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Mar. 4th, 2017 - old news
Mighty Men overpower Vixens
Sad to say, but the undefeated streak is now over. In what could only be described as a lacklustre performance by the Vixens, the Mighty Men of Myth proved too much in the Grand Final of the Chaos Cup.

Congratulations to the Myth, who proved beyond any doubt that the are not Myth, but Legend.

Glacier Bay now look to redesign, rebuild, and reclaim. It's no longer certain if we will be returning for season 2, but we will be back at the drawing board, looking to claim what should be ours - the Chaos Cup.
- Ratt
Jan. 30th, 2017 - old news
Grand Plans Await
The Glacier Bay Vixens again took on the TBL, this time in a semi final, and unlike last time where the only clear winner were the apothecaries, this time Glacier Bay stepped aside with a win, and a berth in the Grand Final. The team now enter training, until they learn who they will face before lifting the Cup
- Ratt
Dec. 25th, 2016 - old news
Glacier Bay score another record
Glacier Bay Vixens have written their names in the book yet again. This time equaling the record for the longest undefeated streak at nine games. This is due to an outstanding rookie season in which they scored five wins and four draws. Their touchdown count for the minor rounds was 15 touchdowns for, with only six scored against. But their real achievement was the Casualties, with a massive 45 for and only 14 against. This included 9 kills, whilst only suffering a single death.

The Vixens look forward to adding to the tally in the finals, eagerly awaiting the chance to take on their next for, and praying to Nuffle that it is TBL, as they wish to inflict more casualties against the Lizards.
- Ratt
Dec. 25th, 2016 - old news
Vixens chill after latest beat down
With a finals berth guaranteed, the Glacier Bay Vixens played their final game of the minor rounds today against the team that they could face in the semi finals - Time Before Land.

Team management had already discussed the plan with the Vixens, worst case scenario, a draw was required. Stop TBL from scoring too many touchdowns by doing what the Vixens do best. Hurting people. Which is exactly what they did.

To some degree, the match reminded the fans of the performance against the Men of Myth - both teams scoring off of their own kick off. And the game was a 1 all draw. But TBL fans only remembered the beat down they received from both games - in this case it was only nine casualties, including a single death.

But more importantly, the Kroxigor will be missing from the first round of the finals. And given that the Vixens will get back two players from injury that have been important starters, the loss of their thrower for the next round will be easier to forget.

Two questions remain - will the Vixens (who have now cemented second spot) get to face TBL in the semis? And if so, can they clear the pitch of TBL players again? And if so, it will make it the third time in as many games for TBL.
- Ratt
Tournaments played:
Chaos Cup: S1
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2nd place: Chaos Cup: S1
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