Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream

Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Watto
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream aim to bring real filth and excrement to all Bloodbowl guests, partners and communities. We prioritise the intrinsic value of our disease by providing an effluent environment to reach the full contagion. Reaching the ultimate goal of 31 flayings in the season should help us start a plague.

Eyes Cream, Ewes Cream, we all scream together.

Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 7th, 2020 - old news
Eyes Cream can't be Fried.
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream have started off their new season with a hard fought win over last season's Runner-Up, the Khorne Fried Chaos.

The Runners-Up had a good crowd come in for their first game and the Rottens fans almost matched them for an amazing attendance at the season opener.

KFC received first and slowly pushed down field trying to get the ball into good field position, and they were even the first to get a casualty (which was regenerated straight away). However the Rottens were able to always stay in touch numbers wise, getting casualties as well.

The Rottens were able to start hitting hard with time though and soon were keeping enough of the KFC players on the ground which opened up an opportunity for the Rottens to get the ball free. Once free the Rottens dashed downfield and were able to score the first TD.

With a few minutes left in the first half, KFC tried to push the ball quickly to try equalise, however the Rottens were able stall their drive and positioned themselves to score again. However once the beast got the ball stuck in his tentacles which ended that attempt.

In the second half the Rottens started hitting harder again, causing more casualties and many Knock Outs. With many of their opponents off the field, the Rottens started to get a little audacious with the ball and tried to score quicker, however the lost the ball and struggled to handle the ball for the rest of the game, meaning they were unable to score again.

Next up for the Rottens is one of their nemesis teams, Ratastrophic Failure.
- Watto
Nov. 5th, 2017 - old news
Failure stares in the Eyes
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream have fallen again to the Ratastophic Failure and have failed to qualify for the inaugural KBBL title after a strong regular season.

The Eyes Cream received first and found their Bad Habits crept in after a last round forfeit. It was evident that it was creeping onto the field with many handling errors occurring.

However the Eyes Cream were able to make a break, until the persistent Rat Ogre got Up Like a Shot and blitzed the ball carrier. Once the ball was free the Failure were able to send the Hail Mary Pass downfield. Despite landing at the feet of the Beast, the failure were still able to sneak in and collect the ball before leaping away to score the opening TD.

The Eyes Cream went about the catch up game to try even the scores by halftime, however once in a position to score, it was obvious the Bad habits hadn't worn off and the crucial catch was dropped.

In the second half, the Failure went about pushing downfield as hard as they could. The Eyes Cream tried to stop the rush with a blitz, however they hadn't fully got into the swing of the game and found themselves on the ground instead. The Failure took the opportunity and pushed out to a 2-0 lead.

The Eyes Cream finally clicked into gear and were able to drag back a TD for themselves.

With the final quarter of the game remaining, the Failure's thrower started to Ego Trip and went for a Hail Mary Pass despite his teammates being surrounded. It turned out to be good judgement though as the ball bounced to a Gutter Runner teammate who picked up the ball despite all the attention before dodging away and scoring the game securing TD to lead 3-1.

With moments left in the game, the Eyes tried for a consolation TD, however were again unsuccessful and finally succumbed to the Failure.
- Watto
Oct. 31st, 2017 - old news
Eyes don't feel Rejected
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream have decided to forfeit the last round match after taking pity on the Asuryan's Rejects.

With the Minor Premiership already secured and the Rejects unable to change ladder position either, Coach Watto decided a rest for his chargers leading into the finals was a wise decision. It also allowed Coach Watto to partake in other intoxicating hobbies when the match was scheduled.

Next up for the Eyes Cream is the deciding match between them and Ratastrophic Failure in a winner takes all match and secures a place in the final. Ratastrophic Failure were the only team to properly beat the Eyes Cream on the field, the Eyes Cream are keen to make sure it doesn't happen again.
- Watto
Oct. 2nd, 2017 - old news
Rams shorn to Bareskin
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream recently battled out a top of the table clash against the Hell'Eh Rams, and after being given an unexpected rest in their previous match, outclassed and out-bashed the Rams to secure the number 1 ranking heading into the finals regardless of the last round results.

The match started with a lot happening on the Rams side, the put Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite on Blocky Load which made their Minotaur Ego Trip thinking he would now be the best bashing player on the pitch.

Quickly the Rams took a numbers advantage with the Minotaur knocking out 4 players with his first 4 blocks and a warrior casualtying a Rotter. However the ball progress from the Rams was slow. Even the assistance of a Mine didn't help their progress.

As might be expected from an equally violent team, the Eyes Cream were able to start edging the numbers back to even, killing 3 Rams players with 3 consecutive blocks.

Soon the Eyes Cream were able to chase down the Rams ball carrier. The ball changed hands a few times in the ensuing moments, however the Eyes Cream were able to make better progress with it and scored on halftime to lead 1-0 and about to receive in the second half.

Fortunately for the Eyes Cream, all the knocked out players returned, all excited for the chance to play with Max Spleenripper.

In the second half the Eyes Cream continued on their path of destruction meaning they were easily able to hold the ball away from the Rams until near the end of the match. In a bid to hurt the Rams more, they pulled out the Knuckledusters and even Blackmailed one of the Rams players. Despite this though, the Eyes Cream feel just short of pitch clearing the Rams.

Just prior to the final siren, the Eyes Cream secured the 2-0 win and left it to the Rotters for the Rams to try exact a small measure of revenge.

With one regular season match remaining, the Eyes Cream will look to fine tune prior to heading into what will likely be a tightly contested finals series.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
KBBL 2017 S1
Playing in:
Trophies won:
3rd place: KBBL 2017 S1



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