushing around in the mud. Though a lucky block from a black orc crippled a skink for the rest of the game, but the end of the half came with the score being zero all.

The second half started with a pitch invasion, where more of the Orcnee fans took down a fair number of the Crushers and leaving some open running space for the orcs. In addition to this the ball bounced over the halfway point and a touchback was given to the fastest black orc, but he didn't leave the safety of his fellow team members. The Crushers responded with a dogged defence and marking up the remaining players, this prevented Orcnee from advancing. After some more pushing and shoving, the Crushers managed to get the ball and score by Going the Extra Mile. As well as taking down a goblin for the rest of the game through a lucky block before scoring.
After setting up to kick again, the Crushers managed to duck and weave their way through and managed to score again. The orcs try for a one turn touchdown but fail to get the goblin the ball, just for the crusher to swing in with the Crimson Boot taking a black orc off the pitch.
Game ends 2-0 in favour of the Cruhers, and 1-1 CAS.
- JRamsdale
July 5th, 2019 - old news
The Season Lineup
The matches for the Kaijū Crushers are the following:
Orcnee FC - Returning Orc Team
Vaccine Horror Stories - Returning Nurgle Team
The Highland Flings - New Halfling Team
Scrap Iron Soldiers - Returning Human Team
Unholy Rollers - New Tomb Kings Team
Snack Pack - New Halfling Team
Sons of Malice - New Chaos Chosen Team
Game of Thrones the Pre Sequel - New Shambling Undead Team

From the initial looks and scouting of the teams, Orcnee FC is a tough round 1 but 450k in inducements will likely come into if they can crush those orcs. This team has the block advantage and slightly more armour, but the strength advantage goes to the Kaijū Crushers.
VHS are a returning team but had some horrible luck last season, but does have some skills on the list that can cause some havoc but will it be enough? Also they do have a slightly inflated team value, which will result in some inducements going to the Kaijū Crushers, but depends on what the Crypt Kickers do to them in round 1.
The rest of the season depends on how the first two rounds go, as well as if teams get skill ups as they are all pretty new.

In short the first two games will make or break the season for the Kaijū Crushers, but I feel like the Crushers will push through.
- JRamsdale
Tournaments played:
WCL Season 6
Trophies won:
2nd place: WCL Season 6
WCL: WCL Season 6



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