Dagobah Saints

Race:  Tomb Kings
Coach:  Xspenceif

Team TD in a Season: 5
Team CAS in a Season: 15

Wins in a row: 2
Without Loss in a row: 2
Without win in a row: 2
Draws in a row: 2
Loss in a row: 2

Most CMP: 3- Chucky Z Ballee
Most TD: - 4 - Chucky Z Ballee
Most CAS: - 4- Vegeta
Most INT: -
Most SPP: 20- Chucky Z Ballee
Most Inj Recieved: 1- Anubis

Most CMP: 3- Chucky Z Ballee
Most TD: 4- Chucky Z Ballee
Most CAS: - 4- Vegeta
Most INT: -
Most SPP: 20 - Chucky Z Ballee
Most Inj Recieved: 1- Anubis


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Bulletin board from the coach
June 28th, 2016 - old news
Nuffle Strikes Again
The Dagobah Saints have suffered their 2nd loss in as many games today. After recieving a 2-0 hammering by the Trojan Geckos. Coach xspenceif had this to say after the game.
" are you kidding me the dice just didnt roll in our favour. That damn nuffle has punished us for the last time". We will see how the dagobah saints stack up as they face the southshore raiders in the coming weeks.
Rookie Blits-ra, Gilderoy Blockhart is looking to make the difference
Level up by Son gohan has given the tomb guardian i fighting chance at punching a hole in the orkish defence
- Xspenceif
June 4th, 2016 - old news
Shock Loss To The Royal Dottybacks
After a long time between games The Dagobah Saints stepped up to the field still reeling from the shock death of club favorite blitzer Anubis. Also with the injury to the teams only other Blitzer, Osiris this meant that they were down two Blitzers. this meant that new recruit Tomb Guardian Leviosa really needed to perform.

the first half went well, with the Dagobah Saints choosing to kick off and managed to ;lock the ball down to keep the scores level at half time. with 2 knocked out players and 2 regenerated injuries the team was looking to be short for the second half.

the second half kicked off with 10 players per side and the dagobah saints managed to cage the ball up within the first turn, a touch down seemed inevitable. however a strong defence from the humans slowed the khemri down. resulting in a desperate play that failed. resulting in the ball sitting un manned in the end zone.

the humans collected the ball and threw it to lineman Todd Osbourne, who ran it into the endzone un touched in two turns.

the rest of the game was fairly un eventful

The end result was 1-0 to the royal dotty backs but we will see what happens as osiris returns to face the Trojan Geckos in the coming weeks.

Chucky Z Ballee was MVP for The Dagobah saints resulting in a second level up
- Xspenceif
May 1st, 2016 - old news
The passing of Anubis
The coaching staff at the dagobah Saints regretfully inform you all that star blitzer Anubis has passed away due to a serious injury suffered against the snowfield animals. The team wish to be left alone at this time of need. Anubis had scored a touchdown earlier in the match and was targeted after the fact.

In other news dagobah saints are without any blitzers as the dill weed Osiris fell trying to go for it and injured his back resulting in a niggling injury which could possibly cost him his career or even his life.

On a positive note congratularions to vegeta for getting a level up and son gohan on recieving the mvp award. We look forward to seeing what the two tomb guardians will do in their next match against the royal dottybacks in the coming weeks

~coach xspenceif~
- Xspenceif
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